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Action: DocScrutinizer idly wonders what might be the largest photosensor array you can get for low price -MP count irrelevant15:19
DocScrutinizerpondering a DIY Roentgen device, with electronic photo platter rather than chemical film. So any slaughtered VGA webcam module with a sensor area of less than 3mm diagonal is not suited for that purpose15:21
DocScrutinizerI'd need at very least 3/4" sensor15:22
DocScrutinizerbetter 2"15:22
DocScrutinizeror rather combine some smaller sensors in an array - I only wonder what to do for the frames15:23
DocScrutinizerAAAH, I could just overlap sensors, and subtract the "artifacts" from final combined readout15:24
DocScrutinizerpretty good advantage when your sensors are "transparent"15:25
DocScrutinizeror do two shots in sequence, and offset the sensor array between them, so the borders in one snapshot are covered by good areas in second15:28
DocScrutinizer:-/ for a complete coverage, I'd need THREE shots15:29
whitequarkDocScrutinizer: won't xrays destroy the sensor?16:28
whitequarkion migration and stuff16:28
DocScrutinizerdon't think so16:29
DocScrutinizernot this level of x-ray at least16:29
DocScrutinizerit's more like "will the sensor be sensible enough for this low x-ray exposure?"16:30
whitequarkwhat's with artifacts? at least I believe that CMOS noise pattern is always same for each sensor and always differs between ones16:35
DocScrutinizerstuff like http://www.celnav.de/hv/hv5.htm and http://www.fingers-welt.de/gallerie/eigen/elektro/roentgen/roentgen.htm work with exposure times of like hours, on chemical film16:36
whitequarkwhat do you want to measure?16:37
DocScrutinizerwell, technical things. Like e.g. balls / solderpoints of BGA chips16:38
whitequarkah, then it's kinda simple16:39
whitequarkI think you need to get an exposure of CMOS noise to get the pattern16:39
whitequarkand then the same for the signal16:40
DocScrutinizersure, on electronics you can just subtract the blackpicture, then divide by whitepicture16:41
DocScrutinizerwould even eliminate the artifacts of overlapping sensors' frames16:42
whitequarkhuh, I know a guy who got an xray tube and exposured his hand through it16:45
whitequarkgot him into local news and to a radiation therapy unit16:45
whitequark... which he was quite happy about because he got to know a few guys related to nuclear power station maintenance16:46
whitequarkyeah, "know" not "knew". he also had his scope plug broken, so he just slided the contacts in the socket with his bare fingers16:46
whitequarkI'm somewhat surprised he is still alive16:46
wpwrakrussian engineering wouldn't be half as entertaining without all the vodka ;-)17:20
whitequarkfunny thing is, he doesn't drink due to high ICP17:52
wpwrakInsane Clown Posse ?17:53
wpwrakah, Intracranial Pressure. hmm. sounds fitting ;-)17:54
whitequarkso you use duckduckgo too, hmm17:54
wpwraknaw, chromium17:55
wpwrakso google by default17:55
whitequarkthese two statements do not contradict one another17:55
whitequarkhuh, someone from Spain wrote me about a decentralized VPN I made several years ago while in high school18:25
whitequarkno idea how did he manage to ever find it18:26
rz2ksomeone, please give me an explanation about why my new tablet works only when I press flex-pcb connector from lcd to mainboard.18:27
Action: rz2k cant even imagine what the f. is the reason18:28
rz2kshielding, flex-pcb cracks, RF stuff? :/18:29
whitequarkobviously, poor soldering of flex-pcb18:30
whitequarkor cracks in it18:30
whitequarkI'm not sure what do you mean by "not works", but maybe it requests something via I2C from it and hangs without a reply18:31
whitequarkor something like that18:31
rz2kit just freezes random18:31
rz2kon ipl/spl/android logo18:31
rz2kjust random as hell.18:31
rz2kthanks to blue soviet duct tape, its fixed for now.18:33
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