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talntidwhitequark, DocScrutinizer: ping :)17:11
whitequarktalntid: here18:52
whitequarkI'll be away soon, but you can always reach me at whitequark@whitequark.org18:52
whitequarkDocScrutinizer's email address isn't hard to find, too. you can cc him if you want, but I'm not sure how far did he study these modules18:53
talntidwhitequark, can I ask you a few questions? Just basically... can those modules do MMS messages?18:54
talntidseems they are supposed to, but... have yet to find someone who says for sure18:55
whitequarkthat question is best answered by its documentation ;)18:55
whitequarkI don't keep all of it in memory18:55
talntidIts documentation is vague, at best.18:55
talntidit has the words "MMS" in the title, but... doesn't actually *say* anything about it.. unless I am blind.18:56
whitequarkwhat variant do you have?18:57
whitequarksim900, sim900b, *?18:57
talntidI don't. I am determining which one to buy18:57
whitequarkbtw, do you know how MMS works?18:58
whitequarkAFAIK it uses TCP/IP underneath18:58
whitequarkso the module itself should only support GPRS directly (at least)18:58
talntidyes, MMS uses TCP/IP underneath, and sends a specially formed SMS via AT command18:59
whitequarkok, you answered your question yourself18:59
talntidbut the AT command, evidently, has to support sending the "MMS" parts.18:59
talntidthe firmware has to support sending the extra parameters19:00
talntidI am fairly certain that the SIM900 will do what I ask of it, but figured maybe you or the Doc could confirm. If not, I'm just going to but it and document it myself :)19:00
talntidas you said though, there are multiple variants19:02
talntidseems like that might be the best bet 19:11
whitequarkshould work, why not19:14
talntidbecause it's out of stock :(19:15
DocScrutinizer[2012-06-28 20:37:24] <DocScrutinizer05> not me!19:39
DocScrutinizer[2012-06-28 20:37:35] <DocScrutinizer05> I only know what whitequark told me19:39
DocScrutinizertalntid: MMS is not handled by GSM module, it's an AP thing19:41
DocScrutinizeror what whitequark said19:42
DocScrutinizertalntid: on N900 fmms app doesn't use *any* special AT cmd for MMS19:43
DocScrutinizerit just uses a second APN network channel19:43
DocScrutinizerand I'm all but sure it could do 'normal' internet during sending / receiving a MMS via that special APN19:44
DocScrutinizerat least that's how I understood that MMs stuff19:44
DocScrutinizerif you want to know details, try to ping frals, author of fmms19:45
DocScrutinizerthis sugests I'm right about switching of AP connections:19:53
DocScrutinizerAs of release 0.6 there is now multiple "connection modes" available:19:54
DocScrutinizer  * Polite (Default behavior <0.6): Only switch to MMS connection if no connection is active, otherwise do nothing (pretty much) 19:54
DocScrutinizer* Rude: Force a disconnect of the active connection regardless of what it is, connect to MMS APN and then reconnect to the old one.19:55
DocScrutinizer * Havoc: Try to bring up a connection to the MMS APN in parallell with whatever is active, this is what most other phones do. Note that to get this functionality on the N900 there are a few ugly hacks active which might break stuff, but it *should* work19:55
LunaVoraxEvening everyone!19:57
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