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wolfspra1ldoes anyone know of a C library to normalize/simplify boolean algebra?04:26
wolfspra1lfor example I have something like (A&B&C)|(A&B&(~C)04:27
wolfspra1lif my brain works that is the same as A&B, right?04:27
wolfspra1lanyway, so I'm looking for a library/function call that can do that kind of normalization/simplification for me. I'm probably looking for the shortest expression.04:27
wolfspra1lwill continue googling but maybe someone has a hint ;-)04:28
whitequarkif you find it, could you drop a link?04:30
wolfspra1lI'm already mentally prepared to just write it down myself for my case04:35
wolfspra1lbecause even if I can find a library, it will be a whole bunch of functions and I need to convert to and from whatever format04:35
wolfspra1lbut since my starting algebra is relatively controlled, I think I can just write down what I need from scratch in 100 lines or so. just want to make sure I'm not reinventing something that is an easy library call somewhere...04:36
wolfspra1lso - hold your hopes low, I already searched and couldn't find much04:36
whitequarkLOTS of implementations04:42
whitequarkalso, the problem is np-hard. don't forget that :D04:43
wolfspra1lah nice! I hadn't seen that yet05:42
Action: rzk got enough of quine algo two years ago, it was in university course05:50
wolfspra1lrzk: do you remember a good simple free tool?05:50
wolfspra1lI'm looking at qmcs which is kinda nice but not very polished05:50
wolfspra1lgpl licensed, command line, short and simple05:50
rzktool? I know only how to do it on paper :D thats why I got enough of it. theres some python implementations on wikipedia05:52
wolfspra1lyes I think it's quite simple, OK I will see how I get it implemented05:53
wolfspra1lvery good lead to qmc though :-)05:53
rzkcheck karnaugh maps also05:55
wolfspra1lyes thanks, I know those05:55
wolfspra1lfeels like stoneage, somehow05:56
wolfspra1lbut of course, all good05:56
wpwrakfrom qmcs, this seems to be a popular algorithm: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minilog06:35
wpwraks/qmcs/qmc algorithm/ even06:36
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qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu: update email address (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/fped/e6fa10812:08
wolfspraulthat looks like spam, too bad14:44
gdmok, so there've been lots of little tidbits of info about SGS2 in the past few days...15:19
gdmmy question is, what does it actually mean for end users, and what can be done about it?15:20
gdmis running cyanogenmod enough, or are there other patches or other things that need to be installed (as well or instead of ... )?15:20
gdmthanks to whoever can help :)15:20
whitequarkgdm: join #replicant16:05
gdmwhitequark: thanks. and should i repeat my question there?16:23
gdmor just lurk for a while?16:23
whitequarkgdm: just repeat16:23
gdmok, thanks :)16:26
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