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Action: rz2k ping whitequark09:14
virichey, openwrt porters, you should have this: http://rixed.github.com/fachoda-complex/index.html11:50
Aylawe totally should have that on Dingoo12:08
Aylabut it needs quite a lot of buttons...12:09
viricah ok12:10
rejonwhoa, fast!12:11
viricI've troubles in my PC. Awaking from suspend, the sound does not work anymore if there was any program with the sound card opened12:12
viricthere should be a trick for that, but I don't know12:13
AylaIIRC that's a known problem with ALSA12:13
viricbut some people have some scripts that solve that, no?12:14
viriccalled at suspend time and awake time12:14
viricmaybe the alsa-lib version would improve something?12:15
viricI'm using alsa 1.0.23...12:17
Ayladoubt it12:20
DocScrutinizerisn't that quite obvious that ALSA card's hw config will get lost on suspend?14:49
DocScrutinizercard gets config'd on snd_pcm_open() done in app14:50
DocScrutinizerI guess there is no easy or feasible at all way to suspend a PCM stream14:51
Aylait works with OSS414:53
DocScrutinizerwell, probably as there's nobody taking care to change audiocard's initial setup to something app / pcm-stream specific14:54
DocScrutinizeranyway the concept of suspend is inherently wrong for mobile handheld 14:55
DocScrutinizersimply because there's only one system-global suspend14:56
DocScrutinizerwhile on embedded mobile you want to "suspend" even sub-blocks of the CPU as soon and often and long as possible14:57
DocScrutinizerthat's why you got dozens of power domains and hundreds of clock gates on contemporary SoC14:59
DocScrutinizerand static registers al over the place14:59
AylaLinux has a run-time suspend feature, which suspends the unused stuff15:00
whitequarkheh, what a clever chip15:14
viricanyone using an encrypted rootfs in the nanonote?15:17
whitequarkDocScrutinizer: static registers?15:18
viricthere are enough paranoids here to have an encrypted nanonote15:28
kristianpauli will be happy with ecryptfs support for the memory card :)15:34
viricah then you don't use it15:39
kristianpauli use it on my others computers, not on nanonote right15:40
GNUtoohi, is it possible to get SPI on the SIE, the specs don't list SPI17:10
kristianpaulhi GNUtoo 17:20
kristianpaulyou mean SIE board?17:20
kristianpauls/mean/for the17:20
kristianpaulyes you can get GNUtoo SPI actually ADC is driven by SPI if i remenber right17:21
kristianpaulyou own a SIE board btw?17:29
kristianpaulbecause i guess SIE FAQ if existed you said is not produced anymore :)17:29
GNUtooah ouch17:29
kristianpaulSo if you want get it to FPGA world, well.. get a M1 :)17:29
kristianpaulor what what your idea with SIE?17:30
GNUtooit's only to flash SPI 17:30
GNUtooI meant17:30
GNUtoowe're looking for cheap boards to make flasher of BIOS chips with it17:30
GNUtoolike for flashing coreboot17:30
kristianpauloh, no matter copyleft hw then.. so may be you need a buspirate?17:30
GNUtooI've already a board that does that but it's way too expensive17:30
GNUtoobuspirate is very very slow but supported17:31
kristianpaulmay be a small fpga plus usb.. what about an avnet spartan3 board for 50usd?17:31
GNUtooflashrom requires SPI + GNU/Linux or a custom firmware on the target flasher that would communicate with flashrom on GNU/Linux17:32
kristianpaulyes is posible17:32
qwebirc32410ck rjeffries17:55
rjeffrieswolfgang woldspraul like you I find computational photography to be a very interesting new-ish area. e.g. Lytro17:57
rjeffriesin cas eyou did not see this short article here is URL:17:58
rjeffrieswolfgang solfspraul here is another arguably "better" URL:18:00
rjeffrieswolfgang wolfspraul and for an eye opening similar but very different bit of computational photography Google this: Pelican Imaging18:01
wpwrakrjeffries: note the date :) http://lists.en.qi-hardware.com/pipermail/discussion/2012-March/009485.html18:17
rjeffrieswpwrak yes I was responding to that not eon the mail lit by wolfspraul19:23
rjeffriesno I do not have $400 to spare to ship one to China. But this indeed is an interesting fertile field19:25
wpwrakyeah. it's about time camera technology goes beyond those ancient concepts. it's kinda obvious once you hit a difficult scene where you realize that there's enough information to make a decent image. so why does the technology not allow it.19:30
whitequarkDocScrutinizer: you here?21:04
whitequarka question about the yesterday circuit21:04
whitequarkwhat should I do with AGND of the modules?21:04
whitequarkerr, it is marked AGND on the pinout, but is actually connected directly to the common ground plane underneath the module pcb.21:05
whitequarkso, probably nothing...21:05
DocScrutinizerindeed, I'm here21:13
DocScrutinizeryou should NOT connect the two GND levels of the modules21:14
DocScrutinizeror connect them with 4mm^2 wire21:15
whitequarkwell, I have a pretty wide ground polygon running over my breadboard21:16
whitequarkand I took the thickest wire I had to connect the modules to GND21:16
whitequarkoh, I might have passed the UART through optocouplers. :/ okay, this variant of the design will be GND-coupled.21:17
whitequarkanother thought21:18
whitequarkI only have one power source (batteries)21:18
whitequarkthe GNDs would be connected anyway21:18
DocScrutinizerthe classic recommendation regarding GND in analog is: get a *star* topology, with center next to most sensitive input of the circuit21:18
DocScrutinizerby all means avoid GND loops21:18
whitequarkDocScrutinizer: my (novice) "attempt" at "laying it out" http://imgur.com/sEqoS21:23
whitequarkwhere did I manage to screw it up?21:23
whitequarkthe bottom half is almost finished (it's finished in the sense of power/gnd connections)21:28
whitequarkthe upper will be exactly the same21:28
rz2kits MTS simcard?21:30
rz2kwonder where on our superfamous radio market you found gsm modules21:32
Action: rz2k thought that that place is dead21:32
DocScrutinizerumm, well if that's 2 GSM modules, then where is the heatsink?21:38
DocScrutinizerbtw I don't see any layput on that component side shot21:40
Action: DocScrutinizer wonders what nasty kind of spy equipment this device will become when it's finally working. Call relay?21:43
DocScrutinizerbomb trigger? with hot standby/redundancy design?21:43
rz2kprobably some security system21:48
Action: rz2k already forgot what whitequark said to him about that thing21:48
DocScrutinizerre heatsink: you'd get away with this if you'd define it only registers and sends / rcvs SMS. But you asked for hooking up voice audio, which makes me ask "where do you dissipate the heat of the TX power stage?"21:57
whitequarkDocScrutinizer: well, that's a why I called it "layout". it's a solderful breadboard, and the wires you see are almost all on the board (there's one wire underneath it which connects the VDD of the bottom module)22:17
whitequark(spy equipment) call relay.22:17
whitequarkfor civilian use, that is... no, seriously. its usage may be immoral, but definitely not unlawful22:17
whitequark(bomb trigger with redundancy) rofl22:18
whitequarkrz2k: nowhere. I bought it in http://gsm-gate.ru22:20
DocScrutinizerwhitequark: you ever looked into the opportunities of extremely directional high-gain GSM antennae, paired with GSM ME that knows to do register to a particular BTS only?22:20
whitequarkmhm. actually not. this opens up some opportunies, but I don't quite get its relation with my circuit22:21
DocScrutinizerNokia 6210 is such a device, it allows - in monitor/engineering mode - to set CID to SIM phone storage #33 (IIRC) and then registers *only* to that BTS22:22
DocScrutinizerwhile intelligent BTS *could* still tell distance to ME by TA value, they usually don't22:23
whitequark(heatsink) oh, I did not know they would be so hot. then I'll probably get unconductive thermal paste and attach the heatsiks on the bottoms of the modules (exposed). they're mounted to the pcb with hot glue22:23
DocScrutinizerread the application notes and DS of your module, it has advice re heatsink22:23
whitequarkoh, you sure don't understand _why_ do I need that device:) the reason is actually somewhat stupid. er, I'd rather tell in PM22:23
DocScrutinizerif it's related to billing/plans, I'm not really interested - I know all the potetial usecases ;-D22:25
DocScrutinizerno you got me hooked22:25
wpwraki guess it's for those critical minutes between calling in the bomb threat and leaving the city :)22:30
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