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kristianpaulwpwrak: i still not see much on a controller to be honest01:05
kristianpaulpehaps i'm finished but i see more worthty for example a tiny gps receiver, just fpga + receivr + simplest led, i just fix on 4 channels and give you a relative position01:06
kristianpaulstill a one single app that can take advange of a fpga01:06
kristianpaula controller for hacking, sounds scary to me01:06
kristianpaulperhaps two years later i would get more conviced that know :)01:07
wpwrakwell, the FPGA could for instance process the serial data stream from your receiver and present it to the CPU in a format it can handle easily01:07
wpwrakthink UBB :)01:07
Action: kristianpaul have played with UBB enought01:07
kristianpaulbut i got the point01:08
kristianpaulgadgets well01:09
wpwraki think the ben is under-estimated as a hw hacking device. i use mine quite extensively for that. much nicer than having to cook up some USB MCU solution each time.01:31
wpwrake.g., for in-circuit programming of various MCUs. i've by now written programmers for three different architectures (Silabs C8051F3xx, PIC 18Fsomething, Cypress M8C), ported two (Silabs and PIC) of them to the Ben, and ported an already existing one (avrdude) to the ben.01:35
wpwrakavrdude even has quite flexible i/o pin assignment, so you can used adapt to quite different configurations just by editing a config file that's read at run time. no recompilation necessary.01:36
wpwraki found it quite pleasant to write all of these. and the hw cost of adding a new kind of layout is simple one UBB and a few cm of cable.01:38
kristianpaul18F !! oh i missed that 01:39
wpwrakPIC18F24J50. very clean and simple ICSP protocol.01:40
kristianpaulmorning 14:57
wpwrakhmm ... this project looks pretty amazing: http://3dhomemade.blogspot.de/20:29
wpwrakand here's the open source competition. well, a bit behind, it seems. but with more technical details: https://code.google.com/p/lemoncurry/wiki/main20:37
wpwrakand, and another one. also open and apparently well under way: http://b9creator.com/20:40
wpwrakseems that raising resins is the future :)20:40
kristianpaulif is easier than powder20:52
kristianpaullooks promosing indeed20:53
wpwrakthe tricky part seems to be the chemistry20:56
wpwrakwell, and that they use video projectors. that gives them a pretty nice resolution but it also pricy20:56
kristianpaulthey could do as azonenberg perhaps21:00
kristianpaulah but still need the projector film..21:02
wpwrakyeah, would be a bit messy to make a mask for every few um21:03
wpwrakbut perhaps the DVD direct writer idea could be adapted ...21:04
wpwrakat least you could make things of about 3 cm x 3 cm with a REALLY good resolution ;-)21:05
wpwraka radical approach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tsk-24UYFs022:06
kristianpaullol yeah, i was looking that video early, good you foudn it :)22:10
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