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Guest24069cladamw: hi good morning!01:31
Guest24069oops, my nick again...01:31
wolfspra1lI have a board with a soldered cable connection that is a little unstable01:32
wolfspra1lso to protect that connection, I want to just put some hot glue around it01:33
wolfspra1lwhat is that 'hot glue' exactly?01:33
wolfspra1lis it just heated silicone?01:33
wolfspra1lwhat brand/type do you use?01:33
kristianpaulheated silicon yes01:40
kristianpaulbut froma  gun01:40
kristianpaulbrand.. well i choose cheaper around :)01:40
kristianpaulmorning there btw :)01:40
wolfspra1lthanks, good morning/evenint! :-)01:41
kristianpaul20:42 here yes evening :)01:42
kristianpaulhe i would said my silicone hot gun/glue is near 15 years old ;)01:43
cladamwwolfspra1l, good morning !01:44
cladamwwolfspra1l, silicone glue -> you can let it naturally dried by normal room temperature through silicone.01:46
cladamw(hot glue) to glue the place with parts or somewhere that by heated air, but also can be naturally dried for gluing.01:48
cladamwfor example, there's 'hot glue' between the Microphone and pcb surface in M1R3. It's a flat thin hot glue. you can watch it. ;-)01:49
wolfspra1lhot glue != silicone?01:50
cladamwthat hot glue is not my silicone glue tool. M1 is done by smt factory.01:50
cladamwno, not silicone.01:51
wolfspra1lcan you describe exactly what brands/material you use?01:51
cladamwmy home tool is silicone one. ;-)01:51
wolfspra1land you heat that silicone?01:51
wolfspra1lor use at room temperature?01:51
cladamwlet me google for example to you.01:51
wolfspra1lxiangfu: good morning!01:52
wolfspra1leverybody back :-)01:52
xiangfugood morning01:53
zenlunatichello all01:53
cladamwwolfspra1l, http://detail.china.alibaba.com/buyer/offerdetail/128650606.html01:58
cladamwbrand: MAXBOND, p/n: 1603HFR-HS, sorry it's in Chinese. checking in english more ....wait ;-)01:59
cladamwtemperature: 120 degree.01:59
wolfspra1lso it heats the regular silicone to 120 celsius?02:01
cladamwjust 120 celsius can let it dry. ;-)02:02
wolfspra1lah I see [first link], that's the "hot glue" itself02:02
wolfspra1lit would be better to find the right chemical name, then we have a nice link into wikipedia :-)02:02
cladamwsmt factory use likely this element but may different brand though. 02:03
cladamwoah..yeah...need check in wikipedia. ;-)02:03
wpwrakwikipedia says it's usually a polymer. though it lists a gazillion of chemicals that can be used. so it's probably best to think of it as a kind of thermoplastic.02:04
cladamwhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chloroprene  this ?02:07
wpwraki was thinking of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hot_glue#Materials_used02:09
wpwrakno idea about chloroprene ;-)02:10
cladamwwolfspra1l, you can just buy it some similar in China http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=1082098606902:14
cladamwfor small use. not as industry purpose. ;-) http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=971943874202:15
cladamwhope this helps you. :-)02:15
wolfspra1loh that's just a tube with some glue inside that you can push out like a cream, at room temperature?02:17
wolfspra1l(first link)02:17
wolfspra1lfor documentation purposes - what's the chemical there?02:17
wolfspra1lah it says there, chloroprene rubber02:17
wolfspra1ldrying time 2-4 minutes02:18
wpwrakboth look like regular glue. the most common hot glue comes in the form of cylindrical sticks. you then heat it with a hot glue gun, i which it liquifies. you then push it out to make the bond.02:18
cladamwwolfspra1l, yes, this http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=10820986069  you can let it dried under 2^4 minutes only at room temperature. no need heat air.02:18
wolfspra1lwhy does it say "temperature 120 celsius"? that means it must be heated to 120 celsius before/when being applied?02:19
wpwrakone gotcha: the cheap guns overheat and then fail.02:19
cladamw120 celsius is its rating temperature not heated air to let it dry. ;-)02:19
wolfspra1lah so it must not get hotter than 120 celsius?02:19
cladamwwolfspra1l, correct. no more than 120 02:20
cladamwjust use room temperature.02:20
wolfspra1lif it can be applied at room temperature - no heatup/gun needed?02:20
wolfspra1lok, cool02:20
wolfspra1l(literally :-))02:20
cladamwgood luck02:20
wolfspra1lavanti dilettanti02:20
wolfspra1lI see how Chinese work, successfully, I can do brain surgery tomorrow02:21
wolfspra1ljust need to find a patient02:21
wolfspra1lbut after a few thousand, I should be pretty good02:21
wolfspra1lyeah. learnt something here :-)02:21
wolfspra1lthe secrets :-)02:21
wolfspra1lcladamw: thanks, I think that's clear now.02:21
wolfspra1lcloropene rubber, room temperature, 2-4min drying time02:22
cladamwyes, you got it. ;-)02:22
wpwrakat patient 1001, you may still have no idea what to do, but you'll have a very long list of things you absolutely have to avoid ;-)02:22
xiangfuwpwrak, :-)02:22
wolfspra1lwait let's get at least the spelling right02:23
wolfspra1lnasty German habits. chloroprene rubber.02:23
wpwrakin most such cases, i simply use superglue :)02:25
wolfspra1lcan all glues assumed to be non-conductive?02:25
wpwrakunless they advertise them as conductive ... :)02:26
cladamwwpwrak, me too. i even used 3M glue. ;-) to buy that taobao is not bad. 02:26
wpwraksilicone is also good for gluing. but it's a bit flexible, which may be an issue in that case02:27
wpwraki mainly use it to keep things in place, but not to resist major mechanical stress02:27
wpwrak(silicone) "household" silicone glue02:28
wpwrakwolfspra1l: if there are things like a DIY supermarket in china, you may want to visit their section of glues. you should be able to identify a dozen distinct types. a lot of them will serve you well.02:29
wpwrakmany of the universal glues are rigid but not too brittle.02:30
wolfspra1levery market is a DIY supermarket in China02:30
wpwrakand then you get some for special purposes. like stuff that cures in water.02:30
wolfspra1lbut I want to keep it simple, already learnt now02:30
wolfspra1lby default we can think of any glue as non-conductive02:31
wpwraksimple = you go to the shop down the street and pick up what you want02:31
wolfspra1lregular household silicone is quite flexible even after dried02:31
wpwraknot simple = collect opinions from people around the world, including the world's largest encyclopedia ;-)02:31
wolfspra1lI think me (or anyone) can easily find that chloroprene rubber though02:31
wpwrak(silicone) yes. it's good for coating or for attaching things. but it's not good for resisting major forces.02:32
wpwrakanything acrylic should be much better than silicone for rigidness02:33
wpwraknot sure about *prene02:34
wolfspra1lcladamw: how hard will the chloroprene rubber be after drying?02:34
wolfspra1lsome of those 'hot glues' tend to become very hard02:34
cladamwchloroprene rubber is harder than home silicon glue. 02:36
cladamwyou can try to bend Microphone in M1R3. ;-) not like soft home silicon after dried. ;-)02:36
cladamwi don't know what exact target(board or cable) you'd like to glue though. ;-)02:38
wolfspra1lI just have a fpc cable that ends in a soldered connection02:41
wolfspra1land I'm worried that the solder joints will break, there is too much mechanical bending back and forth happening02:41
wolfspra1lso I want to seal that whole soldered connection under/in a stiff strip of glue02:42
wolfspra1lthen the mechanical movement goes into the fpc only, but the solder joints are fixed02:42
wpwraksuperglue under the fpc between making landfall and the solder joints ? or is that area too small ?02:45
wpwrakbefore superglueing, clean and dehydrate with alcohol, then let it dry for a bit02:45
wolfspra1lwpwrak: sure I can try superglue03:26
wolfspra1lin fact the fpc arrives at the pcb in a very steep angle, and the solder joints are bent backwards (in the direction the fpc came from). so yes, maybe I just superglue under and above the fpc03:27
xiangfuhttp://downloads.qi-hardware.com/software/images/Milkymist_One/2012-02-26/  :)04:22
xiangfuI think I will move my tested images to there ^^04:22
xiangfuremove the snapshot from reflash_m1.sh04:25
xiangfurename --snapshot to --qi maybe ?04:25
zenlunaticyou guys use a case for your ben?04:26
xiangfuor keep the --snapshot just add a new one "--qi"04:26
xiangfuzenlunatic, music. :)04:26
xiangfusomeone make a QT version usbboot for jz4760: http://gforge.ictp.it/gf/project/xburst-tools/wiki/?pagename=QTUSBBoot07:31
Action: xiangfu release a Milkymist One, Qi Image: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/software/images/Milkymist_One/2012-02-26/ :)07:53
xiangfutry that by 'reflash_m1.sh --qi' 07:53
xiangfutested by : http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Milkymist_One_Firmware#Test_Plan07:53
wpwrakxiangfu: hmm, i wouldn't say "Support rendering multi-image files". that can be misunderstood as referring to a feature we don't have yet. how about "Support multiple image files" ?08:06
wpwrakand what's "A set of host cool from Werner on compiling patch and FPVM lib" ? :)08:07
wpwrakeven if i  s/cool/tools/  i don't understand it ;-)08:07
xiangfujust your new script files. under flickernoise/compile/... and fpvm lib folder. 08:07
xiangfuI didn't look the detail. 08:07
xiangfufor test compile patch ? 08:08
wpwrakoh. you mean idgen and file2h ?  well, they're just part of the now more complex build process08:08
xiangfuwhat about the src/compiler/test/ ?08:09
xiangfuand ptest?08:10
xiangfuI never tried them :(08:10
wpwrakthese are regression tests08:11
wpwraknot user-visible features :)08:11
wpwrakptest can be used to test patches on the PC, though08:11
wpwrakbut that need some wrapping. it's a bit quirky to invoke from the command line.08:12
xiangfuwpwrak, maybe move that to last line like "new regression tests tools for patch language" ?08:13
wpwrakdunno. it's something quite internal. kinda hard to explain for non-developers08:14
xiangfuwpwrak, "new regression tests tools for patch language for developer"08:18
wpwrakheh ;-)08:19
wpwrakwolfgang: fun with the firewall ? :)08:41
DocScrutinizer51moo does the cow10:17
DocScrutinizer51and I say moo for 'morn'10:18
whitequarkah, that explains everything10:45
hjbjhhi can any tell where can i find 2 track sound in the web11:10
whitequarkfucking samsung.13:05
whitequarkno wonder 6gbps mode fails. it's a bit strange that 3gbps mode still works.13:06
whitequarkI confirmed that if I straight the cable up, the rate of errors decreases significantly on the same workload.13:07
whitequark(also, in the process I almost broke the cable finally. damn.)13:07
whitequarkmoral of the story: think before you do [high-speed connections]. not the other way around.13:07
DocScrutinizer51tickets against MIPI-HSI, my daily headache. Though our hw is fine, just has no transmission secure layer so everybody pointing at HSI no matter what's the real root cause ;-P13:55
rz2khey whitequark14:04
rz2klast part of my package arrived14:04
rz2kwanna meet on saturday?14:05
kristianpaulDocScrutinizer51: it supose to asume "security" is no implemenented on transport layers..14:10
kristianpaulthats a task for the aplication to choose and encryption method and not relay in lower layers..14:11
whitequarkrz2k: yeah, possible14:38
whitequarkI've already fetched it14:38
whitequarksurprisingly, I have not screwed up my latest board15:00
DocScrutinizer51kristianpaul: sure, though I'm talking about simple checksum/patiry things here15:30
DocScrutinizer51error correction15:31
DocScrutinizer51HSI is basicaly unidir15:31
DocScrutinizer51so no matter if wrong stopbit or defect RAM, the dat* at RX side is corrupt, everybody points at HSI driver15:35
DocScrutinizer51parity, not patiry15:36
whitequarkmy crappy skills... http://i.imgur.com/FVKt3.jpg16:03
kristianpaulDocScrutinizer51: ah, that exaplain all :)16:19
GitHub131[milkymist] kristianpaul pushed 1 new commit to gps-sdr-testing: https://github.com/kristianpaul/milkymist/commit/ec596a96a067602a117364c16feaeaad090ee00717:44
GitHub131[milkymist/gps-sdr-testing] clear after read support - Cristian Paul PeƱaranda Rojas17:44
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