#qi-hardware IRC log for Thursday, 2012-04-05

wolfspraulshould we auto-build all packages with debug info on?00:00
dvdkremote debugging code in shared libraries is horribly difficult00:00
wolfspraulwhy do we have a buildhost :-)00:00
dvdkwolfspraul: not sure where the build binaries *with* debug info are kept.  just in the build-directory, i.e. outside staging etc.  would have to keep that.00:00
wolfspraulok we need to look into that00:00
dvdk(i guess)00:00
wolfspraulit's been too long where a crash is like end-of-world situation on the Ben00:01
dvdki get the feeling that our accelerated video driver is somehow miscompiled and failing at the dynamic loading level (after some parts of it code already running)00:01
dvdkuhh, why do i have a uclibc 0.9.33 on my ben, when openwrt-xburst staging dir  is named "target-mipsel_uClibc-0.9.32" !?!?!@00:04
dvdki hate it.00:04
dvdkdid we upgrade/downgrade recently?00:05
wolfspraulyes I think so00:05
wolfspraulgoing with openwrt upstream defaults I think, nothing intentional on our end afaik00:06
dvdkhmm, that may explain any segfaults00:06
dvdkgit branch, and another recompile :/00:07
dvdkoh nice, releases are branches, not tags, so I can still commit to them :)00:07
dvdkno, doesn't seem to help.  doing 'make toolchain/{clean,compile}', i see that it now builds 'toolchain-mipsel_gcc-4.6-linaro_uClibc-0.9.32'00:11
dvdkso ruined my build system for nothing00:12
dvdkgoing to drop a mail to the list and call it a day.  maybe next release-build by xiangfu is going to magically result in a working mplayer :)00:24
wolfspraulthanks a lot for your help!00:26
dvdklast minute update: it's Git again.  didn't actually checkout a branch, but made my own.00:27
dvdkthe typical bug-report mail solves itself just before hitting the send button :)00:28
dvdkok, so doing the proper git branch -t release_2012-03-18 origin/release_2012-03-18' doesn't help.  still 0.9.32 uclibc00:32
dvdktrying to update my feeds.conf to the one used for the 03-18 release00:39
qi-bot[commit] Adam Wang: removed XTAL-4 (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/0dbeea001:17
qi-bot[commit] Adam Wang: recorded/added libraries (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/77a3a7101:17
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu: nanonote-files: config.debug enable CONFIG_ALL for compile all packages (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/2f7f9bf01:43
pabs3DocScrutinizer: coreboot is much less than a BIOS, its just enough code bring hardware up enough to jump into Linux (or a BIOS or whatever)02:05
kristianpaulha now micro cells http://fail0verflow.com/blog/2012/microcell-fail.html02:27
xiangfuone new Milkymist image: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Milkymist_One_Firmware#2012-04-0202:31
kristianpauloh cool02:32
kristianpaulbtw what's a nanonote image that have nanomap working? i want a lot demo that this next week to OSM comunity at ecuador02:33
wolfspraulnanomap dropped out recently, and I haven't seen the author in a long time02:34
wolfspraulmaybe he doesn't care about the nanonote build much anymore, don't know02:34
kristianpauldroppped in wich sense?02:34
kristianpaulahhh :(02:34
xiangfukristianpaul, it's back.02:34
xiangfubut I don't have time release that yet. 02:34
kristianpaulnp, i just need a old working image02:35
xiangfukristianpaul, this one: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/software/images/NanoNote/Ben/2011-11-13/02:35
kristianpaulmay be dont care because dont know.. who knows02:35
kristianpaulargh, also is not a crazy place whos streets are named y names and not numbers !! :-|02:36
xiangfukristianpaul, if you want install the NanoMap. map data. you needs update the /etc/opkg.conf to : http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/software/packages/NanoNote/Ben/2011-11-13/02:36
kristianpaulah yes02:36
kristianpaulthats fast than reflash, isnt?02:37
wolfspraulkristianpaul: that is all so painful to read, no?02:37
wolfspraul[the microcell article]02:38
kristianpaulwolfspraul: yeah a bit..02:38
wolfspraula disgrace actually, but open hardware will come to rescue eventually :-)02:38
wolfspraulstupid tamper protection that only protects from the average at&t manager02:38
xiangfuwolfspraul, do you think I should send one email about this build 'Tested Image (Build 2012-04-02)' to qi mailing list?02:38
wolfspraulrandom gps system to limit usage to regions defined by at&t02:39
wolfspraulgpl violations all over most likely02:39
wolfspraul100% root backdoor left open out of incompetence02:39
wolfsprauland so on and so on02:39
wolfsprauland that is at&t!02:39
wolfsprauloh well :-)02:39
kristianpaulhe, yeah that tamper is anoying02:40
wolfspraulthe whole thing is wrong from a to z02:40
wolfspraulbut anyway, rather than ranting we focus on making better stuff02:40
wolfspraulshouldn't be that hard once we get a few more pieces in place :-)02:41
wolfspraulin fact it will be a piece of cake to be better than this, for anyone interested in quality hard & software02:41
kristianpaulperhaps we can find a cheap traceiver somewhere else..02:48
wolfspraultranceiver for what?02:51
kristianpauldunno, just thinking about a rtl-sdr like device wich similar freq but for TX02:53
kristianpaulthat for me is the goal of osmo-sdr02:54
wolfspraulwhich radio protocol?02:54
kristianpaulbut just thinking of course :)02:54
kristianpaulyou mean modulation?02:56
kristianpauli dont have a radio protocol in mind to be honest02:57
wpwrakGPS ? ;-)02:57
kristianpaulfor TX ?02:57
kristianpaulnot yet tought ;)02:57
wpwrakhere's a fun experiment: set up a GPS receiver at location X. transmit (over the Internet) what it receives to location Y. at Y, send it on the air. watch :)02:58
wpwrakthat's probably how the iranis got themselves a US drone02:59
wpwrak(well, the general approach. not precisely the same setup.)03:00
wpwrakjust milled my first piece of acrylic. that stuff is amazing. precise cuts, good feed rate, and it's fairly robust. lightyears ahead of wood of MDF.03:39
wpwraks/of M/or M03:39
qi-bot[commit] Adam Wang: added LP38511TJ-ADJ, LP38690DT-xx, TPS763xx into ti.lib (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/9a4745f04:27
qi-bot[commit] Adam Wang: added pptc.lib (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/40411fb04:27
wolfspraulkristianpaul: about radios, I found this article digging into some of the radio architecture of the ipad quite interesting http://www.chipworks.com/en/technical-competitive-analysis/resources/technology-blog/2012/03/new-ipad-lte3g/04:52
wolfspraulI both believe that radio will be the breakthrough feature for open hardware, and that we have to be very selective and careful in how we implement it04:52
wolfspraulon one hand we need very high performance chips on the front-end04:52
wolfspraulon the other hand we must not be dragged down by giant and moving targets that only benefit those that can quickly invest and recoup billions of USD04:53
wolfspraulstill learning in this sector, as you know I believe in the GPS baseband work you do, and in the 802.15.4 wpan stuff. beyond that it's all learning and thinking for me right now :-)04:54
wolfspraula true p2p network that can scale to the world would be cool04:54
wolfspraulso if I read the ipad article correctly, the baseband/dsp chips are from qualcomm (rtr8600, pm8028, mdm9600), broadcom wifi, and switches and power amplifiers from Murata, Peregrine, TriQuint, Avago and Skyworks05:12
wolfspraulI have only the best memories of Murata, too bad we weren't then and still are not ready now to directly co-work with them. they offered credible and serious support, really nice folks.05:13
wolfspraulI think my homework is to understand better what kind of chips those switch/pa companies are coming out with, and what might allow us to make really interesting radios05:13
wolfsprauland of course which of their chips have somewhat good open datasheets, are easily sourcable, etc.05:14
wolfspraulMurata, Peregrine, TriQuint, Avago, Skyworks. Piece of cake to get overview there, no? :-)05:14
wolfspraulthat's roughly my current approach, but I am very much learning-by-doing05:15
xakhlong story short05:46
xakhmy nanonote is in a pile on the floor05:47
xakhI took my nanonote apart because the LCD didn't show when it booted05:48
xakhxiangfu you know how to fix the hardware?05:51
xakhwolfspraul any ideas? I know you and xiang know the workings of this thing, I have pictures I'm uploading shortly.05:52
xiangfuxakh, here is the inside: http://www.openmobilefree.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/Disassemble_nanonote-1024x768.jpg05:54
xakhwell, I know the inside05:54
xiangfuxakh, more infor: http://www.openmobilefree.net/?p=50405:54
xakhit's splayed in front of me, I'm asking, how do I put it back together?05:54
xiangfuxakh, if the LCD cable broken. then it's hard to fix. have to replease the cable.05:54
xakhwell, I don't know if it is05:54
xakhthat's why I'm uploading a series of pictures05:55
xakhI don't have the capability to transfer them from my phone to my computer, so I'm emailing them, it may take a few minutes05:59
xakhokay, found my transfer cable because that was taking forever, so now I'm uploading to imgur06:07
xakhxiangfu do you see any problems, and if so, how to I put this back together?06:17
xakh*if not06:18
xakhwolfspraul maybe you do?06:25
xakhxiangfu are you still there?06:27
wolfspraulwow those pictures look bad :-) what do you try to tell us withi those pics?06:29
wolfspraulyou need to reassemble your ben the way you disassembled it, hopefully nothing broke or will break in the process06:29
wolfspraulthere is a connector on the mainboard where the fpc from the screen comes in, that is sometimes worth reseating. but it seems you took the whole device apart :-)06:30
xakhhow do I reseat it?06:32
xakhyeah, I'm kind of old fashioned with stuff06:33
xakhtake the whole thing apart if you wanna see what's wrong with it06:33
xakhso the only real problem was it didn't seem the LCD was coming on06:33
xakhwhen I charged it, the red light would turn on, so I figured it was still working somewhat06:34
xakhbut nothing else in the Ben actually turns on when it boots, so I have no idea how to tell if it works06:34
wolfspraulwhen you boot it (long press of power button), and then connect the usb cable to your notebook, do you see a new usb device appearing on your notebook?06:35
xakhwell, not now06:35
xakhI think I did06:35
wolfspraulthat's how you can verify whether the ben is running without needing a screen on the ben06:35
wolfspraulput it all back together first06:35
xakhokay, how do I... do that?06:36
xakhthis graphite button fell out06:36
xakhand I have no idea where it goes06:36
wolfspraulgraphite button? there is a tiny one on the side as a LED light guide of sorts, you mean that?06:37
wolfspraulyou were creative when taking the device apart (otherwise it's certainly broken now), just use the same creativity to put it back together06:38
wolfspraultypically taking apart (without breaking) is harder than putting back together06:38
wolfspraulso relax06:39
wolfspraulone by one, and there's a good chance it will come back up :-)06:39
wolfspraulno rush!06:39
xakhwell, no the button that fell wasn't clear06:39
xakhit was black, with a rubber side and a black side06:39
xiangfuxakh, you mean the keyboard ?06:40
xakhno no no, it's just one button06:40
xiangfuxakh, oh. you mean the reset rubber button. 06:40
xakhit was inside it?06:40
xiangfuxakh, yes. the reset rubber button inside the case06:40
xakhthe LCD ribbon is twisted over itself06:42
xakhis that okay?06:42
wolfspraulinside the hinge is makes a turn, yes06:43
wolfspraulbut I have no idea what state of things you look at now - your pics are scary :-)06:43
xakhokay, my hands aren't too steady, so my friend is plugging it back in06:46
xakhwhich end of the ribbon is face down?06:47
xakhis it the brass that faces the logic board or the plastic end?06:47
wolfsprauldon't know, but the contacts probably face down (towards the logic board)06:48
wolfspraulthe lcm cable is soldered on the lcm side, and connected with a connector on the mainboard side06:48
wolfspraulso: if more than 1 side is loose, it's definitely ripped off and broken :-)06:48
xakhnothing's loose, I'm just asking which side to plug in06:50
wolfspraulthere is only 1 cable coming from the lcm, and it needs to go into the 1 connector on the mainboard06:50
xakhit has a little leg though06:51
xakhit doesn't seem to connect to anything?06:52
xakhokay, what button do I push to USB boot?06:59
wolfspraulif u-boot is still there, just press u and then power-on07:01
xakhxiangfu it says there's an ethernet object in it before I turn it on even07:02
xakhBus 002 Device 009: ID 0525:a4a1 Netchip Technology, Inc. Linux-USB Ethernet Gad07:03
xakhis that right?07:03
wolfspraulthat's your ben07:03
xakhwolfspraul is it supposed to read as that?07:07
xakhso that's right, and the screen is just messed up?07:07
xakhso should I reseat the screen on the LCD side?07:07
xakhor is there a way to do that?07:07
xakhwolfspraul I know I'm probably bothering you07:08
wolfspraulnot at all07:08
wolfsprauleven though I feel we need a little luck to get your ben back to where you want it07:08
wolfspraulno you cannot fix or reset anything on the lcd side, it's soldered there07:08
wolfspraulis your screen showing anything now?07:08
xakhno it is not07:09
xakhit just comes up on watch lsusb07:09
xakhI do have a soldering iron07:09
xakhso if push comes to shove, I might be able to fix it that way?07:14
wolfspraulthe analysis is too random for me07:16
wolfspraulif you really want to go down that way you may want to look into the kernel on the ben and see whether there are any clues in the lcm driver07:17
wolfspraulyou can use a scope to measure signals on the wires to the lcm07:17
xakhwhat is a scope in this case?07:20
wolfspraulyou use it to measure the electrons that are flowing through the wires going to the lcm07:20
wolfspraulthe scope can tell you what's going on on each wire07:20
xakhI'm not sure what a "scope" is07:23
xakhI have a small voltmeter, as far as electrical components are concerned07:23
whitequarkxakh: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oscilloscope07:24
xakhwhere do I get one of those?!07:26
xakhwolfspraul is there something else I can do?07:27
xakhcan I replace the LCD?07:27
wolfspraulare you sure the connection of the lcm fpc cable to your mainboard is seated well?07:27
wolfspraulno, not really07:28
wolfspraulplus we don't know what the problem is07:28
wolfspraulcan you try to take a picture of the lcm cable connection on the mainboard?07:28
wolfspraulbut maybe a little better quality than the earlier ones - in focus etc.?07:29
xakhwolfspraul sorry, tether died07:47
xakhokay, I got the image07:51
xakhwolfspraul you still there?07:55
xakhwolfspraul sorry if I'm a bit on edge, it's 4 in the morning here, so I'm just wondering08:00
wolfspraulget some sleep first08:24
wolfspraulI'm back in a bit..08:24
wolfspraulthanks for trying to bring your ben back to life fully ;-)08:25
qi-bot[commit] Adam Wang: added MT46V32M16P in micron.lib (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/082adc513:51
qi-bot[commit] Adam Wang: added JS28F256J3F105 into micron.lib, added pptc.lib (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/76d5cfc13:51
qi-bot[commit] Adam Wang: added 67298-4090 USB CONN RECEPT USB STACKED R/A WHT HORIZONTAL THROUGH HOLE into molex.lib (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/f26dac013:57
Action: kristianpaul click 14:35
kristianpaulyour approach of course make lot of sense!14:40
abushcrafterforgI got a geeks phone zero for £60 or £70 off ebay. I gave in. I thought I could disable all the non-free rubbish and have a 700mhz pocket computer which has a vibrator.16:49
abushcrafterforgThen I lean or relean that on matter what I do it will always be a citzen servlalence device and the app to control root permissions for apps is proprietary and I can't fine control the compression of the video with out a non-free app thought the cam driver is non-free any way16:52
abushcrafterforgand with other smaller problems like no control of audio compression, text entry is not easy (So I can't do quick notes.) I am coming to the conclusion that I would be happier with a Nano Note.16:55
abushcrafterforgSo didn't you say something about a new model? :) with usb host,etc?16:57
whitequarkpabs3: sup17:51
whitequarkabushcrafterforg: if you already have root permissions, you basically pwned your phone17:51
whitequarkreplace the app with SUID'd su17:51
whitequarkif it has a patched kernel with their own ACL, find a local privilege escalation exploit (there's a plenty of them, as the kernel is likely to be outdated) and it'd be gone17:52
whitequarkabushcrafterforg: their promise to free you from ties to operator is particularly hilarious (in some sense)17:59
whitequarke.g. here in Russia each and every (well, maybe 99% of them. doesn't differ much) phone is sold unlocked18:00
abushcrafterforgIt's a geeksphone so I get root by default and support and hardware warranty. By "su" you mean the in terminal "su" command?  I am not aware of a root permissions GUI. I have had look at everything in the F-Droid repo/store and google market18:32
abushcrafterforgempathy does not like long posts.18:33
kristianpaulthere are source for schametics layouts and case for this geeksphone=18:34
whitequarkabushcrafterforg: then what do you mean by "app to control root permissions is nonfree"?18:35
whitequarkabushcrafterforg: get root. install busybox. get rid of nonfree shit.18:35
abushcrafterforgI don't think so. It's a of the self desgin18:35
abushcrafterforgI have busybox they use cygron mod18:36
abushcrafterforgand I have start off with deleting market and its drm :)18:36
whitequarkflash cyanogenmod to it18:39
abushcrafterforgit all ready has it18:39
whitequarkthen I think that all the apps in it, except for maybe ROM Manager, are already FOSS18:39
whitequarkor just OSS18:39
abushcrafterforgthe official rom is cyanogenmod but with the google rubbish. I think the official rom had some fixs18:40
abushcrafterforgsuperuser is the non-free root permissions app.18:41
abushcrafterforgself = shelf 18:42
abushcrafterforgthough if plain cyanogenmod works then that would be easier.18:43
abushcrafterforgshould get around to finding out.18:44
abushcrafterforgright must go and walk dog be back in 30 mins18:45
whitequarkabushcrafterforg: I believe that superuser is FOSS18:47
abushcrafterforgwhere does it say that18:48
whitequarkwell maybe not18:58
whitequarkthen install this: https://code.google.com/p/superuser/18:58
whitequarkit os19:02
whitequarkabushcrafterforg: https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Superuser19:02
LunaVoraxGood evening everyone!19:34
abushcrafterforgthanks what were your search terms19:43
abushcrafterforgello lun19:43
LunaVoraxello abu19:44
abushcrafterforgHello LunaVorax. :)19:48
whitequarkabushcrafterforg: /join #cyanogenmod19:54
qi-botThe build was successful: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/build-nanonote/openwrt-xburst.full_system-20120404-1633 20:33
abushcrafterforg /join #cyanogenmod21:50
abushcrafterforgthats empathy for you21:50
abushcrafterforggnome IM21:52
abushcrafterforghas gnome features but lacks other features and does not like long posts21:53
whitequarkit's probably irc which has limit on line length21:57
whitequarkor freenode21:57
GNUtookristianpaul, geeksphone one is qualcomm!!!22:02
GNUtookristianpaul, that makes it as bad as the htc dream22:02
kristianpaulGNUtoo: ah !22:12
kristianpaulif the release all source we get happy ;)22:12
abushcrafterforgno its that I can't see what I am writing.22:12
kristianpaulGNUtoo: so still OM phone beat the geek one i guess22:12
GNUtookristianpaul, first they don't release all the source code22:13
abushcrafterforgyes qualcomm evil grrr22:13
GNUtoosecond, the modem controls way too much22:13
abushcrafterforgnow to switch too Instant Bird22:14
abushcrafterfor1thats better22:15
abushcrafterfor1I wish I knew it's a spy device no matter what you do before I shide (can't spell) and said yes to dad. Maybe I had read before and forgot. Oh the cruse of it being cheaper at £60 or £70 :(22:19
GNUtooaltough paulk wants to do the gta04 first22:19
abushcrafterfor1any way I am not enjoying android. now to join #cyanogenmod and see what I can do to improve my citizen spy device a bit22:20
GNUtoowhat device do you have?22:21
abushcrafterfor1Would ravar have gta04 but I don't have the money :(. maybe one day:)22:21
GNUtooa galaxy S is cheap22:21
GNUtoolike between 150 and 200E22:21
GNUtooso wait for it to be supported22:21
GNUtooand once it's supported buy it22:22
viricgta04 is the name of a phone?22:22
abushcrafterfor1new version of board22:22
abushcrafterfor1smasung pay m$22:23
abushcrafterfor1£or was it $ 15 per phone22:23
GNUtoowhy is that important? your freedom is more important than theses consideratiions22:23
GNUtooviric, yes22:24
abushcrafterfor1I know. I am stressed about it already. 22:24
viricabush: why do you want a fancy phone?22:25
abushcrafterfor1m$ of couse try to take away your freedom even when you don't use winloss22:25
abushcrafterfor1viric: read the log22:25
GNUtooviric, let me explain in simple words22:25
abushcrafterfor1Ibut I will post again22:26
GNUtooviric, are you aware that most non-free software spies or can spy?22:26
GNUtoonow knowing that, you may want free software controlling your phone because it would control the GPS, the microphone and such things22:27
viricfor positioning, clear. tracking...22:27
GNUtoonow, to make that possible you need special hardware with a modem that is "isolated"22:27
viricand for the microphone, you could add some switch to it22:27
GNUtooidealy the switch can be software22:27
GNUtoolike the main cpu(running replicant or SHR) controlling the switch22:28
viricah, freedom and confort?22:28
GNUtooyes(if running replicant on a phone that is ok, like the nexus S)22:28
abushcrafterfor1can you add a switch to the GPS. It could talk to the gps right, the firmware stuff in the chip?22:28
abushcrafterfor1the can you is sarcastic22:29
GNUtoobasically the ideal phone has the following caracteristic:22:29
viricI don't have any gps22:29
GNUtoo* an isolated modem22:29
GNUtoo* only free software running on the main CPU(including bootloader etc...)22:29
GNUtoothe nexus S isn't that far from that22:30
GNUtooit has the isolated modem22:30
GNUtoobut it has a non-free signed bootloader22:30
GNUtoo(and also has some non-free wifi+bluetooth firmwares)22:30
abushcrafterfor1geeksphone was £60 or was it £70 on evilbay }:|. I thought I could at least remove the non-free software so I have a 700mhz pocket computer with a vibrator unlike the Nano Note but then I (re?)lean that no matter what I do it will always be a citizen spy device due to evilware in the SOC! :(22:33
GNUtoounless you're very good at reverse engineering and low level stuff22:33
abushcrafterfor1so in the end. its a disaster22:34
GNUtooare you very good in C and low level?22:34
abushcrafterfor1well I could always blow it up with gunpowder :D22:35
abushcrafterfor1I have some :)22:35
abushcrafterfor1but I can't afford that22:35
GNUtoothe first thing to do is to get rid of the proprietary libraries22:36
GNUtooit's doable 22:36
abushcrafterfor1Thats what I made a start on22:36
GNUtoothen you'll need to go deeper in the modem22:36
abushcrafterfor1bye bye drm22:36
GNUtoosince it's a shared memory you could look into the modem's memory22:36
abushcrafterfor1I can't go that deep. Big newbie with no time22:36
GNUtooand the countrary is valid too, the modem can look in the CPU memory22:36
GNUtoothen maybe get another phone22:37
abushcrafterfor1dad was not too keen on selling it (to some sucker). I guess he will have it. He don't care.22:38
GNUtooa second hand galaxy S is not that expensive in europe, I don't know in countries like latin america where they have huges taxes on electronic devices comming from abroad22:38
abushcrafterfor1but no money for nano note22:38
GNUtooI've no nanote either(I've already too much devices)22:39
abushcrafterfor1which I think is what I really would like.22:39
abushcrafterfor1getting fed up with android design desions.  I guess I will have to make do and remove the battery :D22:40
abushcrafterfor1remove the battery a lot22:40
abushcrafterfor1how sad22:40
GNUtooat least you are aware for the next phone....22:41
abushcrafterfor1and I thought I knew, I had done the searching. darn memory. I didn't know all of what you lot have pointed out to me though. leaned some more :)22:43
abushcrafterfor1a trouble with Samsung is you lose your hardware warranty.22:51
abushcrafterfor1can't connect to #cyanogenmod hmm22:54
GNUtoomaybe you need to be registered on freenode for connecting on #cyanogenmod22:55
abushcrafterfor1I am22:55
abushcrafterfor1I forgot my password :D need to reset it22:55
GNUtoobut note that while cyanogenmod hate proprietary stuff, its users usually don't care about freedom and attack you on IRC if you do22:55
GNUtoo(its devs sometime reverse stuff because it's too hard to make the proprietary lib work)22:56
abushcrafterfor1oh no not more open sourcers22:56
abushcrafterfor1my brain now auto corrects things like linux to gnu/linux. I am now finding I have to go back and correct my self on articles about the kenal linux22:58
abushcrafterfor1I digress23:05
mthAndroid is not a GNU system though, I think; at least it has its own libc23:09
abushcrafterfor1I know23:10
GNUtooas RMS says it "it has very little of GNU" or something like that23:10
abushcrafterfor1Are you compiling mplayer with the OSD menu enabled?23:11
Action: GNUtoo doesn't have a nanote....23:11
abushcrafterfor1are you = all people. Sorry not so good at quickly writing non rubbish.23:12
GNUtoobut I use OSD for mplayer23:12
GNUtoolike on freerunner23:13
lindi-GNUtoo: rms does not use phones afaik so I wouldn't trust his analysis on that :)23:13
abushcrafterfor1takes me ages to write something decent and to do it properly properly23:13
lindi-but I've looked at android sdk to get at least some kind of overview of what's going on23:13
GNUtoolindi-, he was well informed(by me)23:13
abushcrafterfor1I have based my menu on um geexbox23:14
abushcrafterfor1need to put on internet. though it's not finished.23:15
abushcrafterfor1one year23:15
abushcrafterfor1the FS one I was thinking23:16
abushcrafterfor1i forget name23:16
abushcrafterfor1but if you want it now I could see about a quick dump.23:17
abushcrafterfor1You could get it off my using filetea.me i think thats the address23:17
abushcrafterfor1html5 p2p file transfer23:18
abushcrafterfor1cool stuff23:18
GNUtoohmm what is it for exactly? a menu for the nanonote23:18
GNUtoobecause I've no nanote23:18
abushcrafterfor1not just for nano note23:18
abushcrafterfor1It works very well on low res screens23:19
abushcrafterfor1large low res23:19
GNUtoodo you have screenshots?23:19
GNUtoois it based on the efl? gtk?23:19
abushcrafterfor1I was devolping it when I used puppy23:19
abushcrafterfor1no gtk23:19
abushcrafterfor1Might more in frame buffer. I don't know23:20
abushcrafterfor1more = work23:20
GNUtoowhat's puppy? a GNU/Linux distribution?23:20
abushcrafterfor1its displayed on top of the video. like subtitles23:20
abushcrafterfor1a non-free one23:20
abushcrafterfor1it was to much mork update app manualy23:21
GNUtooso....what was the toolkit name?23:21
abushcrafterfor1I don't think it has one23:21
GNUtooand what distro do you use on your nanonote if you have one, openwrt? or jlime?23:21
abushcrafterfor1man mplayer23:21
abushcrafterfor1no idea.23:22
GNUtooI know a bit mplayer23:22
GNUtoobut I usually develop stuff using the slave protocol23:22
abushcrafterfor1oh the osd menu is not very well documented.23:22
abushcrafterfor1bash me23:23
abushcrafterfor1I see what can done with bash thanks to puppy23:23
GNUtoobut I never needed the OSD menu23:23
GNUtooI made stuff like a radio application23:23
abushcrafterfor1its very quick23:23
GNUtooin the tray bar23:24
GNUtoothat doesn't require osd at all23:24
abushcrafterfor1or right23:24
GNUtooI don't know if I published it but it's very specific and hardcoded23:25
GNUtoolike radio addresses are hardcoded in the python program23:25
kristianpaulGNUtoo, should have a nanonote ;-) !23:44
abushcrafterfor1darn he's left23:48
abushcrafterfor1for the logs: http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=geexbox+1.&hl=en&client=firefox-a&hs=Qrc&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&prmd=imvns&source=lnms&tbm=isch&ei=2C5-T7DpH6jA0QXcy-SdDg&sa=X&oi=mode_link&ct=mode&cd=2&ved=0CAwQ_AUoAQ&biw=1066&bih=104923:49
abushcrafterfor1or = oh23:52
abushcrafterfor1My scripts use mplayer's slave a bit.23:53
--- Fri Apr 6 201200:00

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