#qi-hardware IRC log for Friday, 2012-08-10

wolfspraulhi :-)00:10
wpwraki sometimes wonder, if LunaVorax has a bot for the daily greeting :)01:09
kyakwpwrak: if so, you should have a bot for daily responding :)04:47
kyakthough i'm not sure about usefullness of such a bot for a never sleeping man :)04:48
wpwrakbesides, i don't respond most of the time :)04:53
wpwrakthat's more like wolfgang's routine :)04:54
wolfspraulI also wondered whether he was a bot05:04
wolfspraulbut then I checked the archives and there you will find all sorts of different spellings05:04
wolfspraulwhich means?05:04
wolfspraulsmart bot?05:04
wolfspraula while ago I mentioned I was happy about gcc's -Wall, and I think wpwrak suggested an even stricter one?05:05
wolfspraulI tried -ansi and -pedantic but they both lead to hundreds of warnings so I just pulled back :-)05:05
wolfspraulI'm over 8000 lines now, maybe too late/too lazy to increase the warnings level anyway05:08
whitequarkwolfspraul: -Wextra05:09
whitequark-ansi and -pedantic are definitely over the top05:10
whitequark-Wextra... may be useful. I personally find even -Wall too annoying at times05:10
whitequarkesp. when using external 3rd party libraries05:10
wolfspraulwhen I write new code it doesn't really matter05:11
wolfspraulok I try -wextra in a bit...05:12
wpwrak-Wextra can be a bit grating. this can be a good compromise: -Wall -Wshadow -Wmissing-prototypes -Wmissing-declarations -Wno-format-zero-length05:15
wpwrakthis makes sure that gcc tells you about all the situations where it may not see (and thus report) things the way you think it does05:17
wpwrak-Wno-format-zero-length is for printf-like situations where empty strings make sense05:19
wpwrakthese can also be useful if you're likely to make this kind of mistake: -Wold-style-declaration -Wold-style-definition05:23
wolfspra1lcool excellent, I will try those soon05:26
wolfspra1lLunaVorax: we were wondering whether you are a bot... :-)10:17
LunaVorax'cause I'm very polite?10:18
LunaVoraxAnd say Hi everytime I come in a chan?10:19
LunaVoraxWell I'm a very polite bot wolfspra1l indeed :D10:19
wolfspra1lok LunaVorax , we try that in a few days again :-)10:20
LunaVoraxTry what?10:22
wpwrakthe turing test :)10:23
LunaVoraxThat would be funny if you consider me as a machine10:31
LunaVoraxI'm a friendly bot anyway, I only run FOSS10:31
GNUtooLunaVorax, what distro do you run then?10:44
LunaVoraxParabola GNU/Linux-Libre, when the hardware allows it10:48
LunaVoraxI have to admit I still use my brother's computer to run windows for games10:49
GNUtooI run triskel11:09
GNUtooparabola is nice tough11:09
GNUtoobut it's not for me because I don't have time for it11:09
LunaVoraxTo be honnest, it saved me a lot of time GNUtoo 11:24
LunaVoraxBut we all have different handlings11:24
GNUtoook nice11:24
GNUtoobasically I hack on embedded stuff, so I don't have time for the desktop11:24
GNUtooapart when it's coreboot....11:24
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: modules/: add PAD_S_120x120; correct classification of PAD_S_150x150 (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/d37268a11:51
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