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pabs3mth: any chance of merging that into mainline qemu?01:44
mththe NAND stuff maybe, but the qemu base would have to be brought up-to-date first01:46
mththe SD stuff isn't working properly yet, so not suitable for integration01:47
wpwrakhmm, interesting. valgrind doesn't emulate all the CPU rounding modes. and at least CGAL notices that :-(03:00
qi-bot[commit] Adam Wang: SN75HVD12D: combined two texts so that pdf generating without cross line (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/a314a0c07:12
qi-bot[commit] Adam Wang: diodes_inc.lib: invisual pin name and use text for them with suitable gap. (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/e3c98d207:35
qi-bot[commit] Adam Wang: molex.lib: DVI-I female pins assignment was illustrated by real female socket of front view instead pin name( let them invisible ). (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/8c4791308:49
viricillustrated by a real female socket?13:33
wpwrakfull frontal connectivity :)13:48
viricI'm always amazed for what the people use the word 'real' for13:50
wpwrakanother fun thing that happens in english is that people use "literally" when they mean "figuratively" :)13:51
viricI've not noticed13:51
wpwraksaw it a few times. maybe a new internet meme in the making :)14:00
whitequarkand so on14:16
whitequarkfun language fact: in Russian, male and female sockets are called "Dad" and "Mom" instead14:20
viricah I didn't know14:41
viricwhitequark: <0<5==K9 =>A>:? ;)14:45
viricmaybe I just built that bad :)14:50
viric<0<8==>9 =>A>:14:51
virichm maybe you don't associate sockets with socks as me. :)14:52
ExabyteHello there.15:45
ExabyteCan anyone help me with a multiple display related problem?15:46
ExabyteMy left display looks normal most of the time, but my right display has different resolutions everytime I startup my computer. I updated my (ATI radeon) drivers alot of times, but that does not seem to work.15:47
ExabyteAlso my displays sometimes switch at a startup. (My taskbar is at the right screen, instead of the left screen.)15:47
viricit's not ati-hardware15:47
virichere it's about products made by qi15:48
ExabyteI didn't know that.15:49
viricno trouble.15:49
wpwrakrejon: did you see? FISL call for submissions until next sunday, may 1317:19
wpwrakfunny that the very first notification i see at all is already the extension of the deadline :)17:20
DocScrutinizerthat's probably why17:27
wpwrakyeah :)17:32
kristianpaulwpwrak: planning second talk round?18:57
wpwraki'm thinking of the EE process for open source projects (tools, collaboration, open access)18:59
kristianpaulhad you tought about an EE guide to get in libre/open source collaboration?19:02
kristianpaulsomething like, yes you are an EE but.. this is the awful truth :)19:02
wpwrakheh, you mean de-brainwashing EEs ;-)19:04
kristianpaulyes ! :)19:13
Action: DocScrutinizer hides21:21
`thomashello -- usbboot from xburst-tools says the fconfig command is unimplemented; is there any alternative way to configure a device?22:08
kristianpaulwhat you want to do?22:18
`thomaskristianpaul: i'm trying to install openinkpot on a hanvon n516 e-reader22:47
`thomaskristianpaul: it comes with a USBBoot.cfg file and instructions to use fconfig to load it22:48
Action: DocScrutinizer52 hands out glasses for drinks23:02
Action: DocScrutinizer idly wonders where's infobot23:35
DocScrutinizerI thought I invited her to my party23:35
Action: DocScrutinizer wishes for a bottle of that awesome delicious south-african Rum wpwrak introduced by leaving it at OM apartment23:59
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