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kristianpauli was wondering if there is a chinesse version for a spot messenger..02:09
wpwrakwolfspraul: what shall be the T10 vendor ID of qi-hardware ? it's <= 8 characters and globally unique. "Qi-Hardw" ? "Qi-Hw" ? "Qi Hw" ? ... ?06:09
wpwrakthe official name is "Qi Hardware", correct ? (no dash, this capitalization, no "project: or other qualifier)06:12
wolfspraulin which context is this read/seen - what are other names?06:31
wolfspraul"Qi Hardware" is nice06:31
wolfspraulor just "Qi"06:31
wpwrakthat's SCSI06:31
wolfspraulthere's nothing close to Qi in the hw world afaik, so just Qi? or "Qi Hardware"?06:31
wpwraki only have 8 characters for the identifier. "Qi Hardw" ?06:31
wolfspraulQi HW? that's a little ugly06:31
wolfspraulthat's good too06:32
wolfspraulspace a problem?06:32
wpwrak"Qi" seems a little short for a globally unique name06:32
wpwraklemme check if the space is okay ...06:32
wolfspraulotherwise dash or underscore, whatever is the norm in that namespace06:32
wpwrakah yes, no spaces06:33
wpwrak- seems to be common. so, "Qi-Hardw" for the identifier, and "Qi Hardware" for the descriptive name (for documentation purposes) ?06:33
wolfspraulyes, good06:34
wolfspraulthanks for asking06:34
wpwrakand for the intended use, "Devices presenting internal or external memories through the USB Mass Storage Class."06:35
wpwrak(i guess we'll never make any true SCSI devices :)06:35
wpwrakrequest submitted. thanks !06:36
wpwrakamazingly, it even seems to be gratis. the joy of having a big enough name space :)06:36
rjeffrieswpwrak interesting reading various comments re possible Nanonote successor.16:18
rjeffrieswpwrak the goal of hardware that is as close to completely open as possible is understood. (by moi)16:20
rjeffrieswpwrak likewise: easy to carry in a pocket, battery operated, long-ish battery life, and (I assume) physical keyboard16:22
rjeffrieswpwrak what is upper bound on selling price for the intended target market? Would initial selling price of $200, with possible future price decrease be OK?16:24
wpwraki think that would be a reasonable starting point16:33
wpwrakit's easy to lower the price later16:33
larscwpwrak: what's your plan for the T10 ids?16:42
wpwraklarsc: firmeware updates in small (MCU) embedded devices via USB mass storage17:40
wpwrakto avoid needing platform-specific drivers / tools17:41
kristianpaulthe PIC board?18:09
wpwraknaw, an AVR this time18:18
kristianpaulawww =)18:20
wpwraki figured that pic-with-usb is more expensive than avr+v-usb :)18:26
kristianpaulgood to know !18:33
kristianpauloh god, qi planet is inposible to load..22:13
viricbrowser killer22:31
viricoffrss handles it fine :)22:31
wolfspraulloads ok here22:31
kristianpaultoo much to load..22:40
kristianpauland i just wanted to check the links at the left22:40
wpwrakwolfspraul: btw, for your trip to the wine shop, you may also want to consider the following white wine: Norton "cosecha Tardia". (there's also a champagne variant with the same name. what i mean is the wine. not sure if the champagne is any good.) here's what the bottle looks like: http://www.vinotecaligier.com/norton-cosecha-tardia-750-cc22:58
wpwrakwolfspraul: it's a sweet wine, but not too intense. great for food with sweetish spices. plus, if you empty the bottle for dinner, it really helps your creativity the next day :)22:59
wpwrak(just today, i came up with two very clever new ideas for technical problems i had been pondering for a very long time. so yesterday's dinner worked well :)23:00
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