#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2012-08-18

lindi-kristianpaul: very interesting09:02
lindi-kristianpaul: I meant to try that but I was too lazy to build the adapter to supply power for the LNA09:02
kristianpaullindi-: lol me too, but i think there is not need for LNA as the gps have an active antenna you can just suply some voltage using a Tee bias12:17
kristianpaulI wan to try that but agains osgps, i dont feel fery confortable with all the bunch stuff running behing gnuradio..12:18
lindi-kristianpaul: I meant the LNA inside the active antenna12:49
lindi-kristianpaul: but gnuradio is in debian, osgps is not :)12:50
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