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wpwraklindi-: naw, still in .ar :) but i've been to .fi a few times00:02
wpwrakkristianpaul: pity. now that you've been sensitized to the risk of technological failure, you'll never get that job of nuclear power plant operator00:03
kristianpauli'm looking forward revenge next week, this time will be just gliding :)00:08
kristianpauli tought a power plant operator was more a software job, and you just watched it made correctly 00:11
wpwraki think it mainly consists of following procedure and denying any fear :)00:21
wpwrakwolfspraul: i read that it's wetness appreciation season in beijing ?01:32
wolfspraulyes yes01:47
wolfspraulbut you can also tell there are more media in Beijing nowadays01:48
wolfspraulwhen I lived in New York, every time there was a little rain my mom would be worried because of the sensationalist news over that, all the way to Germany...01:48
wolfspraulthanks to the extremely strong media scene in NY01:48
wolfsprauland this is following me here now? urgh!01:48
wolfspraulbut yeah, we had nice rain the other day, and I could go running in the rain which I love :-)01:49
wolfsprauland the rain washed the air, so bright blue sky today!01:49
wolfsprauleven better01:49
wpwrakand all the neighbours living at ground level will watch your happy rain runs with hatred only millennia of cultural conditioning  allow them to hide, while the water sloshes around their knees :)01:55
wpwrakbut since you;re in a good mood and feeling invigorated ... how about making a little link shortener for project.qi-hardware.com ? :)01:56
wpwrake.g., you still have qi-hw.com but i think you never used it. so that would already be 6 characters less.01:57
wpwrakit would also help downloads.qi-hardware.com. maybe even add an alias "dl.qi-hw.com" while you're at it ?01:58
wpwrakthen, for projects ... i don't know if apache has URL rewriting. if it does, how about p/PROJ/PATH -> index.php/p/PROJ/source/tree/master/PATH ?01:59
wpwrak(or similar)01:59
wpwrakthat would save ... some 28 characters if i counted right02:00
wolfspraulyou didn't see my url?02:10
wpwrakoh .. interesting. experimenting ...02:16
wpwrakso the rule is  qi-hw.com/p/X -> projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/X   ?02:19
wpwrakwolfspraul: did i guess right ?02:35
wolfspraulyes I think so02:38
wpwrak(mapping) excellent, thanks a lot !03:31
wpwrakthough i wish i could get rid of the source/tree/master as well. the URLs are still pretty long, particularlt for slides03:39
wpwrakhmm. and qi-hw.com/p/eda-tools/source/tree/master/dsv/ sends me to http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/eda-tools/source/tree/master/03:40
wpwraknot .../master/dsv/03:41
wpwrakwolfspraul: any chance to fix this ?05:55
wolfspraulany fix would probably include removing Indefero entirely and switching to a more lightweight web interface06:01
wolfsprauland no, it's not a variation on Porsche... - it's saarlaendisch07:49
pangi used to own a car from saarland07:50
wpwrakwolfspraul: hm. no way to do the rewriting in the web server ? some simple regexps should be enough08:04
Action: xiangfu finish my first QFP 144 soldering.12:23
wolfspraulxiangfu: wow, nice12:26
xiangfuwolfspraul, I buy some stuff from zgc. the 'liquid flux' help a lot.12:27
xiangfuthe first try make a loooot of pins short.  then I watch some soldering video. buy some liquid flux.12:28
wolfspraulsure, sounds good12:30
wolfspraulwithout any flux that will not work for sure12:30
xiangfuI bought some PCB from taobao.com, after soldering it's looks like: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/xiangfu/tmp/IMG_0609.JPG12:31
wpwrakwolfspraul: is the URL rewriting done in indefero or in apache ?12:33
wolfspraulin apache, but when I take down indefero it's just more work to try to keep the old urls working12:33
wolfspraulxiangfu: oh nice idea, to use a premade qfp144 pcb?12:34
xiangfuyes. premake qfq14412:34
wpwrakwolfspraul: shouldn't be a big difference. in fact, what i proposed would mask more of indefero's internal structure12:34
wolfspraulI'm not going to do it12:35
wpwrakwolfspraul: just keep the project name and the path inside the project as user-visible components12:35
wolfspraulthat simple12:35
wolfspraulI rather explain here for half an hour why not12:35
wpwrakvery helpful :-(12:35
xiangfuI start my little project here: http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/mini-slx9/source/tree/master/kicad12:35
wolfspraulwhat I do work on right now is a move of the server to a new machine, with a lot of improvements like better backup, larger disks, ipv6, etc. etc.12:35
xiangfua very very simple board with slx9. even simple then azonenberg-devboards. :)12:36
wolfspraulthen I need to reduce maintenance effort by removing some rarely used stuff12:36
wolfspraulnot very helpful but I try to get the expectations right, fully right12:36
wolfspraulwhether the URL is this or that way is also largely irrelevant and cosmetic12:36
wolfspraulimho, of course12:36
wpwrakthe problem is communicating URLs when you don't have copy & paste12:37
wolfspraulI must have several thousand more pressing items in my mind ;-)12:37
wolfspraulI understand12:37
wolfspraulin general I think I will move away from indefero, and towards lighter and simpler tools which hopefully also have simpler urls12:37
wpwraklike in a presentation. it's nice if people can take the URL they see in front of their nose, type it in, and it works12:37
wolfspraulmost everybody would use a url shorterner for that and done12:37
wolfspraulwhich you of course don't want to do because it's ... ugly :-)12:38
wpwrakand the problem is exactly the same whether you use indefero, github, or a static server12:38
wolfspraulyes but I won't work on this url improvement now12:38
wolfspraulI think you have root access to the server as well, as do many others12:38
wolfspraulI'm working on a move to a new physical machine because of some hard-to-fix hdd corruptions, and ipv6, and larger disks, and easier/better backups12:39
wpwrakit has the problem that there's no redundancy in there. you can't tell what bit.ly/7Jg87tg/ means. or whether the name is actually correct. it's all or nothing.12:39
wolfspraulthat's all I can handle on the server side right now12:39
wolfspraulI'm quite exhausted right now too because I managed to model the first wire in my fpga model :-)12:39
wolfspraulI'm looking at a total of 1.8 million static wires, and with that one wire I cover about 6000 of them12:40
wolfspraulonly 1.794 million to go12:40
wpwrak3000 more nights to go :)12:40
wolfspraulbut I'm happy that I think the overall model works, optimistic here12:40
wpwrakah no, only 300. hey, that's just a year. not bad.12:40
wolfspraulit will be faster12:41
wolfspraulplus I only model resources I need, and once a good program/model runs, it's not that hard to imagine that it can run faster/more :-)12:41
wpwrakhmm. tiny.cc lets one choose the name. that should help.12:50
wolfspraulthere you go12:52
mthlarsc: there is a new kernel config option CONFIG_CROSS_MEMORY_ATTACH22:29
mthit is enabled by default, but I'm not sure we need it22:29
mthit adds new syscalls to access another process's memory22:29
mth(this is about the NanoNote defconfig)22:29
mthnew in 3.522:30
Aylaany interesting stuff in 3.5?22:37
mthzram support was expanded, but I don't know exactly how it impacts us23:02
mthsee "frontswap"23:02
mthAyla, larsc, wolfspraul: I just pushed jz-3.523:25
mthseems to run fine on the A32023:25
wolfspraulmth: cool, thanks for the heads up23:47
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