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qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu: fix the rtc bug (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/5a49fe210:00
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu: fix the rtc bug (release_2011-11-13) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/a89fb2310:05
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu: rtc: jz4740 fix hwclock give time out (xiangfu/openwrt/v3.0.0) http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/9c46e2410:06
kyakone liner patch, big problem solved :)10:11
xiangfunow wait the build host :)10:12
xiangfustill building ... http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/building/Nanonote/Ben/openwrt-xburst.minimal-20120315-1226/10:12
xiangfuwhen th log goes to 200M. it will start build full_system which is for release.10:12
xiangfukyak, I start the minimal build (CONFIG_ALL=y) for list all failed package. 10:13
xiangfuin case the full_system always exit build since it select too much packages. 10:13
larscxiangfu: hm, the patch unconditionally enables the 1HZ interrupt?10:18
larscthat doesn't sound like the correct solution. but it might help us to narrow down the real issue10:20
xiangfularsc, I can't find the root cause. after Linux update a lot on AIE_EMU. I think jz4740 break. 10:29
xiangfuafter 2.6.38 if I don't remember wrong.10:29
larscso with that patch we just trigger a RTC irq per second10:30
larscwhich causes the irq core to check whether the alarm timer has expired10:31
larscthis suggests that the alarm irq doesn't fire correctly10:31
larscdoes hw clock even wait for alarm irqs?10:32
xiangfularsc, the rtctest didn't working under v3.2.1 anymore.10:45
xiangfublocked after output message.10:45
xiangfuso I think alarm irqs doesn't work10:45
xiangfularsc, sorry. I have to go. check the irc log tomorrow. see you10:46
qi-botThe build has FAILED: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/building/Nanonote/Ben/openwrt-xburst.minimal-20120315-1226 11:57
wpwrakand now, my workstation's disk has failed. what a great week :-(14:14
wpwraki'm developing an increasingly intense dislike for ubuntu's obscure boot process. i wonder if it should stick with ubuntu, go back to gentoo, or maybe even consider debian. 14:15
viricWerner, go NixOS14:17
viricthrow away all those old-style headaches14:17
viricand welcome a world of much nicer headaches14:19
wpwraki knew you'd say that ;-)14:20
viricRAID is not a bad option (specially considering the I)14:20
viricsome people use to build RAED ;)14:21
lindi-wpwrak: upstart or something else?14:21
wpwrakit should still be somewhat comfty :)14:21
viricmasochism is a subset of taste14:22
wpwraki actually don't mind most of the rest of ubuntu. once it's booted and all the desktop junk is removed, it has plenty of nice packages14:22
viricyes, it looks like you need still some more doses of ubuntu before NixOS ;)14:24
wpwrakhmm. gentoo cd from 2004 didn't want to boot :( now let's see how the hopelessly scratched ubuntu cd from last year fares ...14:25
wpwrak"unrecoverable error". hmm ... then a startup sound followed by an empty desktop14:26
wpwrakah, and i can get a text console. that's better :)14:26
wpwraknow .. let's see if anything can be salvaged ...14:26
wpwrakno /etc. that's promising ...14:28
viricetc contents are trivial :)14:31
wpwrak(the failure was the file system suddenly going read-only, but without an actual disk error. then i fsck'ed it, which apparently made things worse)14:31
viricThink how would you implement repair, and you'll learn why never to accept repair without a backup14:31
wpwrakyeah, i was hoping for a repair :)14:31
viricwith what fs?14:32
virica fs with lost+found? :)14:32
wpwraki did implement a rather paranoid repair in dosfsck :)14:32
wpwrakext3. but no traces of /etc in lost+found14:32
viricthat's quite a trivial fs, no?14:32
wpwrakthough there's are things that look as if they came from under /etc14:34
wpwrakmay just /14:34
wpwraketc got nuked14:34
wpwrak(dosfsck, trivial) if you saw the damage MS's chkdsk normally did, you'd think it was hyperspace travel technology, far beyond the grasp of mankind14:36
viricI never looked at it in detail14:38
viricBut I always liked the question: the two fat copies differ. What to pick?14:38
wpwraki think you always pick the first :)14:45
wpwrakhmm. my backup-before-messing-with-things usb disk has size 0. perhaps that ububtu rescue was a bit too old then ...14:46
wpwrakdownloading a new one ...14:46
wpwrakwhy can't those stupid computer now just simply do their job ? it's not as if i hadn't anything better to do :-(14:47
viricthat's because you use free source14:49
wpwrakyeah. i guess it's true. you get what you pay for14:50
viricit's an anarchy of weird programmers all implementing their particular opinions on how should all work, and then trying to merge all.14:51
wpwraknothing good can come out of such a mess14:53
wpwrak /home/qi looks relatively unscathed. i take this as a good sign.15:00
viricwpwrak: do you have the locate db? ;) check if it matches your disk15:07
wpwrakhmm, dunno. booting another rescue disc now.15:08
wpwrakfascinating. new ubuntu doesn't even have a shell at its dektop15:15
wpwrakhmm. still can't read the usb disk. this is getting ugly.15:17
wpwrakanother disk, same problem. so it looks like a driver issue15:21
wpwrakhmm. weird. same thing on another pc. that doesn't make sense. these drives used to work.15:37
viricIt passed some time since I did not hear the word 'drive' :D15:39
viric*since I heard last time*15:39
kristianpaulwpwrak: debian ! :-)15:39
kristianpaulof course gentoo still good choice if you just install it once ; )15:40
Action: larsc is a happy debian user too15:45
wpwrakinteresting. forcing full-speed usb helped15:45
wpwraknow, this will be fun ...15:45
viric'full' means 'slow' :)15:47
wpwrakvery. strangely, i don't get usb errors15:48
kristianpaulviric:all is relative15:49
wpwrakthe drive is supposed to be insane-speed capable or whatever they call it. so you'd think it masters the slower variants quite well15:51
viricyou may have a bad cable15:51
wpwraktwo bad cables ?15:52
wpwrakwith two computers and two drives ?15:52
viricnot such a low probability15:55
wpwraktrying via a hub ... ah, it hates that. hehe :)15:57
wpwraksame thing on my laptop16:01
wpwrakhmm. so it'll be surgery without prior backup then16:08
wpwrakmeanwhile, an old samsung usb drive works just fine. take that, WD ! alas, the samsung is full of data16:19
wpwrakkewl. and now the mouse on my laptop stopped working. can i please wake up from this nightmare ?16:22
LunaVoraxHello everyone!19:16
viricwpwrak: woke up?20:10
wpwrakviric: what/who ?20:37
wpwrakviric: making a backup now, after bringing my samsung drive to a usable state. it also has its set of USB issues, but not as bad as the WDs20:38
wpwrakand then it's surgery time :)20:38
virichow do you backup?20:43
viricdid I already spam about 'btar'? http://viric.name/cgi-bin/btar20:47
viricAyla, larsc, mth: there was a way to catch hidden panics...20:48
viriclike launching a 2nd kernel with kexec on panic20:48
viricI'd like to setup that20:49
wpwrakviric: i use rsync. so if anything happens, usb hickup, power failure, etc., i can resume20:52
wpwrakviric: also, a backup to a filesystem lets me access/recover files individually20:53
viricfine, if you can afford that :)20:53
wpwrakafford ?20:54
viricyou have enough disk space20:54
wpwrak(power failure) i had already two fail-to-ups and two fail-through-ups power cuts this week. the disk trouble is just the icing on the cake20:55
wpwrak(disk space) i get disks for that purpose. i think it's the only viable backup media nowadays anyway20:56
DocScrutinizeryou decided on which bot to mute the regex?21:00
infobotDocScrutinizer meant: yoU decided on which bot to mute the regex?21:00
infobotDocScrutinizer meant: yoU decided on which bot to mUte the regex?21:01
wpwrakwhy do we have so many bots in the first place ? :)21:03
wpwrakinfobot seems to be more consistent with sed. the implicit /g of qi-bot can be confusing21:04
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DocScrutinizereven while 2/3 of those 118k factoids are ZIP codes and some other class of nonsense I forgot, it still is incredibly usefull to have access to such a large database that easily gets extended/updated easily21:07
DocScrutinizerthat's why21:07
wpwraki actually prefer to read wikipedia in a web browser instead of my irc client :)21:08
DocScrutinizer~wiki ircbot21:08
infobotAt http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IRCBot (URL), Wikipedia explains: "An 'IRC bot' is a set of scripts or an independent program that connects to Internet Relay Chat as a client, and so appears to other IRC users as another user. An IRC bot differs from a regular client in that instead of providing interactive access to IRC for a human user, it performs automated functions. The historically oldest IRC bots were Bill Wisner's Bartender and Greg Lindahl's ...21:08
wpwrakmay dump any images as ASCII art ?21:10
DocScrutinizerno way21:10
wpwraki thought you liked spam ? :)21:10
infobot[qi-hw] copyleft hardware21:10
DocScrutinizerthat'S the kind of factoid based info it's most useful for21:11
wpwrakinfobot, the embodiment of uselessness :)21:11
DocScrutinizeranyway, ask wolfspraul - I ofered to kick the bot anytime, he replied he wants to keep it21:11
DocScrutinizerif she annoys you, there's still /ignore21:13
viricis System.map still of some utility?21:19
viricI have bzImage and vmlinux...21:20
Aylaviric, hi21:22
AylaI did toy with kexec on OpenDingux not so long ago21:22
Ayla(if you were asking about kexec on nanonote, that is)21:23
viricI want to try that on PC...21:25
viricbut I imagined you would know :)21:25
viricyou used it for KCRASH?21:25
viricok, I want kcrash21:26
Aylaall the time the jz-kernel crashes here, the kernel doesn't even panic21:28
viricI imagine.21:28
Aylait just freezes21:28
viricI just have to hope that it may have paniced in my case21:28
Aylaand the watchdog reboots the device :/21:28
virichw watchdog?21:29
viricmaybe uboot could do a dump of the ram! :)21:29
Aylayes hw watchdog21:30
viricAyla: I imagine my pc is just hanging, without panic too.21:36
Aylait occurs from time to time here21:37
viricmine is a phenom II21:37
viricno other computers in the office crash21:37
Aylaworse, my PC boots up from time to time by itself, at the middle of the night21:38
viricha, interesting21:40
whitequarkAyla: rtc alarm21:54
Aylawhitequark, well, I'm not sure it occurs at the same time of the night21:55
whitequarkotherwise it's very horribly broken21:56
Ayla<paul@cerebro:/sys/class/rtc/rtc0> $ cat since_epoch21:56
Ayla<paul@cerebro:/sys/class/rtc/rtc0> $ cat wakealarm21:56
whitequarkor else: ethernet wakeup, ps/2 wakeup, usb wakeup21:56
whitequarkI don't know of others21:56
Aylalooks like it's the RTC alarm which wakes up my PC21:58
Aylado you have any idea what could set my RTC alarm?21:59
AylaI never do it myself21:59
larscOS update?21:59
Aylayou mean updating the version of the kernel?21:59
larscno, some system update process22:00
larscwhich updates packages22:00
larscdo you use ubuntu?22:00
virica clever cron would set the wakealarm hahaha22:00
larscmy debian doesn't wakeup in the middle of the night22:01
larscAyla: do you have a webcam on your PC?22:01
Aylano webcam no22:01
larsci thought there might be somebody watching you sleep ;)22:02
AylaI have a DVB-t USB tuner, a USB sound card, keyboard/mouse22:02
Aylathat's... frightening22:03
viricmaybe someone likes to hear you sleep22:04
DocScrutinizerdvb-t ? hey22:05
DocScrutinizersure, you wanna record something22:05
DocScrutinizerprobably as easy as accidentally hitting enter key in EPG22:06
virica dvb-t usb tuner? what can a kernel hacker do with a dvb-t usb tuner?22:07
Aylareceive alien signals22:08
viricI knew your case would involve aliens22:09
viricI just had to ask the key question.22:10
DocScrutinizerI'd probably use a dvb-s tuner for receiving aliens23:04
DocScrutinizerthe -t variant is by name not siuted for that purpose ;-D23:04
wpwrakdvb-a ?23:29
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