#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2012-06-27

pangwpwrak: Can I run fped conversions headless?06:40
wpwrakshould be fine, yes06:41
wpwrakyou just go to  kicad-libs/modules  and run  make06:41
pangwpwrak: yeah, of course. thanks!07:39
wpwrakah, two warnings: 1) there's still an data corrupting bug i haven't been able to track down so far. it strikes rarely and may be connected to deletions. once it has happened, you typically notice immediately. so save often. fped makes backups, so if something goes wrong, you can go to the last "good" version.07:42
wpwrak2) fped will not stop you from quitting if you have unsaved changes.07:43
wpwrak(all that's if you use the gui for editing, which is usually the most convenient way)07:45
pangI'll keep that on my mind07:52
LunaVoraxHello everyone!10:10
viricDo you know these? http://opensourceecology.org12:33
wpwraksounds like farmville ? :)12:34
wpwrakreal-life Civilization: http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/LifeTrac#Product_Ecology12:57
Aylathat's just awesome13:06
larscI'm missing the chipfab on that page ;)13:15
viricqi-hardware people move electrons here and there, and the OSE people move soil :)16:07
viricsome time ago it was easy to be an "open source" person; use gnu/linux, and that's it. Nowadays, it takes to live in an open source house with an open source car.16:08
larscviric: if you want to be eco-friendly you use a opensource bike instead ;)16:22
viriclarsc: I've a friend who does those :)17:25
virichm now that I think better, maybe not opensource though :)17:26
whitequarklarsc: the thing I like most about that project is that they're not ecology fanatics, nor they do it because of some "eco-friendliness"18:15
whitequarkI can't stand the eco-bullshit.18:15
whitequarkinstead, they're doing their work because of a very basic and important concern: the civilization should be able to bootstrap easily, and there shouldn't be anything difficult (or proprietary) in that.18:16
whitequarkthis somehow reminds me of the reason Linus chose GPL: not because of freedom, but because of the convenience.18:16
whitequarkyou can have your religion if you want, be it "freedom of software" (I refer to those people who call BSD "not free enough", quote exact) or "green way of living", but please, don't base your work on it, because it will be crappy (show me a good GNU project) and, hopefully, will fail.18:19
whitequarkopensource shouldn't be about religion, that makes it worse.18:19
viricwhat a nihilist18:19
whitequarkviric: I prefer getting things done in the best way possible. Most often, the best way is the opensource way, for much the same reason academia is basically opensource.18:21
larscI do opensource because I think it's the superior development model18:21
whitequarklarsc: well, sometimes I _do_ overreact if I see "eco" somewhere.18:21
viricI think 'eco' is more a marketing term nowadays18:22
whitequarkunfortunately, some people believe in it too much18:23
whitequarkthere's something common between people who faithfully believe in all things "green", are afraid of GMO, think that world ends in 2012, invest in pyramid schemes, etc.18:25
larscand i drive a bike instead of a car for similar reasons. for my purposes in my environment it works better most of the time18:26
whitequarkin Moscow, public transit is more efficient too, if by efficiency you mean "getting yourself transported" (as opposed to "getting yourself transported comfortably")18:30
viricwhitequark: don't you trust Mavrodi? ;)18:31
viricwhitequark: aren't you playing with Mavro? hehe18:31
whitequarkMavrodi is somewhat funny in that he openly states that his pyramid is exceptionally dangerous and you shouldn't trust him your money18:34
whitequarkI can't blame him at all18:34
whitequarkyou know, the Darwin prize exists for a reason18:35
LunaVoraxHello everyone!18:56
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