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whitequarkDocScrutinizer: I was recently thinking about freedom and such00:02
whitequarklook, there's CPUs, and they are proprietary00:02
whitequarkespecially when good00:02
whitequarkbut we'll have M1 SoC00:02
whitequarkbut also there are for example NAND flashes00:02
whitequarkand chip cases00:02
whitequarkand whatnot00:02
whitequarkshould we [we = OSS people] launch our own semiconductor industry? where the border lies?00:03
wolfspraulthe boundary is where something works best00:14
DocScrutinizer51I think 'our own chipfab' is at least a factor 10E3 too huge a chunk for any community to bite and chew00:14
wolfspraulin other words - if a chipmaker (designer or foundry) can make a great chip today, that leverages software that we know well, then that's a chip we want to use00:14
wolfspraulDocScrutinizer51: sure, and it's nonsense if you know how diverse the "chipmaker" industry is00:15
wolfspraulI think practical, we know certain software best, and we are looking for ways to make that software shine in peoples lives00:15
wolfspraulI don't plan to work on a phd in physics the next few years00:15
wolfspraulneither do I plan to "recreate" what millions of people have worked on the last 60 years, aka "the semiconductor industry"00:16
wolfspraulbut I think we can become much smarter in picking the right chips, yeah :-)00:16
wolfspraulthat for sure00:16
wolfspraulI'm still mostly blind there, maybe some rays of light reaching me slowly00:16
wolfspraulgood morning everybody btw00:17
wolfspraulDocScrutinizer51: you still shed tears for Nokia?00:18
Action: whitequark looks at the window and recalls UGT00:18
DocScrutinizer51no, not for Nokia00:18
wolfspraulI somehow think they can't get out of that trap anymore, let's hope it's a large corp and they have some huge invisible growth opportunities somewhere00:18
wolfspraulwe need to speed up and make devices that are better at mobile communication :-)00:19
DocScrutinizer51rubber dhingi00:19
DocScrutinizer51nokia's next field of excellence00:20
DocScrutinizer51building rubber boots boats00:20
wolfspraulDocScrutinizer51: what phone do you use right now?00:23
DocScrutinizer51aka rover aka rx_5100:30
DocScrutinizer51that's why I contribute to CSSU that's why I asked for alternatives to mtools00:32
DocScrutinizer51lemme see...00:33
infobotcssu is probably http://wiki.maemo.org/Community_SSU00:33
wolfspraulah updating is good00:37
wolfspraulI hope some generally usable libraries or packages come out of that, not just a huge mess tied to one distro00:37
DocScrutinizer51wolfspraul: that depends on your metrics00:42
DocScrutinizer51while CSSU is also trying to be as much main/upstream as possible, our main goal is keeping maemo for N900 in a usable state00:43
DocScrutinizer51doesn't mean we'd not feed upstream with bugfixes, e.g. for gnome-vfs00:43
DocScrutinizer51to mention one example of last 2 days00:44
DocScrutinizer51but for obvious reasons this project isn't much involved in creating new libs00:44
wolfspraulok, got it00:47
wolfspraulI'm always interested in where new packaging and update mechanisms emerge00:47
DocScrutinizer51then probably meego-harmattan and mer/nemo is more your focus00:50
DocScrutinizer51they all are OBSed now ;-D00:51
DocScrutinizer51Opensuse build service (aiui) seems is the hot new shit now00:51
DocScrutinizer51they came up with 'buildyour own distro at a mouseclick' some 2 or 3 years ag00:52
DocScrutinizer51now they offer building $whatever for $your-target00:53
DocScrutinizer51absolutely not my domain00:54
DocScrutinizer51so all just what I heard occasionally00:54
wolfspraulI don't understand00:54
wolfspraulthey offer build as a paid service? free service?00:54
DocScrutinizer51and maybe now even the buoildhost sw00:55
DocScrutinizer51really, no clue00:56
DocScrutinizer51check out #mer and #harmattan and what they do for buiing/pkging00:56
DocScrutinizer51maybe OBS is sth completely different than opensse build server/service, and I'm telling BS00:57
wolfspraulI just wait until more generally usable libraries or packages emerge :-)00:59
DocScrutinizer51Idon't get your definition of this01:01
DocScrutinizer51anyway, on my walk back home01:06
DocScrutinizerdo you mean alternatives to apt/dpkg resp zypper/rpm?01:34
wolfspraulno 'alternatives' but more options to update running systems, yes01:42
qi-bot[commit] Adam Wang: changed AP2142ASG-13's package 8-SOIC to SO-8 (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/af618b202:01
qi-bot[commit] Adam Wang: Merge branch 'master' of projects.qi-hardware.com:wernermisc (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/ef5fa7e02:01
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu: new package libzip (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/a7dc52803:02
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu: bard: DEPENDS, add libzip for EPUB support (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/bed901203:02
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu: gmenu2x icon: remvoe pickpdf (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/0ee9b4d03:11
DocScrutinizerooh, update running system - a rather ambitious task03:17
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu: Revert "add common.lib include R, C, LED" (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/422df1b08:01
wpwraknaw, we should replace the kicad libs. they're too unreliable.08:05
wpwrakthey change slowly over time and there's no telling what someone has installed on their system08:05
xiangfuwpwrak, Hi.08:09
xiangfuwhy you add './' to the 'components.pro' Library? 08:09
xiangfuwpwrak, oh. 08:09
xiangfuwpwrak, so you advice we add our 'common.lib'?08:10
wpwrak(./) i think relative paths didn't work without ./ in earlier versions08:11
wpwraknow it seems that they do08:11
wpwrakyes, we should make our own library of basic parts. in most cases, we can just adapt the default library. some parts need font size or line width changes. a few are very ugly and need redrawing, though08:12
wpwrake.g., most/all the power symbols have a font that's too tiny08:13
xiangfuwpwrak, ok. got it. 08:13
xiangfuwpwrak, so I needs revert again. :)08:13
wpwrakgit revert revert ;-)08:14
xiangfuwpwrak, 'git revert revert' done.08:20
xiangfuwpwrak, do you we should use one 'device.lib' as base?08:23
xiangfuwpwrak, use device.lib overwrite this common.lib. then we start to edit it little by little.08:24
xiangfuoverwrite the 'kicad-libs/components/common.lib'08:25
rz2kI'm surpised how many chinese electronic companies want to work with Russia, I just got back from ExpoElectronica and there was like 30% of panels having "seeking for representative" label.11:09
kyakthey want to work with everybody11:13
JCGspHi everyone out there11:26
JCGspthe .sh on the debian 6 image used to compile openwrt updates the source?11:54
kyakwhitequark: how can i force using rndis in linux rather than cdc ethernet?12:04
kyaki tried to preload rndis_host before connecting Ben, but it still selects CDC Ethernet (ECM) config12:04
mthkyak: afaik it's a compile time option13:54
kyakmth: no, it's not like that.. there are two configurations and the driver choses one of them14:29
kyakwhen i plug it into windows, it choses rndis14:29
kyakbut when i plug it into linux, it choses cdc14:29
kyakand i can't make it choose rndis when i plug it into linux14:30
mirkowhat's the patent-situation with gif by the way?15:23
mirkois it free to use and distribute (now)?15:23
wolfspraulI would think so :-)15:24
wolfspraulthat sounds like a question for computer historians :-)15:25
wolfspraulaccording to wikipedia, the last known patents expired in 2004 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gif15:26
mirkoah, ok - cool15:26
qi-bot[commit] Paul Cercueil: Removed the "wrapper" feature. (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/gmenu2x/768721217:21
qi-bot[commit] Paul Cercueil: Added a "show console" link parameter (Dingux build only). (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/gmenu2x/e6ca07217:21
LunaVoraxHello everyone!17:25
whitequarkkyak: just unload & blacklist the cdc-ecm driver22:11
rjeffriesI serached irc log for "zpu" only found one line from 2010. so maybe it is ok to ask this:22:21
rjeffrieswhat do people think of http://www.alvie.com/zpuino/index.html  ?? thanks in advance.22:21
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