#qi-hardware IRC log for Tuesday, 2012-06-26

pangHi, are the footprints at http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/kicad-libs/source/tree/master/modules available as finished Kicad footprint downloads?20:37
wpwrakpang: we don't have converted versions anywhere. but it shouldn't be too difficult to install fped and do the conversion yourself. changes are you may occasionally want to edit something anyway.20:42
pangYeah, okay, thanks for the swift reply :-)20:43
pangI think I'll have to make fpds for Weidmuller power connectors.20:43
pang( http://catalog.weidmueller.com/catalog/Start.do?localeId=en&ObjectID=group107841015937575 etc. )20:45
wpwrakoh yes, power is something we don't have yet (well, apart from a puny little DC barrel :)20:45
wpwrakah, they're also small20:45
wpwraki had a picture of mains and several amps in mind :)20:46
pang400V and 17A ?20:46
wpwrakoh, indeed :)20:46
pangThat works for my circuits =)20:46
wpwrakfunny. they're still quite compact.20:46
wpwrakwe have header arrays with 200 mil spacing. so you may be able to reuse these.20:47
pangThose are the "Omnimate Signal" series, you can get "Omnimate Power" that can handle 1000V @ 76A20:48
wpwraknice. if i ever build my own power plant, i'll know what to use :)20:49
pangyeah =)20:49
pangI think I saw a robotics Arduino board with Weidmullers on it on hackaday a little while ago20:50
pangThat kind of connector is popular with the robotics/automation crowd20:50
anon_toolJoin in the fight! Or hack web site!22:00
anon_toolHacker tools for free: Acutenix web scanner and edpr for ditributed cracking hash and wpa using gpu!22:00
rohwho gives a fuck about wifi crypto nowadays22:09
wpwraki think german courts do :) (stoererhaftung)22:20
rohwpwrak: only the crazy ones (hh).. the rest is more sane. and some even work on killing it completely22:33
rohbesides.. there are vpn for the annoyed ;)22:33
rohwpwrak: and mirco hacked up this http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/Mit-der-Freifunk-Freedom-Fighter-Box-gegen-die-Stoererhaftung-1618782.html22:44
wpwrakyeah. that one is very neat :)23:15
wpwrak"see my middle finger, proudly raised to the sky" ;-)23:16
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