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whitequarkman, I don't know who has designed SMS protocols (PDU)00:36
whitequarkbut he was really high on something00:36
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu: gtypist: ignore line too long (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/d52629c02:37
whitequarkwolfspraul: (CADs) maybe Google is all evil and stuff, but SketchUp is amazing from the topic of UX06:30
wolfspraulUX = user experience?06:31
whitequarkI've installed it within seconds and began to draw actual models within minutes06:31
whitequarkunlike e.g. AutoCAD or other enterprisey tools06:31
wolfspraulwhat are you trying to do?06:31
whitequarka laser cut case for my latest project06:31
whitequarkI've been quite impressed by M1's case and I will somewhat steal the idea of it06:31
wolfspraulnice. which material are you cutting? care to share some more details?06:31
whitequarkhm, green 2mm acrylic, I think06:32
whitequarkeither on pololu or on a local Russian plant, whichever is cheaper06:32
wolfspraulroh is using qcad to edit the dxf files I believe, and then feeds those same dxf into the laser, afaik06:32
whitequarkhm, I tried qcad and it gave me quite the same feeling as other ones. maybe I'm wrong06:33
whitequarkat least it was much more than five minutes which took me to understand how to use its basic functions06:33
wolfspraulup to you. go with google, eventually they will drive you nuts as well. you have to decide how to best invest your time, and prioritize.06:34
wolfspraulthat's a difficult decision to make06:35
whitequarkiirc you like parametric CADs a lot, am I right?06:35
wpwrakmaybe try fped for footprints once ?06:40
whitequarkwpwrak: I won't do any pcbs for a while, but when I'll do, I definitely want to give kicad+fped a try06:41
wpwrakyou can also (ab)use it for 2D drawings, but you have to be sold on the idea of parametric cad before that06:41
whitequarkah. maybe not the best idea. this is my very first CAD project ever06:41
whitequarksketchup somewhat looks like a toy, but it's entirely sufficient for this one06:42
wpwrakif you're comfortable with fped for footprints, you can try to take it into areas it's not made for. it won't excel. but it may still be less painful than the alternatives.06:42
whitequarknever actually used it, just heard about06:42
wpwraki've heard very good things about sketchup06:42
wpwrakso far, i do my 2D/3D CAD in a mix of heekscad scripts, python/perl scripts, fped :)06:43
wpwrakfor 2D, i now almost always use fped. it's not great for general CAD but at least it's parametric06:44
whitequarkyeah, sketchup is really good from a novice's point of view. absolutely intuitive06:44
whitequarkI just looked at its functions for a few minutes, tried a few and I already understand which ones do I need to use (and how I'd use them) to make my model06:45
wpwrakscripts also go a long way. e.g., i did this with a script: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/tmp/vialtray.jpg06:45
wpwrak(the math for the curves would be too messy for any cad i know)06:46
whitequarkwell, there's embedded Ruby in sketchup06:46
whitequarkso you can do scripting06:46
wpwrakthat was script -> toolpath06:46
wpwrakusually with a gnuplot intermediate step, though06:47
whitequarkbbiab, need to run06:47
wpwrakhappy dog-walking ! :)06:47
whitequarkhm, made a small model08:36
whitequarknow I want to export it to dxf...08:36
whitequarkerr... $540? sorry google, if it'd be $50, I would buy it.08:37
rohi think there is some free plugin you can use to export. but i havent used it yet09:03
whitequarkroh: yeah, already found09:34
whitequarkwpwrak: got a little time?10:36
wpwrakwhitequark: that .dxf doesn't look happy (in qcad)12:25
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: spool/: job spooler for CNC mill (migrated from Openmoko) (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/cae-tools/6271d5f12:46
wpwraklamest battle cry ever15:20
viricwhere would you buy a mobile phone battery?17:17
viricwpwrak: hehe17:17
wpwraki recently got one for my obscure little samsung x830 from BatteryUpgrade.com17:20
wpwrakshipping is a bit slow but you can't beat the price ;-)17:20
viricI thought it would be cheaper :)17:28
wpwrakthe shipping ? or the battery ?17:29
wpwrakah :)17:30
wpwrakyeah. maybe you can find it cheaper elsewhere. the replacement batteries also aren't always a perfect fit. e.g., the one for my samsung is a little thicker than the original. but they're good enough17:31
DocScrutinizersometimes they aren't17:58
DocScrutinizerby any metrics of "good enough"17:58
DocScrutinizere.g when a 1800mAh battery turns out to have 650mAh17:58
DocScrutinizerlabel printers are forbearing17:59
DocScrutinizerso probably a decent noname 'compatible' one is usually the better buy to those "*original* (faked) genuine $BRAND" for a quarter of the price you'd expect18:01
DocScrutinizerwait, there's been a nice investigation&report, though on one specific Nokia BL-5J type18:02
lindi-"23kJ" would make a shorter label :-)19:07
viricwpwrak: what's the ietf protocol number for wpan?19:45
viricI saw tcpdump 4.2.x includes a decoder for 802.15.419:46
viricthat reminds me of wpan, but I may remember wrong19:46
larscwell 802.15.4 is the basis for wpan i think19:46
viricThen tcpdump decodes it since july19:47
qi-bot[commit] Jiri Brozovsky: The classic Dope Wars game. It needs to use the ash(default) terminal to fit (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/61ec12819:47
viricnothing new I imagine :) I was reading the changelog, and I saw that was added in the latest release19:48
wpwrak(dope wars) nice ! :)23:39
wpwrakviric: WPAN == IEEE 802.15.4, yes. that's not a number assigned by IETF/IANA, though.23:40
wpwrakgreat CNC challenges of mankind #467892: making a small case with feature width < 1 mm out of wood.23:41
kristianpaulwpan wooden case?23:42
kristianpauland even if cnc made it, do you think it will hold ?23:42
wpwrakhmm, RF + hydrophile material. not sure :)23:43
wpwraki just cracked a 1.4 mm bottom plate, so ...23:44
wpwrakbut at least no i know all the things that are wrong with my design :)23:45
wpwraks/ needs a /1 option :)23:46
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