#qi-hardware IRC log for Friday, 2012-07-20

wolfsprauldon't ask how or why that severe rootfs corruption went away, but it did by itself just by sleeping (on my side :-))00:41
wolfspraulI need to *urgently* work on the servers and the long neglected todo list...00:42
wolfsprauland after these good plans, going to do something more important first :-) what else...00:42
wpwrakit's always nice if messy problems solve themselves on their own ;-)00:49
whitequark... to remanifest themselves in the worst moment ever01:01
wpwrakwhitequark: so russians are also pessimists in summer ;-)01:04
whitequarkwpwrak: in summer?01:33
whitequarkthat's more dependent on the country than on time of year.01:34
whitequarkor did you mean "even in summer"? in which case, yes.01:35
wpwrakyes, even in summer :)01:45
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu: copy cx6slx9 from azonenberg lib (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/880f00903:41
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu: add AUTHOR/pro info about xc6slx9-tqg144 (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/dd67cef03:41
larscwpwrak: do you mind making xdg-open the default action for opening the pdf in dsv?11:25
wpwraklarsc: hmm. if picking a launcher, then it probably should be mimeopen ? it's kinda hard to find something that everyone is likely to have11:39
wpwrakxdg-open is kinda unfriendly. doesn't say how you can change the default choice.11:41
larscwell, it uses the system default11:49
larscand installed on all modern linux systems11:50
larscmodern desktop system11:51
wpwrakhmm. mimeopen seems to have a somewhat obscure origin. libfile-mimeinfo-perl11:57
mthwho changes the default choice? the user can change it using KDE or GNOME or whatever is behind xdg-open and if the calling program wants to change the default, why not launch the desired application directly?11:57
wpwrakmth: that's what i currenly do. i launch $DSV_PDFVIEWER, which defaults to xpdf11:58
wpwrakmth: and how do i change that "system default" if my desktop is fvwm ?11:58
mthyou could use $DSV_PDFVIEWER if it is set and xdg-open if it is not set11:59
mthfvwm is not a desktop, is it?11:59
wpwrakalright, my "desktop" ;-)11:59
wpwrakbesides that, it's just a few xterms and whatever browser may happen to wander by12:00
mthyou can implement your own xdg-open replacement12:00
mthit seems xdg-open supports KDE, GNOME, xfce4 and lxde out of the box12:01
wpwraknow that sounds a little awkward ;-)12:02
larsc and it has a generic fallback12:03
mthwell, if you want to run a minimalist system, you've got to take the good and the bad ;)12:03
wpwrakhmm, /etc/alternatives/ doesn't seem to have a solution either.12:09
wpwrakseems that xdg-open's been around for a few years. six years ... still pretty new, though.12:17
larschas been always there, as long as I can remember ;)12:18
wpwrakthose little benefits of amnesia ;-)12:22
larscwell actually I can't remember when I started using Linux, but the internet suggests that it was in 2005-200612:25
rohlarsc: same here.. but i know i was hired because it had something to do with it around 2000... so it must have been 98 or earlier12:26
roh97/98 .. suse 5.1 was recent and 5.3 came soon after12:27
larscI still remember the day I did my first Linux installation though, just not the date of that day12:29
larscI always thought the system crashed, because the screen blanked... and restarted installation12:31
larscit was a gentoo system so installation took a bit longer12:31
larschow I miss those days of watching your system endlessly compling stuff as it upgrades12:35
wpwrakand then, after ten hours, fail for some reason ...12:36
larscconflicting eflags, or whatever they were called12:38
wpwrakor just some odd combination they didn't anticipate. what's annoying is that they delete old packages. e.g., i have a gentoo system that had its last major update in 2007 and it's basically stuck at that now because there isn't even a coherent upgrade path in the gentoo archives :-(12:44
larschm, I still have that PC somewhere, last updated four years ago or so12:46
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: dsv/dsv: change viewer default from xpdf to xdg-open; introduce DSV_VIEWER; add README (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/eda-tools/4a0b54712:49
larscbtw. what's actually missing is a description of the catalog file format12:55
wpwrakand as an added benefit, i now know how to make chromium open PDFs with xpdf ;-)12:55
wpwrak(catalog file format) i know, i know. only so many jiffies in a night ... :)12:56
kristianpaulmorning :)14:47
wolfspraulgood morning14:49
larscwolfspraul: did the server come back by itself?17:56
kristianpaulrootkits/malware are very smart those days :)18:05
DocScrutinizer05xilinx ZYNQ18:40
DocScrutinizer05sounds nice18:40
wolfspraullarsc: thanks for asking. no, not by itself, but it was messy and I'm in the process of moving everything to a new server.22:23
wolfspraulwhich will take a few days but now that the old one is limping along that is ok22:23
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