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wolfspraulyes but I was wondering how strong/independent that outside part is00:12
wpwrak(trapware) not nice indeed02:34
wolfspraulnicely hidden there, eh? :-)02:39
wpwraki didn't look at it. but what you describe sounds rather unfriendly.02:44
wolfspraulnah, I like it. just a little easter egg in the bsd license02:49
wpwrakkinda like monsanto's suicide seeds (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genetic_use_restriction_technology)02:52
wolfspraulmaybe lars can tell us more about where this idea/restriction comes from, so we understand analog better03:14
wolfspraulif he is still allowed to or not too afraid to talk about that :-)03:14
wpwrakand/or ;-)03:52
wolfspraulwpwrak: I read about some economic fun in Argentina, is that true? such as it's getting harder to get USD cash04:59
wolfsprauland stores that used to have imported products can't get them anymore and need to come up with local replacements?04:59
wolfspraulwine in restaurants got a lot more expensive?05:00
wolfspraulshould I buy more Argentine wine here in Beijing to support you guys down there?05:01
wolfspraulgood thing my local store here still has imported stuff from all over :-)05:01
wpwraki don't know about the wine in restaurants (it's usually considerably more expensive than in the supermarket), but the rest is true05:23
wpwrakit's almost impossible to buy USD now. about the only option that's still open is for travel. and there, you first have to get permission from the tax authority, who will then set the amount you're allowed (usually low)05:24
wpwrakof course, there's a rather lively black market now ...05:24
wolfspraulhmm, interesting05:25
wolfspraulwell, new business opportunities05:25
wolfspraulI will check out the Argentine wine section next time I'm in the store05:25
wolfspraulalways skipped it so far, but a little solidarity wine is a good opportunity05:26
wolfspraulanyone you recommend? something well known that makes it all the way to Beijing...05:26
wpwrakregarding imports, the government erected various new bureaucratic barriers that make if very hard for some companies to import. many luxury brand stores (cartier, ralph lauren [sp?], etc.) are closing. but it's also affecting other sectors.05:26
wpwrakand of course, the countries exporting to argentina reciprocate. this exports are down, too. and so is the overall economy.05:27
wpwrakargentine wine is the best. don't skip it ! ;-)05:27
wolfspraulwell someone must benefit05:27
wolfspraulcui bono05:27
wolfspraulsome people have an amazing capability to handle a benefit imbalance, where 1 USD benefit for them causes 1 million USD losses for others but they don't care05:28
wolfspraulthat's no news, but at least they can now go buy their icecream...05:28
wolfspraul(with the dollar they made)05:28
wolfspraulyes, I will!05:28
wolfspraulmy local store has 2+ rooms full of wine from all over the world, Chinese are learning :-)05:29
wolfsprauland that's in a suburb, the ones in downtown have even more05:29
wpwrakthe ones i like most are saint-felicien, luigi bosca, and escorihuela gascon05:29
wpwrakthe latter is a bit fragile but very good05:29
wpwrakterrazas de los andes is also a good brand05:30
wpwrakfrom saint-felicien, the cabernet-merlot is amazing. excellent for an asado.05:31
wolfspraulalright, I will check this out. thanks!05:32
wolfspraulso USD cash smuggling into argentina is a good business now, interesting05:33
wpwrakluigi bosca is a little hard to find in argentina. perhaps they're exporting most of it. it's excellent.05:34
wolfspraulI will check. the argentine section is not that big here but it's definitely there05:34
wpwrakoh, definitely. you get about ARS 6.50-7.00 per USD. the official exchange rate is around 4.5605:34
wolfspraulI need to take a closer look, there is too much stuff so I always just passed by...05:34
wolfspraulI'm wondering what the general effects of the Internet have on these kinds of policies. in the sense that it's extremely easy for individuals and small groups to unite around all sorts of transactions at all sorts of places and times05:36
wolfspraulthat must be a nightmare to fight05:36
wpwrakthere's also rutini, which is supposed to be one of the star wines. it tends to be quite pricy, though. so i rather stick with the others, which tend to be priced (in argentina) around USD 15-30.05:36
wolfspraulwow that's a lot, I'm cheap05:37
wolfspraulI will check it out05:37
wpwrakcheaper wines .. hmm .. norton, terrazas also have a lower cost line, latitud 33 will do in a pinch, ... lemme check what else ...05:38
wpwraktrapiche is also good05:39
wpwrak(transaction) people are coming up with all sort of schemes. e.g., one is to travel abroad, go to a casino, buy chips with a credit card (the government hasn't figured out yet how to restrict credit cards without hurting the klaptocratic elite themselves), then immediately cash them in in dollars05:42
wolfspraulyeah high time for small business05:42
wpwrakit's also a good deal because such transactions are converted at the official rate. so you get around 30% "subsidiaries"05:42
wolfspraula mess05:42
wolfspraulso that can only get worse then05:42
wpwrakthe downside is of course that any inbound foreign currency transactions suffer a 30% "tax" because they're also converted at the official rate05:43
wolfspraultime to accumulate USD cash to snap up cheap real estate after the crash again?05:43
wolfspraulor will they turn it around before that?05:43
wolfspraulbefore then05:44
wpwraki have my doubts. the president is obsessed with power. this means that she doesn't surround herself with good people. hence crazy policies.05:44
wpwrakand you can probably already make good deals if you have a bag of dollars. the real estate market traditionally operates in dollars. with nobody having dollars and the peso devaluating at 20-30% p.a., that market has basically collapsed05:45
wpwrakthe devaluation per se wouldn't be so bad, but the government also insists on lying about the inflation. the official figure is only about 10%, and interest rates are accordingly. so if you put your money (pesos) in the bank at the best rate you can reasonably obtain, you still lose 10-20% p.a.05:47
wolfspraulsure sure, I can imagine05:48
wolfspraulonce the imbalances pop up they pop up all over05:49
wolfspraulthat's why I looked up when I read the news about stores with imported goods running out of them :-)05:49
wolfspraulthere are all sorts of new ways to make money now, I'm sure :-)05:50
wpwraknot all that many, since all this is really hurting the industry, so you may be able to get a bigger slice but of a much smaller cake. and a lot of people who think they're making money are losing in the end.05:52
wpwrakit's a bit like the broken window fallacy05:55
wpwrakand of course, people are afraid the government may force a conversion of dollar deposits to pesos (at the official rate). that's why many are withdrawing their dollars from the banks and put them either in safe deposit boxes (which are scarce, due to the high demand), or hide them somewhere.05:57
wolfspraulyes of course don't misunderstand me. obviously the macro policy is wrong and hurting everybody collectively05:58
wpwrakby sheer coincidence, crime rates are up, with breaking into apartments getting particularly popular. if the inhabitants happen to be present, they get threatened and/or tortured until they reveal where they're hiding their treasures.05:59
wolfspraulI am joking saying that it does open some micro opportunities on the other side05:59
wolfspraulit does, but it's stupid05:59
wolfspraulbut what can you do05:59
wolfspraulso when will it get better?06:00
wolfsprauldoes the lack of imported good bug you? probably not...06:00
wolfspraulthat's probably one of the minor issues anyway, can live without them06:00
wpwraki suppose when the point will be reached when it collapses completely and the government is chased out06:00
wpwrakhappened in 2001. can happen again.06:01
wpwrakthe lack of imported goods means that there are fewer choices at the supermarket. also, if any appliances would break down, i couldn't replace them with anything equivalent.06:02
wpwraki'm a bit worried about my fridge. it has 10 years on its back and makes funny noises.06:03
wpwrakand it's best not to need any unusual medication ...06:04
whitequarkwpwrak: 10 years?! Soviet fridges work for 40 years without a hitch.06:52
wpwrakwhitequark: well, maybe mine will last for 20 years of continuous use, too (= 40 years in russia, where you don't need a fridge in winter :)06:54
whitequarkyeah, defrosting fridges in winter is common here06:55
Aylais it possible to control one module on the linux kernel from another?14:04
wpwrakdefine "control" :)14:05
Aylalauch it, remove it14:06
Aylabasically, I'd like to restart a module with a different platform data14:06
wpwrakanything in the kernel can turn into "user mode" and do things from there. so at least in theory, you could invoke insmod and such.14:08
wpwraknow, in your case, perhaps the modules could just share some private interface for the reloading ?14:08
mthI think the module Ayla is thinking of is not compiled as a loadable module15:36
Aylait's not, indeed16:29
larscAyla: you want to unregister a driver and want to reregister it with different platform data?16:33
Aylalarsc, correct16:38
larscwell, then just do that ;) platform_device_register and platform_device_unregister16:39
mththere is the risk of course that the destruction code is buggy because it is never used16:48
Aylalarsc: but if I do that, the driver won't be stopped, am I right?16:52
Aylawhich means that it'll still attempt to access its platform data16:52
larscAyla: if you unregister the device it is gone17:06
larscand won't access it's platform_data anymore17:06
Aylagood enough17:07
LunaVoraxHello everyone!22:11
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