#qi-hardware IRC log for Monday, 2012-08-13

xiangfukristianpaul, Hi I got my usb scope working.03:58
kristianpaulgood !04:02
kristianpaulxiangfu: so debugging the led timings?04:22
wpwrakgah. note to self: when partying despite a cough, take cold medicine before going to bed. not after waking up, coughing your lungs out for an hour.12:18
virichow does that match yoru weird sleeping patterns?12:22
viric'after waking up' may be very close to 'before going to bed' :)12:22
wolfspra1lor maybe don't party and treat yourself better...12:23
Fallenouparty and tread yourself :)12:23
Fallenouhey !12:23
wpwrakviric: i could add catnaps to the mix, bringing waking up and going to bed closer together :)12:28
wpwrakwolfspra1l: naw, calendarial imperative. besides, the cough's been hanging around for almost two weeks already.12:29
wpwrakFallenou: yeah, will have a jaegermeister for breakfast :)12:30
Fallenousounds nice :)12:33
Fallenoushould definetely kill any(thing?) micro-organism in your stomach12:33
Fallenouand your throat etc12:33
wpwrakhmm. i didn't plan to drink the whole bottle. but now that you mention it ...12:34
GNUtoowhat kind of party was it? firefox release party?12:49
wpwraknaw, the annual celebration of aging without growing up12:51
larscwpwrak: yours?12:53
wpwraklarsc: yeah. that's what made it difficult to excuse myself from it :)12:57
larscwell, then happy birthday i guess :)12:57
wpwrakthanks ! :)12:59
wolfspra1loh nice, happy birthday from me too :-)13:52
Fallenouhappy birthday wpwrak !14:02
wpwrakthanks, wolfspra1l and Fallenou ! :)14:05
viricCongratulations for this age achievement, too!14:12
wpwrakviric: thanks ! :)14:24
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