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kristianpaulhe, i wonder why eeschma always warms when having another running instance of it02:31
roh .o(well.. DUH!)13:14
qi-bot[commit] Paul Cercueil: fbcon: update documentation for the "bind" parameter. (jz-3.5) http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/e46b4fc13:54
wpwrakall quiet in qi-land :)16:01
larschow was your talk?16:09
kristianpauldid you recorded it? 16:11
kristianpaulwpwrak: btw about capacitor i noticed you se cap value/RF in atben for some of then16:12
kristianpauldo you have another specific notation i should be aware.....16:12
viricWhat is likely to shorten the life of electrolithic capacitors?18:02
larsca hammer!18:08
viricthis sheeveaplug power supply...18:08
viricblew up the capacitors again18:08
viricevery year or half a year, time to replace some big capacitors18:08
viricmaybe I should understand the circuit instead of simply replacing them18:09
viricif it were open hardware... :)18:09
rohviric: gets to hot.18:10
Aylause capacitors that support a higher Volt value18:10
viricI thought of that18:11
viricit's an easy parameter to change18:11
viricbut a bit hard to make all fit in the case :)18:11
rohwell.. its a design flaw18:11
viricone is 450V :)18:11
viricyes sure18:11
viricbut I don't know th fix18:11
viricthe fix18:11
rohthats the loading cap for the primary side18:11
rohthere is no fix afaik18:12
viricwell, last time it blew up (not the 1st time)18:12
viricnow it's another one, smaller18:13
rohcaps derate at high temperatures18:13
viricuntil 105°C all say18:13
rohalso high rf currents can make similar effects. thats why low-esr is important in psu18:13
roh105 is the higher one of 2 usual cap ratings. doesnt mean they survive long at such temps18:13
rohusually it should be way below 60deg C in there.18:14
viricon summer it gets far hotter18:14
viricin the box. :)18:14
viricso it's like something needs good ventilation.18:14
rohmaybe you can modify it to use a external supply. how many and which secondary voltages does the psu do?18:15
roh5V? 3.3?18:15
viriconly 5V18:15
rohwell.. then just remove the psu and add a barrel conn.18:15
viric1amp though.18:16
viricor 2.18:16
viriclet's say 2.18:16
rohwell.. measure it and use a properly overspec-ed psu18:16
rohi guess a 2A psu will do fine. after all its just a 10W or so device18:16
viricI know it takes ~7W from 22V18:16
viricI know it takes ~7W from 220V18:16
viricI'll have to do that..18:17
viricI found a power supply at home that has a usb port 5V/2A, it says.18:22
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qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: fisl2012/: add kicad schematics diagram; trim Makefile (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/d5a0a8318:33
whitequarkalso, reverse polarization18:56
whitequarkoh, I see, not the case here18:56
viricno, I think it's not the case19:00
viricI thought reverse polarization would make them blow quickly19:00
whitequarknot necessarily19:01
whitequarksuppose they're reverse polarized by -5V for 1% of the time19:01
whitequark(if the input voltage is 220V)19:01
viricas in... <3=>25==>19:01
viricfor me it's very hard to pronounce '<3='.19:02
whitequarkwhat's your first language?19:02
viricwhich reminds me that today I encountered a unicode character for MHz.19:02
viricwho thought of a single character for MHz? weird.19:03
whitequarkwhat's your reason for learning Russian?..19:03
viricI wonder how much more like that there are.19:03
whitequark(MHz) that's Unicode, they have lots of weird stuff19:04
viriclooks like so.19:04
whitequarke.g. emoji. a single character for "tanabata sunrise" or something like that, I don't quite recall19:04
viricas for the reason... well, the cyrillic looked like funny for me, and the soviet past (so much hidden to us) also added some magic to it19:05
whitequarkand it's not a kanji character; it's a pictogram which is only used by emoji19:05
viricis emoji the name of something?19:05
viricor your explanation looks to me a bit recursive?19:05
whitequark"emoji" is the name of the character set, just like "cyrillic" and "kanji" and "kana" are19:05
viricah ok19:05
whitequarkone big WTF19:06
whitequarke.g. such pearls as19:06
whitequarkand different characters for "DROMEDARY CAMEL" and "BACTRIAN CAMEL".19:07
viricWell, when people can't embed tetris into their products, they do these things19:08
viricwill there be unicode characters for tetris pieces? who knows19:08
whitequarkI'm pretty sure there are already19:08
whitequarklet me check...19:08
whitequarkmeh, no. what a pity. I'll consider submitting a proposal.19:09
viricthank you :)19:10
viricdo you remember the DOS characters that allowed a mode like 160x120 or so, on text mode?19:11
virichalf vertical, half horizontal, corners...19:12
viricI wonder what resolution unicode allows.19:12
whitequarkit's not specified in any way19:22
whitequarkUnicode is just a list of codepoints19:22
whitequarki.e. "an algorithm"19:22
whitequarka font is an "implementation"19:22
viricwhether it is a bitmap font, or vector font.19:22
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: fisl2012/: add kicad cvpcb diagram (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/2fc3b9720:23
kristianpaulwpwrak: btw about capacitor i noticed you set cap value in F/RF in atben for some of then23:46
kristianpauldo you have another specific notation i should be aware.....23:46
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