#qi-hardware IRC log for Monday, 2012-04-23

wolfspra1lwpwrak: I want to kick the wpan in shape a little00:41
wolfspra1lfirst step is to cleanup the patches inside openwrt so that it can work on other routers too00:42
wolfspra1ldo you have any guidance as to what's the best thing to do next there?00:42
wolfspra1lxiangfu: what are your plans?00:42
wpwrakhmm, i should finish the new driver then. and see what things have happened on linux-zigbee since. haven't touched any of this in months.00:43
wolfspra1lwait wait, I don't want to distract  you00:43
wpwrak(new driver) i.e., make atusb fast enough that it can handle TCP over dirtpan00:43
wolfspra1lI need boom urgently00:43
wolfspra1lmuch more important from my side00:43
wolfspra1lbut I think it's the right thing to move the patches in openwrt such that it can easily work on a router, no?00:44
wolfspra1lthat's an easy thing to do00:44
wpwrakdepends a bit on the state of the rest of 802.15.4 framework00:45
wpwrakif not much has changed, then it should be relatively easy00:45
xiangfuI have moved the atUSB patches to target/xburst. 00:46
xiangfunow needs cleanup and move to linux/generic  for all router that have usb host.00:46
xiangfuwpwrak, I haven't test atUSB under OpenWrt. but for now. atBen works just fine.00:46
wolfspra1lxiangfu: yes, sounds great!00:47
wolfspra1lso we can make it work between a ben and a router00:47
wpwrakxiangfu: atusb has the problem that it needs to many (slow) round-trips between host and board to actually send a packet. that causes it to run into problems with TCP very quickly. as long as a higher layer implements what amounts to half-duplex communication, it's fine, though. (just a little slow)00:49
wpwrakatben, on the other hand, doesn't have USB in the way to slow it down, and doesn't suffer such issues00:51
wpwrakit can still experience trouble (like stalled connections)00:52
wpwrakbut that has other reasons, not really in the domain of the things i've done00:52
wpwrak(although one could alleviate them a bit by forking the at86rf23x driver)00:53
wolfspra1lI don't have a particular use case in mind right now00:53
wolfspra1lI just want to keep the work in a maintainable state, rather than the patches/drivers falling into coma00:53
wolfspra1lbut yes, I hear you00:53
wolfspra1l"usb to slow it down"00:54
wpwrakmaybe a good time would be once the driver is updated. then atusb should work quite smoothly. and then we can pimp it more efficiently ;-)00:54
wpwrak(usb to slow it down) the problem is that the host controller (UHCI, OHCI, etc.) does transfers in 1 ms slots00:54
wpwrakthis means that you only get one round-trip communication in one slot, even if the actual dialog takes only a few usecs00:55
wpwrakand the atusb driver spend 99.something % of its time patiently waiting for the next slot ...00:56
wolfspra1lyeah but on the urgency scale, I need boom00:56
wolfspra1lI want to source m1r4 with boom, or compare sourcing status (what we have already) and what's missing with it, etc.00:56
wpwrakyup. i agree. boom first :) just explaining what's amiss with wpan00:56
wolfspra1lyes, perfect00:56
wolfspra1lxiangfu will start by moving things in a better place in openwrt00:56
wolfspra1lthat's a small practical step to make the work more accessible00:56
kristianpaulwolfspra1l: had you noticed last dash7 news?00:57
kristianpauljust filling http://www.dash7.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=222&Itemid=21400:59
wolfspra1lno, thanks for posting01:01
kristianpaulgood, i was re-organizing my stuff today and found rfm12b stuff and tought i dash and found this01:02
wpwraktheir lawyers don't seem to believe in the simplicity of "click here to download the PDF" :)01:04
kristianpaulwpwrak: :)01:04
qi-bot[commit] Adam Wang: changed VDDPLL, VDDRCV, VDDRX to input instead of Power input since a common power network generates local net/lable as usual. (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/e6d498101:34
qi-bot[commit] Adam Wang: changed FLG1/2 pins to output/Line. (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/be5f5bf01:43
qi-bot[commit] Adam Wang: changed HSWAPEN to input which pin controls the internal pull-up resistors on all of the user I/O pins from power-on through completion of configuration. A Low level applied to the pin during configuration enables the internal pull-up resistors, while a High level disables them. (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/18ae19f02:03
cladamw_xiangfu, i want to cancel this http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/kicad-libs/source/commit/e6d4981d391fef106b88369d1fb85d51e7264b76/  how to use cmd ? like  git checkout e6d4981d391fef106b88369d1fb85d51e7264b76  ? 02:22
xiangfucladamw_, git revert e6d4981d391fef106b88369d1fb85d51e7264b7602:23
cladamw_so this 'revert' will also change my local file back, right ?02:24
xiangfucladamw_, yes. 02:28
cladamw_xiangfu, okay. tks. :)02:28
xiangfucladamw_, it will only change the local file. as long as you don't run 'git push'02:28
cladamw_xiangfu so the git server will still have last commit existed there since I just did 'revert' and i see that commit history still on there, right ?02:31
xiangfuright. git revert it like: commit1(e6d4) --> commit2(be5f) --> commit3(18ae1), it will only revert commit1. keep the commit2 and commit3.02:34
qi-bot[commit] Adam Wang: Revert "changed VDDPLL, VDDRCV, VDDRX to input instead of Power input since a common power network generates local net/lable as usual." (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/6291bf502:52
qi-bot[commit] Adam Wang: pwr.lib : added VIDEOIN_A3V3, VIDEOIN_A1V8, ETH_A3V3, ETH_A1V8, ETH_PLL1V8 for application power. (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/1bff27c02:52
qi-bot[commit] Adam Wang: pwr.lib : added IR_PWR, VAA_3V3 for application power. (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/e117f7103:57
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: components/EXPAND: added latest application-specific power symbols (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/dec1eee07:18
qi-bot[commit] Adam Wang: changed to upper case. (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/cf3595607:28
qi-bot[commit] Adam Wang: Merge branch 'master' of projects.qi-hardware.com:kicad-libs (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/e33b87a07:28
cladamwwpwrak, before i do KiCad patch http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/eda-tools/source/tree/master/kicad-patches/README, do I need to un-install somethings ?08:28
wpwrakyou may have to uninstall kicad when you reach the point of installing08:30
wpwrakbut you can even test it first08:30
wpwrakso once you've compiled everything, you can, for example, start the new eeschema with  /your/path/kicad/eeschema/eeschema08:31
wpwrakthen see if it looks right08:31
wpwrakthen, apt-get remove kicad  (or similar, depends on how you installed your present kicad)08:31
wpwrakthen make install08:32
cladamwi see a file "kicad.bzr" after "bzr checkout -r 3494 lp:kicad kicad.bzr" so keep following your README now i think. :)08:32
wpwrakthen open a new xterm (or do  PATH=$PATH), launch eeschema again, then check that the version is right08:32
cladamwokay, need to try. :)08:33
wpwrakvery good. make the path above then /your/path/kicad.bzr/eeschema/eeschema   :)08:33
wpwrakkicad is pretty friendly when it comes to installation. the hard part is getting it to compile at all ;-)08:34
cladamwwpwrak, the current latest m1r4 whole schematic i fixed it now leaves TWO warnings only, I can't figure them out why. 08:36
wpwraklet's see08:37
cladamwphew~ from 66 warnings down to todays' last two wanings. :) so I would to use your this latest patches, then check it again hope I install successfully.08:38
wpwraktwo warnings is a good value for such a large design08:38
wpwrakhah, i get 16 warnings ;-)08:38
cladamwi haven't uploaded all files( kicad-libs/components, and milkymist/board-m1/r4)08:39
cladamwso maybe that you just got 16 warnings. :-)08:39
wpwrakthen i misread your "I can't figure them out why" :)08:40
wpwrakchances are that the new eeschema will find more rather than less. there's a general tendency that warnings get added, hardly ever removed :)08:41
cladamwwpwrak, ha... well... must be haven some tricky ways to cheat DRC/eeschema to pass them. :-)08:42
cladamwthere's much funny things I re-edited different ways to let free warnings and passed, you will see. funny though !08:44
cladamwbut I can't rely on my older version. so later we know. :)08:44
wpwraksometimes there are indeed "invisible" problems. such as a net that looks as if it was connected but isn't.08:47
wpwrakhmm, all these board-specific power symbols are a bit troubling08:48
wpwrakalas, kicad more or less forces you to do things that way :-(08:48
wpwraksince you can't rename a power symbol in the schematics08:49
qi-bot[commit] Adam Wang: changed ADV7125KSTZ140's pin 13/29/30 to input (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/f8b3e2d08:50
cladamwwpwrak, yeah .... about power symbols i got troubles08:52
cladamwwpwrak, but wait a bit. lemme uploaded all files, then you could check them again to see if same two warnings left. :)08:52
cladamwwpwrak, done. :) I just committed all my files here. so you may check to do DRC, and if also get two warnings on J17's pin 20 and 21. :)08:56
wpwrak11 errors/warnings08:56
cladamwwpwrak, to me. then i do horrible patches steps myself. :-)08:57
cladamwwpwrak, man! 11 !08:57
wpwrakdid you change anything in the ERC options ? i'm not sure if they're saved with the project08:57
cladamwno, i didn't touch KiCad's settings/default .:-)08:59
cladamwcheck this: http://dpaste.com/736030/08:59
cladamwwpwrak, me either, don't know if DRC settings saved in which file. :)09:00
wpwraki don't get that one09:00
cladamwwell .... okay, you can try to fix them if have time. but no rush. i should install yours patches work now. :-)09:01
wpwrakah wait. once09:01
cladamwaha.. nice ! I'll go back to see your this result compared to the one after I installed. :)09:04
wpwrakthere are PWR_FLAG symbols in the schematics that come up as ??, so they're not in kicad-libs09:05
wpwrakthat may explain most of the errors/warnings09:08
cladamwbut why in here, i didn't get yours err even I found the PWR_FLG (under KiCad's system power.lib) wasn't inserted m1.pro ?09:10
cladamwwpwrak, btw, what's this meanings. "ln -s wherever/eda-tools/kicad-patches patches" ?09:11
wpwrakwherever means there you've placed eda-tools/... (from qi-hw)09:12
wpwrakthis creates a symbolic link from  patches -> eda-tools/kicad-patches/09:12
wpwrakwhich in turn quilt uses to find the patches09:12
cladamwadam@adam-laptop:~/eda-tools/kicad-patches/kicad.bzr$ ln -s ~/eda-tools/kicad-patches patches09:16
cladamwln: creating symbolic link `patches': File exists09:16
wpwrakthen you've already done it09:16
wpwrakif you did it wrong the first time,  rm patches   and try again09:17
wpwrakhmm, i think we should make our version of "PWR_FLAG" a bit more explicit that the original. lemme try ...09:18
cladamwthere's four 'cmdline-*.patch under adam@adam-laptop:~/eda-tools/kicad-patches$09:18
wpwrakquilt patch -a09:18
wpwrakquilt takes care of the rest :)09:18
wpwrak(the link is to the directory. so, when in kicad.bzr, ls patches   should also show you the files in eda-tools/kicad-patches/)09:19
cladamwtype "quilt patch -a" under adam@adam-laptop:~/eda-tools/kicad-patches/kicad.bzr$  or ~/eda-tools/kicad-patches/ ?09:19
wpwrakunder kicad.bzr09:21
cladamwyeah ... i found and now install 'quilt' :(09:22
wpwrakhah ! :)09:25
cladamwwpwrak, so like this ? and run each *.patch one-by-one ? adam@adam-laptop:~/eda-tools/kicad-patches/kicad.bzr$ quilt ~/eda-tools/kicad-patches/cmdline-common.patch -a09:27
wpwrakquilt push -a09:28
cladamwwpwrak, yes, i agreed that making our own version of "PWR_FLG".09:28
wpwrakjust do as the README says :)09:28
cladamwadam@adam-laptop:~/eda-tools/kicad-patches/kicad.bzr$ quilt push -a09:28
cladamwNo patches in series09:28
wpwrakthen your link has a problem09:29
wpwrakrm patches09:29
wpwrakln -s ~/eda-tools/kicad-patches patches09:29
wpwrakthen try again09:29
cladamwdone ?  http://dpaste.com/736042/  09:30
cladamwi keep following README. :)09:31
wpwrakvictory is yours ! :)09:31
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: components: added powered.lib (POWERED), to replace PWR_FLG (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/43585b409:32
cladamwbuilding seems slow.09:34
wpwrakhmm, something's not right with "powered" ..09:34
wpwrak(slow) it's C++ ...09:35
cladamwwpwrak, i found eechema will everytimes changes *.sch once i used system's PWR_FLG and fixed err, the PWR??? (??? means number ) will always be changed. I don't know how eescheme it works. you can check for a while. :)09:37
wpwrakuh, these numbers may not mean a lot09:38
cladamwsince i've seen they are auto changed. :)09:40
cladamwmaybe sschema manages internal pwr net, etc. :-)09:40
wpwrakwith proper power flag, still 9 errors09:44
cladamwgreen or blue ?09:46
wpwrakuh ?09:46
cladamwgreen(warings) blue (err) :)09:46
cladamw9 errors includes green and blue ones. :)09:46
wpwrakdidn't look at the markers. it counts 9 errors and 9 warnings09:47
cladamwactually they should be easiler to fix. :)09:47
wpwrake.g., FLASH_A0 ... A3 no connected09:47
wpwrakhmm. you have an A2 sheet in there ? :)09:49
cladamwsince FPGA.sch is too large. :) Is it to related ? 09:49
wpwraknaw. but it's too big. maybe one can still read A3 when printing, but A2 would be tiny09:50
cladamwwe can split it into two A3 sheet if it's not displayed well for you. :)09:50
wpwrakyes, we should keep sheet sizes reasonable. i'm not even entirely sure about A3 ...09:51
cladamwhmm...sounds you're right. then we seperate A2 into two-A3 later.09:51
wpwraki would also rename some of the sheets. don't name them by component but by function.09:52
wpwrake.g., not "ADV7181CBSTZ" but "Video In"09:53
wpwraksame for micel, micron, xilinx, wolfson, the other analog devices, numonix09:53
cladamwam i finished ? http://dpaste.com/736056/09:54
wpwrakah, s/rename/relabel/. in the overview sheet. the file names look okay09:54
cladamwwpwrak, sure ... okay. :)09:54
wpwrakbut you hardly see them (the file names) on the big sheet :)09:54
wpwrak(build_ looks great09:55
cladamwwpwrak, yeah....needs to think another way to display text bigger for "Video In" "Audio In/Out" etc ...09:55
wpwraknow launch eeschema and check help / about eeschema09:55
cladamwi found text can't be placed within in eeschema's hierarchical rectangle. so need to study more. or you know how to. :)09:56
wpwrak(bigger text) i would just not mention the chips at that point. that's not really useful information there, and when we change a chip, you'll always have to remember to change it in the overview, too.09:57
wpwrakit can't ? i though it could. checking ..09:57
wpwrakworks fine for me :)09:58
wpwrakit is hard to do things with it there, though. e.g., you can't easily move it around09:58
cladamwi tried to place text within that hierarchical rectangle but not. 09:58
cladamwoah..nice ! yours can do it. :)09:58
wpwrakyours too :)09:59
wpwrakdid you check the version ? just run  eeschema09:59
cladamwwait. help me to finish the PATH09:59
wpwrakyou mean   PATH=$PATH          ?10:01
cladamwi typed "eeschema" under adam@adam-laptop:~/eda-tools/kicad-patches/kicad.bzr$ but it's older one(BRZ 2448), so how to set PATH ?10:01
wpwraktry  which eeschema10:02
wpwrakinteresting. that's where you've just installed the new version10:02
cladamwyes. then ... ?10:02
wpwrakokay,   PATH=$PATH10:03
wpwrakthen   eeschema   again10:03
wpwrakif you still get the old version, try10:03
cladamwnice ! now 3494 :)10:03
wpwrak.... not needed :) ...10:04
wpwrakperfect ! ;-)10:04
cladamw(2012-0408 ZR 3494)-testing10:04
wpwraknow you can try to see for yourself what errors are there :)10:04
cladamwwpwrak, tks for your helps. and the new GUI is amazing though. :)10:05
wpwrakunfortunately, it also has a few quirks10:05
wpwrakyou'll see. e.g., when dragging. that's now a bit inconvenient and takes a while to get used to10:06
cladamwwpwrak, INTERESTING! I got still those two warning!10:07
wpwrakthat suggests that you didn't commit all your files :)10:09
cladamwreally? wait. i need to upload my DRC default settings to compare to yours.10:10
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: components/powered.lib: reduced pin length (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/867b8f910:12
wpwrakmaybe start by deleting the cached components. there should be a file *cache*lib10:13
cladamwwpwrak, http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/adam/kicad/Erc_settins_3494.png10:13
cladamw(cache) poor adam. okay... go find that lib. :)10:14
wpwrakERC settings are the same here10:16
wpwrakthat lib would be in board-m1/r4/10:16
wpwrakkicak loves its little caches10:16
cladamwsame results after deleted m1-cache.lib and its dcm10:19
cladamwwpwrak, how to check or type which git cmd to know if I have some files i didn't commit ?10:21
wpwrakhere are the .sch files i see: http://pastebin.ca/213912710:23
cladamwexcept those files with timestamps changes I didn't commit, then i always use 'git checkout -- *.lib or *.dcm" after i see there's no differences after typed "git diff filename". :)10:23
wpwrakgit diff    tells you which files are known and have changes10:24
wpwrakthere's one more step: if you add files manually with  git add, then they disappear from git diff. you can see them with  git diff --cached10:24
lindi-"git ls-files -m" lists modified files if you need them in a reusable format10:25
lindi-and "git ls-files -o" lists files that are not in the repo10:25
cladamwi sured those 15 *.sch I commited10:25
cladamwlindi-, hi nice ! http://dpaste.com/736063/10:27
cladamwlindi-, much thanks a lot!10:27
wpwrakall files that shouldn't be in git. so this is good.10:28
lindi-of course if you use emacs then I'd suggest magit10:28
cladamwmaybe i need to delete m1-cache.bak & *.bck ?10:28
wpwrakand you've deleted the cache library. if you run eeschema now, do the errors still appear ?10:28
wpwraki don't think kicad used .bck or .bak automatically10:28
cladamwwpwrak, no, i still got two warnings only after deleted m1-cache.lib. :(10:29
cladamwwpwrak, wait. you just updated kicad-lib/component ? so i need to sync ?10:31
wpwrakyeah, why not. it's just the new POWERED symbol10:31
cladamwor it's not related though. don't  know10:31
wpwraklemme update m1-board then, too10:31
wpwrakincoming ...10:33
cladamwokay...lemme do sync and DRC again. :-)10:34
cladamwphew~ still two.10:36
wpwrakyou should DRC your components ...10:36
cladamwi saw your new POWERED flg10:37
wpwrake.g., 74320-1004 produces a lot of complains in the library editor10:37
wpwrakseems that some copy & paste went terribly wrong10:39
cladamwwow..nice the new version in Library Editor has DRC function. :-)10:40
cladamwwpwrak, ha ... nice. now i can follow DRC window results to fix it. the older version doesn't have DRC version in Library Editor. phew~10:42
wpwrakah, really ? i though that has been around for a while. maybe it was hidden, though10:43
cladamwbut still don't know why the DRC results in Schematic editor which are not same as yours ?10:43
cladamwyou said you got 910:43
xiangfudo you need me? do this DRC again?10:43
cladamwi got two only. phew~10:44
cladamwxiangfu, wpwrak wait no need now. :-)10:44
cladamwsince I need to use this new KiCad version to check components in Library Editor then go back in eeschema to do DRC. :-)10:45
wpwrakyeah :)10:45
wpwrakif it's a commit problem, maybe it'll disappear as part of that cleanup10:45
cladamwbut in the parallel , if you both have time, you could do it. but don't do from you both now. 10:46
cladamwsince I need to figure out why my results got two only and yours is 9 ! :-O10:46
wpwraki suspect that there's some commit difference. let's see how things look once you're done with the cleanup10:47
cladamwxiangfu, but maybe you can also do patch for KiCad by http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/eda-tools/source/tree/master/kicad-patches/README10:48
wpwrakthis will probably remove the two ERC warnings/errors you got10:48
wpwrak(this = the cleanup)10:48
wpwrakif we still diverge afterwards, we'll need to try tarballs ...10:48
cladamwwpwrak, yeah... since this board-m1 is my  firstly done with frequently git commit, actually i don't know if I did well on git work though. :-)10:49
wpwrakso far, it looks good. oh, and we should track the changes in schhist10:49
wpwrakhmm. http://projects.qi-hardware.com/schhist/ -> You don't have permission to access /schhist/ on this server.10:50
cladamwwpwrak, be careful on my skill on git work now. :)10:50
cladamwso don't open permission unless you think that i'm qualified. :-O10:50
wpwrakschhist is a pretty good detector for commit problems ;-)10:51
wpwrak(permissions) naw, there's something wrong in the setup on project.qi-hw.com10:52
wolfspra1lwpwrak: you want to add board-m1 to schhist?10:52
wolfspra1lI needed to do it anyway...10:53
cladamwxiangfu, wpwrak i think from now on, who wants to contribute this project, should all sync to the latest tools(KiCad patches) how do you think ?10:53
wpwrakcladamw: agreed. if versions are too much out of sync you run into too many little problems10:54
cladamwxiangfu, so please also use latest KiCad patches. :-)10:55
xiangfucladamw, ok.11:05
qi-bot[commit] Adam Wang: molex.lib: 74320-1004 -> removed duplicated pins (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/dc58a6f12:40
cladamw[m1r4 DRC Zero err] after last commit on J17 duplicated pins, board-m1 now got zero err after DRC from adam site here.12:43
cladamwnow needs to check carefully why mine differs from Werner's. :-)12:45
pabs3a mention of Milkymist/Nanonote in a blog post (from Fedora Planet) http://karl-tux-stadt.de/ktuxs/?p=362914:15
qi-botThe build was successful: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/build-nanonote/openwrt-xburst.full_system-20120422-0824 14:28
LunaVoraxHello everyone.18:35
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: bin/pidiff: position-independent diff filter (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/9a3161522:34
wolfspra1lpabs3: oh cool, thanks for posting!23:07
pabs3wolfspra1l: interesting data point: idling on #opencores I found this presentation which claims OpenRISC commercial deployment has been going on since 2007: http://oshug.org/presentations/openrisc-oshug17-final.pdf23:45
wolfspra1lpah :-)23:48
wolfspra1lI really like your input, but can you speed up and forward to 2012 :-)23:48
wolfspra1lyes sure, there is all that23:48
wolfspra1la company in sweden, one in slovenia I think, and so on23:48
wolfspra1lnow... what do you do with that stuff today?23:48
wolfspra1lthe answer is probably: nothing23:48
wolfspra1lotherwise you wouldn't read those old news and wonder what it means23:48
pabs3I hadn't yet heard about that stuff, so yeah23:49
wolfspra1lsure sure23:49
wolfspra1lit's good23:49
wolfspra1lyou are on the right path23:49
wolfspra1lalso with opensparc etc23:49
wolfspra1lplease let me know if I overlook something, but I think the two most active free cores now are openrisc and milkymist23:49
wolfspra1lmaybe you should get a milkymist one and enter ic design & hdl :-)23:50
wolfspra1lwe try to make something *work*23:51
wolfspra1lno matter how painful that is, it's far better than trading wishlists and empty talk, imho23:52
wolfspra1lso... for example. the milkymist one vga resolution is 640x480 now23:52
wolfspra1lthat's as high as we can go23:52
wolfspra1lat 24fps and 16bpp, no less23:52
wolfspra1lget one, feel the pain, let's crank it up. if there is a better free soc, let's use it :-)23:53
wolfspra1l(you will quickly find out that you cannot reflash a press release onto a nor chip :-))23:53
wolfspra1lsomeone said they would try porting openrisc to the m1, but I haven't heard back in months23:54
wolfspra1lpabs3: why do you follow this stuff? what are you aiming for?23:56
wolfspra1lI mean the sparc/openrisc/milkymist etc.23:56
--- Tue Apr 24 201200:00

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