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viricwhat do you think of this 'dumb phone'? http://www.babikenshop.com/two-way-radio-phone-walkie-talkie-intercom-phone-vefone-t900-p-797.html10:06
viricI always wanted a phone with cb radio10:09
Action: wpwrak hates nspluginviewer. first time in ages i had a kernel crash.10:47
viricwhat is nspluginviewer?11:27
viricare you blaming a user space program for a kernel crash ? :)11:28
wpwrakwell, that flash junk does a lot of weird things. it may have some "dirty" paths that allow it to corrupt things it shouldn't be allowed to corrupt.11:33
wpwrake.g., i sometimes get residual windows that just stick in the X11 frame buffer. but only from flash. nothing else has such problems.11:34
virichm I never noticed those problems11:37
LunaVoraxHello everyone!13:16
whitequarkwpwrak: I'm pretty sure that your problem isn't nspluginviewer itself, but 3D acceleration which flash uses13:35
whitequarkiow, you have broken graphics drivers, which is more common than not13:35
wpwrakit's some chain that begins with flash, which is a useless annoyance to begin with13:41
wpwrakso i put the blame right at the origin :)13:41
wpwrakor, paraphrasing Linus, "fuck you flash, fuck you !" :)13:48
kristianpaulfish a book http://olpcsf.org/node/6115:08
kristianpaulsorry no only books15:10
viricthe sheevaplug is a very nice device still15:10
viricand there are the pixel qi people too... I still want such a nice screen :)15:11
kristianpaulwell i was more interested on the script to fetch media from the archive.org more easilly15:11
kristianpaulthe kindle screen is very interesting too, well whatever is e-ink15:12
kristianpaulshame kindle fire is no color e-ink ;)15:12
viricI think most discomfort for reading is not always the screen15:13
kristianpauloh no, how you feel the book to15:14
viricI think that there should be more power to the users for choosing the layout, the types, etc.15:14
kristianpaulpassing pages... bookmarking15:14
viricI dislike how the CSS on browsers has developed, into a system that makes the web *authors* decide how it will look like, instead of the *readers*.15:15
viricthe whole html idea upside down :)15:15
viricWe rarely see easy tools to tune the spacing, the types used, the thickness, the antialiasing technique, ...15:16
viricfor the reader.15:16
kristianpaulah good point15:17
viricbg and fg15:17
viricthat matters a lot for me, for a comfortable reading15:17
viricSome *authoring* tools have nice devices to set up all that, but with computer-like devices, that power should be given to the readers.15:18
viricFor example, I dislike the so broad use of sans-serif types for texts.15:19
kristianpauloh sure15:20
viricI quite like how I read in my rss reader.15:22
viric(for example)15:22
viricI'm often lucky, that few authors use style-overriding tags in their feeds :)15:22
viricthen I can easily make their text look like what I want.15:23
viricbut that's tuned for my usual screen, of course.15:23
viric(and browser, ...)15:23
kristianpaulyou like banks a lot :)15:24
kristianpaulyou read on wich kind of screen?15:25
viricthat's for firefox in my laptop15:25
kristianpaullaptop,tablet, desktop, mobile?15:25
viricFor my sony e-ink ereader, I use the 'Plan PDF' option above :)15:25
viricthank you for your link nevertheless! I like these issues about making reading comfortable15:27
viricbut I think there is a lot more field for blaming the software, than the hardware :)15:28
viricFor example, I think that if the user can easily interact with the screen contents, that makes reading difficult ;)15:29
kristianpauldiffcult because you want to do more and more.. the got fustrated or the contrary..15:32
Aylawhitequark: hello19:07
Ayladoes jz-boot support the jz4770?19:08
whitequarkAyla: nfc19:52
whitequarkbut probably it won't be hard to fix it if it does not19:52
Aylaok, it does not :)19:52
whitequarkyou'll need to substitute the secondary bootloader for jz4770's19:54
whitequarkand probably tweak the parameters block19:54
AylaI mean it's not even recognized with the -e option19:55
whitequarkAyla: maybe USB vendor/device ids are wrong?20:08
Aylawhitequark: idVendor=a108, idProduct=477020:09
Aylamy dingoo has idVendor=601a20:10
Aylaok, I patched it, let's see if it works...20:15
Aylayep, it is detected20:16
Aylawhere can I find the firmware?20:21
larscyou have to write it :p20:26
Aylacan't I use the firmware files provided by Ingenic?20:43
larscthere's only one way to find it out20:43
Aylaask whitequark :)20:44
AylaI tried to boot with those files, but it didn't work; however that does not mean the files are wrong, as jzboot doesn't really support the jz4770 right now20:45
whitequarkAyla: for jz4740 we used the ingenic firmware21:13
AylaI tried with the firmware files from ingenic, but it disconnects as soon as I type "boot" or try to set a GPIO21:14
Aylaok, looks like I can load the second firmware22:41
Aylathat means the SRAM is correctly initialized22:41
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