#qi-hardware IRC log for Thursday, 2012-03-15

wpwrakDocScrutinizer: hmm, are you subscribed to milkymist devel now ?01:00
qi-botThe build has FAILED: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/building/Nanonote/Ben/openwrt-xburst.minimal-20120314-0750 06:06
xiangfuhmm.. we got quit a lot package failed build: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/building/Nanonote/Ben/openwrt-xburst.minimal-20120314-0750/failed_packages.txt06:31
wolfspra1lxiangfu: could be worse :-)06:32
wolfspra1lI suggest - remove them all, list in the changelog as broken/removed, ask people to help maintain them06:32
xiangfuyes. sure.06:33
DocScrutinizerwpwrak: nope06:47
whitequarkhttp://printrbot.com/ is selling! yay!07:15
qi-bot[commit] Adam Wang: updated C120, C126, U3 (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/29ef49c07:23
DocScrutinizerHAH >>Printrbot printer printing perfect Printrbot parts<<07:52
DocScrutinizercompiler dudes shall love this07:52
DocScrutinizerit's academic but anyway a nice proof07:53
DocScrutinizera compiler that can't build itself -> crap. Same with makerbots ;-D07:54
valhallaDocScrutinizer: is it fully made of plastic or does it print only part of itself?07:58
DocScrutinizerI don't think "makes *some* parts of itself" is already the true thing07:59
DocScrutinizerit's like gcc can actually build the cmdline parser, and then link that together with assembler blobs from arbitrary other source, to create own clone08:01
DocScrutinizerduh, no infobot :-/08:01
DocScrutinizerno faintest clue08:01
valhallaok, thanks, I should have asked wtf instead of google :)08:02
DocScrutinizershe's a bit bitchy?08:03
infobotOkay, I'm here. (courtesy of docscrutinizer)08:04
infobot:), DocScrutinizer08:04
infobotnfc is, like, No Fucking Clue, or near field communications08:04
DocScrutinizerkick if you feel like08:04
DocScrutinizershe won't stay anyway, I haven't added #qi-hw to infobot's autojoin list08:05
wolfspra1lDocScrutinizer: thanks a lot! in my opinion she should stay08:06
DocScrutinizernp, I can add to autojoin08:06
DocScrutinizer(I'm one of the admins)08:06
wolfspra1lI would think that is great08:06
DocScrutinizerhave to run, friggin daywork08:07
valhallaI should get my morning caffeine, because it took quite a few seconds for me to understand what was happening :)08:07
-ChanServ:#qi-hardware- DocScrutinizer (jOERG_rw) set flags +vV on apt.08:08
whitequarkDocScrutinizer: printrbot is very well _not_ academic, but very practical08:08
DocScrutinizerwhitequark: the autoclone concept though is academic08:09
whitequarkafaik the main reason it exists is that it's $500 unlike MakerBot, which is $150008:09
DocScrutinizerin RL nobody give a flying F about what machine has built your makerbot08:09
whitequarkI'd say wrong08:09
whitequarkbecause you can cut the price in half or something like that08:09
DocScrutinizeror what assembler was used to build your GCC08:10
whitequarkalso: it can extend itself (larger build volume, etc.) by printing replacement parts08:10
whitequarkand this was done by design08:10
DocScrutinizerinfobot: chanadd #qi-hardware08:11
infobotJoining #qi-hardware...08:11
DocScrutinizerinfobot: +chanset #qi-hardware08:12
infobotchan: #qi-hardware (see _default also)08:12
infobot _time_added => 1331799075, autojoin => infobot08:12
DocScrutinizerinfobot: +chanset #openmoko-cdevel08:13
infobotchan: #openmoko-cdevel (see _default also)08:13
infobot _time_added => 1254161553, autojoin => apt, factoidSearch => $chan #openmoko _default08:13
DocScrutinizerinfobot: +chanset #qi-hardware factoidSearch #qi-hardware _default08:14
infobotSetting factoidSearch for #qi-hardware to '#qi-hardware _default'.08:14
DocScrutinizerinfobot: +chanset #qi-hardware08:14
infobotchan: #qi-hardware (see _default also)08:14
infobot _time_added => 1331799075, autojoin => infobot, factoidSearch => #qi-hardware _default08:14
DocScrutinizerinfobot: +chanset #qi-hardware factoidSearch $chan _default08:14
infobotSetting factoidSearch for #qi-hardware to '$chan _default'; was '#qi-hardware _default'.08:14
DocScrutinizerinfobot: #qi-hardware infobot is <reply>I'm your very local infobot, and this is a facoid only valid in this chan08:15
infobotDocScrutinizer: okay08:15
DocScrutinizerinfobot: infobot08:15
infobotI'm your very local infobot, and this is a facoid only valid in this chan08:15
whitequarkfinally! a nanonote in my hands08:16
jurtingMy Nanonote should arrive today or tomorrow :)08:16
DocScrutinizerinfobot: literal infobot08:16
infobot"#qi-hardware infobot" is "<reply>I'm your very local infobot, and this is a facoid only valid in this chan"08:16
whitequarkit's tiny08:17
DocScrutinizerinfobot: _default infobot08:17
infobotfrom memory, infobot is happy, or a liar08:17
DocScrutinizerwolfspra1l: what's qi-bot's hotkey?08:18
Action: valhalla is glad that people are still buying nanonotes even in the middle of this not-so-free-hardware craze08:18
DocScrutinizerqi-bot: help08:18
whitequarkwell, I mostly bought it as a testbed for 6lowpan08:19
whitequarkbut now that I look at it, it's significantly better than I have thought08:19
whitequarkprobably I'll find some other use for it. not much devices with full qwerty lately08:19
DocScrutinizerqi-bot: seen wolfspra1l 08:19
DocScrutinizerok, fine08:19
DocScrutinizer~seen wolfspra1l 08:19
infobotwolfspra1l is currently on #qi-hardware. Has said a total of 2 messages. Is idling for 13m 6s, last said: 'I would think that is great'.08:19
whitequarkoh, the font is eye-pricking08:20
DocScrutinizercya folks08:21
valhallahttp://www.trueelena.org/clothing/projects/utility_vest.html <--- I've added a picture of the iPocket -> Ben Pocket change :)08:39
whitequarkhum hum. it should work for me as offline wikireader, graphing calculator (very useful) and an audio player, through I'm not yet sure about how long it will last as the latter08:41
valhallawhitequark: I use it as an audio player and it has always lasted "long enough" (I don't use it for more than a few hours, say 4-5)08:43
jurtingI will use mine for Notes, programming ideas and pseudocode, "emergency" music player, making programs/games to it and playing roguelikes08:43
whitequarkoh, I need no less than 808:44
valhallaand it keeps charge between days of non-use quite well08:44
whitequarkbecause even power-hungry Android phone can do that08:44
whitequarkreflashing is really slow08:45
whitequark10 minutes already and it's still on 319/80808:45
whitequarkdamn. tuxbrain forgot to put the atben to the package :/08:51
whitequarkbut where's a + key on the keyboard? O_o09:05
xiangfushift + =09:08
xiangfu[=] at the left of [enter]09:08
whitequarkah, I see it, thanks09:16
wolfspra1lthank you guys for buying and more importantly using your Bens :-)09:21
wolfspra1lit may seem slow but I think we are 100% focused on doing the right things for the future09:21
whitequarksigh. ben is very user-unfriendly09:23
wolfspra1lwhitequark: start! :-)09:25
wolfspra1l#1 it is user unfriendly because it doesn't have good documentation09:25
wolfspra1lthere should be a way to learn how to use it, and find out about the preinstalled software on the Ben09:25
wolfspra1lbut unfortunately that will be a long-term goal most likely09:26
whitequarkwell, what I see as a "power user" is:09:26
whitequark1) hardware is quite nice. yes it has some quirks, but they're avoidable and not really that bad09:26
whitequark2) but the software is... well, it looks kinda abandoned09:27
whitequarklike you'd expect from a non-native-Linux PDA from late 1990s where a team of two students ported something in their free time and it mostly works09:27
whitequarkwolfspra1l: your goal (from my point of view) was to make a good OSHW device, given some quite strong limits09:30
whitequarkyou definitely succeeded in that. it is a good device.09:30
whitequarkbtw, any idea why ben isn't picked up by usbnet driver?09:35
jurtingIs there any decimal clock (10:100:100) program for the Nanonote?09:52
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DocScrutinizer51ooh, forgot to metion...12:14
infobotAll conversations are logged to http://ibot.rikers.org/%23qi%2dhardware/ Lines starting with spaces are not logged. Logs are updated daily.12:14
DocScrutinizer51feel free to add according notice to /topic, according to general freenode guidelines12:15
DocScrutinizer51I guess sincew this chan is aleady logged elsewhere, itr+ irrelevant12:16
DocScrutinizer51duh, one problem though I'll deal with later on:12:18
infobotDocScrutinizer51 meant: DUH! one problem though I'll deal with later on:12:18
DocScrutinizer51wolfspra1l: shall infobot ignore regex, or do you prefer to disable it in qibot?12:20
DocScrutinizer51I personally think qibot's implementation is inferior12:21
DocScrutinizer51s/personally/for one/12:23
infobotDocScrutinizer51 meant: I for one think qibot's implementation is inferior12:23
wpwraklet's see how the sloppy ones go12:24
wpwrakand now with proper formatting12:24
infobotwpwrak meant: and nuw with proper formatting12:25
DocScrutinizer51you *can* do same for infobot as well12:25
infobotDocScrutinizer51 meant: you *c@n* do s@me for infobot @s well12:25
wpwrakah yes, i was about to try that. good :)12:25
DocScrutinizer51g is the only one infobot knows of, afaik12:27
DocScrutinizer51also infobot rejects all regex with special chars12:27
DocScrutinizer51some special chars, and no arbitrary / delimiter replacements12:28
wpwrakthere's Another one that may be useful12:28
DocScrutinizer51which is worst part of qibot12:28
wpwrakso you say this would work ?12:28
wpwraknaw, didn't. or it's looping :)12:29
DocScrutinizer51not for ibot12:29
infobotwpwrak meant: aabb12:29
wpwrakno recursion. good :)12:29
DocScrutinizer51hmmm what now12:30
DocScrutinizer51thought qi does that12:30
DocScrutinizer51maybe not dots12:30
wpwraki think you're confusing it with sed :)12:31
infobotDocScrutinizer51 meant: s#not!no!12:31
DocScrutinizer51well, qibot has some sed ideas12:32
DocScrutinizer51this oe I'm missing in infobot12:32
qi-bot[commit] Adam Wang: removed embedded newlines in *.csv (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/cd6b64d12:33
DocScrutinizer51anyway, one of both has to shutup12:34
DocScrutinizer51for auto regex12:34
DocScrutinizer51basically the implicit /g of qibot is BS12:35
DocScrutinizer51as you usually don't expect that12:36
DocScrutinizer51then otoh it's easy to work around12:36
DocScrutinizer51tell me what you decided on that12:37
DocScrutinizer51so I may find the proper chanset flag for infobot to turn it off, if it's infobot to shutup12:37
DocScrutinizer51dang, these 50min lunch break were short :-((12:39
DocScrutinizer51~chanset _default12:40
DocScrutinizer51~+chanset _default12:40
DocScrutinizer51~+chanset #qi-hardware12:41
infobotthanks, DocScrutinizer5112:41
DocScrutinizer51whatever, bbl12:42
DocScrutinizer51aaah, DocScrutinizer51 isn't admin of bot12:42
Action: wpwrak thinks DocScrutinizer needs a pet stone :)12:51
wolfspra1lDocScrutinizer51: hmm I don't know, haven't thought enough about how and when those regexes are used12:59
wolfspra1lI never use them for now13:00
kristianpaulinfobot: what  is qi?14:16
infobotkristianpaul: what are you talking about?14:16
kristianpaulinfobot: about qi ;)14:16
kristianpaulinfobot: qi-hw is copyleft hardware14:16
infobotkristianpaul: okay14:16
kristianpaulinfobot: what is qi-hw?14:16
infobotfrom memory, qi-hw is copyleft hardware14:16
Action: kristianpaul loves infobots14:16
jurtingJust received my Nanonote :D15:31
kristianpauljurting: great! :-)15:34
rohl /var/www/tmp/15:45
kristianpaul"Darpa says that contractors will probably have to make use of rapid manufacturing techniques more commonly associated with the smartphone industry to meet its price target."16:13
kristianpaulsounds interesting for us at some point i guess :-916:13
DocScrutinizer51DARPA? meh16:20
larscand now my missile guidance question suddenly makes sense ;)16:21
DocScrutinizer51have they brought us anyrthing good except darpanet?16:21
DocScrutinizer51not the first time I refuse to develop missile guidance systems16:22
DocScrutinizer51what's reulting from a (unint32)float ?16:23
Action: kristianpaul was supose to start a talk about satellites not missiles..16:23
DocScrutinizer51is this a conversion or a hard cast?16:23
DocScrutinizer51hard cast should result in rather bogus crap16:24
larschard cast would be something like *((uint32_t *)&float)16:24
wpwrakthere are no "hard casts" in C. at least not directly16:25
wpwrakyup, via pointer16:25
DocScrutinizer51crap lang16:25
DocScrutinizer51no need for  pointers16:26
DocScrutinizer51well, I guess my crap-comment was just for the unfamiliar syntax for what's a function to me16:28
DocScrutinizer51uint32 i = float2uint(float);16:29
DocScrutinizer51I'm pascal spoiled16:30
larscin a negative or a positive sense?16:34
wpwrakis there a positive way about pascal ?16:46
wpwraka long time ago, i wrote a lot of code in pascal. then i met C and learned to program :)16:48
viricI remember very well my days on BASIC, where I thought: all operations look very useful, but I can't see what GOSUB can be used for16:53
wpwrakwell, GOSUB is quite optional ...17:02
viricBut at that time I could not grasp subroutines17:03
viricI was young :)17:04
lindi-http://iki.fi/lindi/HP71AS  -- good luck trying to figure out what it does :)17:09
larscmakes people go crazy when they read it? ;)17:10
lindi-wrote it on my HP-71 calculator that was quite short on memory17:12
lindi-(its an assembler for the saturn cpu)17:14
viricah the saturn cpu...18:32
viricit had 20-bit registers, with 5-bit access, or so, no?18:33
qwebirc1903Total noob to Qi-Hardwares Nanonotes, reporting in.  19:08
qwebirc1903Is there a projected release date for the Ya nanonote?19:08
jurtingIs there any way to change time in the latest version? hwclock just returns "select() to /dev/rtc to wait for clock tick timed out" on everything21:46
jurtingon the nanonote* (btw, i am a new nanonote owner, so please forgive any newbie-ness)21:46
Action: wpwrak curses the electricity company. today's unannounced interruption was 4 hours ...21:54
viricjurting: I think the mailing list had a post about that either today or yesterday21:58
kristianpaulunannounced, ;-)22:01
wolfspra1ljurting: *please* never hesitate to come forward with newbie questions23:10
wolfspra1lthe entire Qi and open hardware idea is more than newbie23:10
wolfspra1land thanks a lot for buying a Ben and stopping by here! :-)23:10
wolfspra1lI'd say you figured out the most important step already, because if you stay in this channel, you should slowly get the hang of things...23:11
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: xbrd/top.fpd: changed header to 10*100 mil and reduced CR by 3 mm (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/6f4a6cb23:51
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: Merge branch 'master' of projects.qi-hardware.com:wernermisc (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/92a6b6b23:51
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: Merge branch 'master' of projects.qi-hardware.com:wernermisc (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/f08e6f823:51
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: m1r4/dsv: EXTRA bookshelf file for additional data sheets and such (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/ae7b6e123:51
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