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qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu: config.full_system: remove other ieee802154 kmods (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/3f0514107:33
gargonhi, how can I change my keymap to produce hungarian accented characters with eg. benbutton + e = eacute ?16:35
gargonon fbterm....16:35
gargonand in other applications...16:36
viricman loadunimap16:37
viricah no.16:37
viricman loadkeys ? :)16:37
hellekingargon: setxkbmap hu16:56
gargonhellekin: should I have this command?16:57
viricthat's for X1116:57
viricI don't think you run X1116:57
gargonviric: no, it is fb16:57
viricthen, loadkeys16:58
gargonviric, hellekin: btw, the xmodmap.hu file could work with loadkeys?16:58
viricxmodmap is an X11 program too16:58
gargonviric: it seems, the structure of an xmodmap.hu and kmap.hu file are similar...17:00
viricI don't know kmap.hu17:00
gargonviric: should I define a map like this ? http://linux.die.net/man/5/keymaps17:02
viricI think so17:02
gargonviric: or I should dump the original one to a file and make some minor modification17:03
viricwhat original one?17:03
gargonviric: that is on the system, I don't know what is it17:04
viricah, yes, I'd take it and adapt it to the nanonote17:05
gargonviric:... whit dumpkeys....17:06
gargonviric: thanks17:06
viricyou are welcome17:06
gargonthere is a way to change fontsize inside fbterm?17:06
viricat launch time17:07
viricor .fbtermrc17:07
viric-s SIZE17:07
gargonviric: but there is no way to change it on the fly as in bard ?17:07
viricI don't know17:07
gargonhow could I get the precedent screen on fbterm? that I can get on normal terminals with shift+up17:08
viricyes, that's annoying... fbterm wants pageup or so, for that17:09
viricand there is no pageup in the nanonote17:09
viricit requires a fbterm patch I think17:09
gargon where is the default keymap on the nanonote?20:52
viricin-kernel, I imagine20:54
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