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kristianpaulhe, i even dint knew about oscsend on the ben05:29
xiangfukristianpaul, I have a typo again. :( milkymistvj not milkymistjv 05:55
kristianpaulwhat is the admin account good for? :)06:05
xiangfukristianpaul, have you upload the bitstream somewhere? https://github.com/kristianpaul/milkyminer06:10
xiangfukristianpaul, we should setup the milkyminer under build ost.06:10
kristianpaulbuild not need.. yet but should be fast06:12
kristianpauland no i dont uploaded it, but i could06:13
kristianpaulgive me some minutes06:13
Action: xiangfu doing ' make -C boards/milkymist-one/flash/'06:13
Action: kristianpaul too06:16
xiangfu'FATAL_ERROR:XdmHelpers:Xdh_LibLoader.c:116:1.8 - Failed to open library'06:23
kristianpaulwhat branch?06:28
kristianpaulmaster should work at 50568adbaf857fc8086126cd679f12e22a138bef06:28
xiangfukristianpaul, missing 'build' dir under ./boards/milkymist-one/synthesis06:35
xiangfukristianpaul, would you mind add me to milkyminer?06:35
kristianpaullets see06:36
xiangfumaybe my ISE problem. anyway I already start build under buildhost. :)06:37
kristianpaulno no06:37
kristianpaulnot you problem06:37
kristianpaulmissing folder i think06:37
xiangfukristianpaul, http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/build-milkymist/curr.build.milkyminer.log06:39
kristianpaulok done06:41
kristianpauljust remener the initial port is hackish not a SoC it self06:42
kristianpauljust a cuted version of Icarus 06:43
kristianpaulsoc branch will be more like a soc, but still some work to do..06:43
kristianpaulergh, forgot push it..06:43
GitHub28[milkyminer] kristianpaul created soc (+1 new commit): https://github.com/kristianpaul/milkyminer/commit/7b4fa1706:44
GitHub28[milkyminer/soc] Initial SoC skeleton - Cristian Paul Peñaranda Rojas06:44
kristianpaulxiangfu: so i doubt if this will build as a legacy milkymist soc (current master branch)06:45
xiangfulet wait the build host result 06:48
kristianpauloh, is still building? :)06:50
Action: kristianpaul off06:53
qi-bot[commit] kyak: keymouse: keyboard is at event0 (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/fe3094b09:11
GitHub33[milkyminer] xiangfu pushed 1 new commit to master: https://github.com/kristianpaul/milkyminer/commit/a8903cc4a8312881dc5cd6965c8212cfad69bcc009:23
GitHub33[milkyminer/master] add build folder or compile will fail - Xiangfu09:23
DocScrutinizerhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open-source_hardware please fix M1 link, the blog doesn't return hits10:34
Martixwolfspraul: hi10:50
DocScrutinizerMartix: hi10:51
DocScrutinizergo ahead10:51
Martixwolfspraul: I am organizing Openmobility conference 2012 at 21st April in Prague10:52
Martixwolfspraul: our program is almost full, but have free slot for another speak or workshop10:53
Martixwolfspraul: general info is here: http://www.openmobility.eu/conference/om2012/cfp10:53
Martixwolfspraul: we are looking for speaks/workshop about open & mobile platforms and Open Source Hardware10:54
Martixand Qi project is very interesting10:54
DocScrutinizer~seen wolfspraul 10:56
infobotwolfspraul is currently on #qi-hardware (1d 7h 25m 1s). Has said a total of 4 messages. Is idling for 1d 7h 15m 55s, last said: 'I hope he makes it to this channel, that'd be cool'.10:57
Martixwolfspraul: DocScrutinizer anyway I added this channel to my favourites, but feel free to contact me via e-mail conference@openmobility.eu when I am offline, soon as possible :-)10:59
Martixand this is preliminary program: preliminary program: http://ukoly.openmobility.cz/projects/konference/wiki/2012_prednasky I want to finish it on Monday and officially publish11:00
DocScrutinizerhaha, freenode rides DDOS attacks against own page,  http://freenode.net/privacy_change.html doesn't respond11:01
DocScrutinizerI'd guess it's an April's fool joke anyway11:02
wpwrakDocScrutinizer: april 1st, worst day of the year for announcements of any kind ;-)11:24
DocScrutinizer[2012-04-01 13:11:01] <Martinp23> metaphysician: we can ddos ourselves thank you very much.11:24
DocScrutinizer[2012-04-01 13:11:03] <JonathanD> metaphysician: we're apparently quite good at DDOSing ourselves.11:24
DocScrutinizerthe final stage put into effect at April 31. (SIC!)11:25
Martixwpwrak: yeah, I realized this after writing to wolfspraul11:25
wpwrakyeah, they got that bit wrong11:25
wpwrakah yes, april 31 ;-)11:25
DocScrutinizeralso comic sans in a jpg, WTF?!11:25
DocScrutinizer[2012-04-01 13:10:37] <Martinp23> dwfreed: apparently it was 4 seconds until the server was ddos'd, which was better than i expected11:26
wpwrakthey forgot to provide a contact e-mail. shitstorm@freenode.net or such :)11:27
DocScrutinizerfor an april's fool it's just a tad too close to reality11:28
DocScrutinizerlots will take it for serious and quit the network11:28
wpwrakyeah. the long-time logs are a reality anyway :)11:29
DocScrutinizermy comment on #freenode: "DUH, I got all this on all of my channels since years!"11:33
wpwrakexactly :)11:55
wolfspraulMartix: hi, welcome to Qi Hardware!12:08
wolfspraulit's always nice to see new faces...12:09
Martixwolfspraul: hi12:15
Martixwolfspraul: maybe, but not new in Openmoko community, I have Neo FreeRunner from 31st June 2008 and still use it as a the only phone :-)12:17
Martixwolfspraul: did you read messages starting from [12:52] UTC+1?12:29
Martixactually UTC+2 (daylight saving)12:30
wolfspraulnot really, something about an event in Prague12:35
Martixwolfspraul: TLDR: Do you have time on 21st April, can you visit Prague and have a talk or workshop on Qi Hardware and/or Openmoko?12:36
wolfspraulvery unlikely :-)12:36
wolfspraulbut thanks a lot for asking!12:37
Martixwolfspraul: how come?12:37
wolfspraulgod there must be 10+ reasons at least :-)12:37
wolfspraulI'm super focused and concentrated right now and don't want to travel12:37
wolfspraulgetting my daughter to sleep at night is priceless and you need something like a *really* big incentive to get me away from that12:38
wolfspraulI doubt you would be able to pay all the costs associated in getting me from Beijing to Prague12:38
wolfsprauland so on12:38
Martixoh, Beijing is too far :-)12:38
wolfspraulplus I don't like conferences, I like meetings where people do something, as opposed to talk12:39
wolfspraulbut... you could send an email to the qi discussion list, we may have someone in Prague12:39
Martixyou can do workshop :-)12:39
Martixok, I'll send it tomorrow12:40
wpwrakconferences usually give you ideas. and you get to sample foreign beers. they're no waste of time :)12:40
Martixwpwrak: +112:40
wolfspraulI have no shortage of either new ideas or beers12:41
Martixpreliminary program: http://ukoly.openmobility.cz/projects/konference/wiki/2012_prednasky12:41
wolfspraulbut anyway, we can keep it short and efficient. there is no way I will be in Prague on April 21st12:41
wolfspraulbut It's great that you want something from Qi in the event12:41
wolfspraulhe's in Czech I think, but not Prague http://jirkasnotes.wordpress.com/2012/01/16/milkymist-one/12:43
Martixyeah Jirka is Czech name12:43
wolfspraulI have to reply to the guy who recently asked about the vienna open source days, urgh12:44
wolfspraulgoing backwards in my todo list as usual :-)12:44
wolfspraulin the end it comes down to how much effort you yourself are going to make12:44
wolfspraula lot of conferences are run on the premise that there are many hungry marketing departments of large cash-rich tech corps out there looking for opportunities to show their skills12:45
wolfspraulso you ping them, then they check the cool factor, and if it's cool enough, they move their machine12:45
wolfspraulthat is not going to happen with Qi12:45
Martixwolfspraul: do you have any contact on Jirka?12:46
wolfspraulcan you contact him over his blog?12:46
wolfspraulhe is a customer but for privacy reasons I cannot give you the contact info I got from there. I can google though, same as you. or go via the blog.12:47
MartixI can, but I would like to use more direct approach...googling anyway12:47
wolfspraulsorry this may appear so unfriendly, but I have to protect customer data, in fact I am deleting most of it as soon as I can :-)12:47
MartixI know :-)12:48
wolfspraulyes understand, well normally 100% of everything is open, but not that one12:48
wolfspraulthere is an implicit confidentiality in a buyer-seller relationship12:48
wolfspraulbut he is blogging :-)12:48
wolfspraulif the buyer wants to be open about what he bought, he will do so himself, as Jirka did12:48
MartixI found his last name inside sources hosted on github :-)12:49
wolfspraulif there would be a totally anonymous way to buy, then we could consider someone who is buying non-anonymously to implicitly accept that the transaction is (semi)public12:50
wolfspraulbut there is not, and even if there were everybody would need to be aware of it12:50
wolfspraulso no12:50
Martixand I think, I know him from somewhere :-)12:50
wolfspraulunfortunately buying something and paying for it requires you to strip yourself quite a bit12:50
Martixwhat about using Bitcoins?12:50
wolfspraulnot my system, but that's how it is. and then I cannot turn around and use that data, anywhere. it's unfair.12:51
wolfspraulsure I'm for it12:51
wolfspraulbut then you still have the shipping address problem12:51
wolfsprauland returns/warranty12:51
Martixwolfspraul: understood :-)12:51
wolfspraulwe have some customers who go pretty far on this12:51
wolfspraulthey use pre-paid credit cards, and product delivered to one-time po boxes12:51
wolfspraulbut 99% will open up all their data as required by 'the system'12:52
wolfsprauland I will delete that asap...12:52
wolfspraulso yeah, I'm sure you will get in touch with him12:52
wolfspraulMartix: do you have a url for the event?12:53
jirkabmartix,wolfspraul: my email is "jirka (at) penguin (dot) cz", (jirkasnotes.wordpress.com)15:16
kristianpaul /n16:03
EwanDocScrutinizer: ls -l = dir /w/p16:25
Ewan. /w16:25
Ewanso 'ls -l' = 'dir /p'16:26
EwanOR ls -l = s16:26
DocScrutinizerwtf are you telling me?16:28
Ewan<DocScrutinizer> after all he didn't ask 'what means "ls -l"?'16:28
DocScrutinizer*I* didn't ask either :-D16:28
DocScrutinizerand I still think "how to get console on Ben" is a valid question, unless console is what you got anyway after powerup16:30
Ewanconsole is where you are, when you leave gmenu ;)16:48
Ewanconsole is latinotalk -> con sole = with sun16:53
Ewanit's a shiny place to manage computers16:53
kristianpaulo sole mio? :)17:18
Ewanyep :-d17:40
Ewanconsole mio17:40
larsccon mio sole?17:43
Ewanti sole, mi sole, solo sei per tutti (frutti) :-D17:45
viricsole pizza amore...17:49
Martixjirkab: I already sent you an e-mail17:51
LunaVoraxHello everyone18:51
qi-bot[commit] David Kühling: alpy: fix crash-bug in remove_counter(), remove workarounds in demo.py (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/d439fec21:57
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: makefiles/Makefile.kicad: updated for "new" command-line option names (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/9ae2eb822:27
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: cameo/excellon.c: recognize G90 code (absolute mode) (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/cae-tools/8ce420b22:28
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: modules/zx62m-b-5p.fpd: Hirose ZX62M-B-5P Micro-USB receptacle (mid-mount) (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/kicad-libs/5171ee923:14
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