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DocScrutinizerthings moved to irc? great!09:44
whitequarkohh, tuxbrain09:53
whitequarkalready left, through :/09:53
cladamwwpwrak, let us know your feelings/comments on my latest m1r4 sch editing. the wiki should continue to settle rules well once have solid idea. :-)10:26
cladamwwpwrak, btw, if you could show us the schhist to have pdf reviews ? Since I don't think that one will try to review KiCad design files if there's no pdf file, intuitively. 10:29
wolfspraulsorry that is on my side10:31
wolfspraulstuck on my side10:31
wolfspraulbut a good reminder, I'll get back to it...10:31
cladamwwolfspraul, oah ..., i see. :-) I was thought just to know how to use it since I don't know how. :-) but i think i can later from here. thanks. :-)10:33
qi-botThe build was successful: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/build-nanonote/openwrt-xburst.minimal-20120502-0458 11:01
kyaksoon after you started paying attention to your server's uptime, it is going to fail13:30
whitequarkkyak: wrong14:12
whitequarkI did that in the past14:12
whitequarkgot uptimes of 200+ days with UPS lasting 20 minutes or so14:12
whitequarkand Russian utility companies14:13
whitequark(the latter basically means that there won't be a 100 days without a 1 minute interruption, and 300 days without a major (>10min) interruption14:14
whitequarkand once in 3-5 years there are day-long blackouts.14:14
DocScrutinizerwow, that's bad14:56
DocScrutinizerhere we got like 1 interruption maybe in 5 years, and that's a very local one. However I had such a local one 1 year or so ago, and it took 3h14:57
DocScrutinizerextremely unusual14:57
lindi-we had a three-day outage in January :)14:58
DocScrutinizeruptimes of my servers are limited by boots due to kernel updates though14:58
DocScrutinizer[jr@lagrange ~]$ uptime14:59
DocScrutinizer 16:58:52 up 1 day, 21:37,  2 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.0014:59
DocScrutinizerbtw anybody knows how to tell sshd to not allow interactive logins but only accept scp?15:00
DocScrutinizerfor a particular user/key15:00
wpwrakmaybe try setting the account's shell to scp ?15:04
wpwrakor to a wrapper that invokes scp, after massaging the arguments15:05
whitequarkI recall that scp works via sftp or something like that15:11
whitequarkhence, just disable interactive logins whatsoever15:11
lindi-whitequark: I thought scp and sftp were different15:12
lindi-whitequark: I think you need to set the shell to "scponly"15:12
whitequarklindi-: yeah, looks like you are right15:35
Action: Jay7 tried to find good enough arm or mips netbook16:45
Jay7anything found is unusable in real world16:46
kristianpaulthat couldnt, call it netbook to be honest 16:47
Jay7let's make jz-based netbook :)16:48
kristianpaulthat should be added to the wpwrak donts in its FISL slides :)16:52
kyakwhitequark: 144 days here without UPS17:26
kyakthen of cours at some there will be an electricity outage .. i just noticed it happpens soon after i start chasing the uptime :)17:28
kyaknow it,s 77 days and i,m kinda into it again.. so outage of some kind is gonna happen any time now ! :)17:30
rz2k<Jay7> anything found is unusable in real world17:34
rz2kthats pretty usable http://minus.com/m1g2Ebr9D/1f17:34
Jay7rz2k: what is model name?17:35
rz2kainol novo 7 elf + ubuntu/android dualboot from guy named steev on staledroid17:35
rz2ktrying to fit that to my ly-f1 tablet which is similar by hw to novo7elf17:36
Jay7biggest RAM I've ever seen is 512Mb..17:38
Jay7I like KDE :)17:38
kyakbuy some decent laptop damn it )17:39
Jay7macbook air is only really good seems..17:40
Jay7all other vendors can't do anything nearly good17:40
kyaki would spend my money on mips/arm laptop only from ideological point of view.. never from practical17:40
kyakit depends on what you need17:42
erikkugelI don't think mips/arm were designed for the perfomance and multitasking of x86, not to mention the lack of desktop software for RISC...18:00
erikkugelI love them in my phone/PDA, but I would not let them compete with XEON cores in a server - they were designed to do different things, and that was a design decision at an early stage.18:01
wpwrakerikkugel: hmm. once upon a time, i had an SGI workstation in front of me. it had a MIPS. felt pretty powerful to me, even when multitasking :)18:01
erikkugelI'm looking at 2 SGI workstations right now. Those days are gone.18:02
erikkugelIf SGI was doing as well as Intel, it would have been a different market :)18:02
wpwrakwell, they did the nokia thing. what can you expect after getting into bed with MS ? :)18:03
erikkugel:) good point...18:03
kristianpaulis all about software support and optimizacion?18:16
kristianpaulfor example how much of the current i686 x86_64 generated by gcc already implement SIMD18:17
kristianpauli dont bet this grade of support im mips* familly yet18:17
kristianpaulstarting with our beloved nanonote18:17
Jay7kyak: it's easy - slim (<1.5cm) and light (<1kg) case, 1-2Gb RAM, ~32-64Gb SSD, 10-11" screen 1366x768 with digitizer or multitouch panel and about 8 hrs of battery life18:18
kyakwell yeah.. if you really need something like then you are already half way to apple19:00
kyakthough frankly speaking it is not required at all for most people to have this level of mobility19:00
kyaknot according to most commercials on tv, of course19:01
kyakwhere everyone is mobile like shit19:01
wpwrakmobile like diarrhea ?19:11
Action: whitequark quickly changes back to previous window19:16
kyakwpwrak: in sense that it can reach you everywhere, yeah19:16
rz2khey whitequark19:20
rz2kwhat happend with your squirrel?19:20
rz2kcode.whitequark.org seems to be down19:20
DocScrutinizer51wpwrak: you recall the dispute about ABS MAX voltage of USB VBUS for GTA02, way back?22:47
DocScrutinizer51just on a sidenote, dedicated componentgs like tps65951 or bq24153 have a range like -2...20V22:49
wpwrakah yes, that sounds a little more robust22:52
wpwraki always wondered why NXP used such a tight range22:52
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