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abushcrafterforgWhat about using the head phone socket to drive a vibrator?00:45
wolfspraulthat would be the first step into 'major hacking' that I mentioned :-)00:47
wolfspraulI don't know, have to try. Surely eventually it's possible, if someone tries hard enough.00:47
abushcrafterforgGot a lot to lean first then. so much for spoon feeding :D00:48
abushcrafterforgAnt some leds on the nano note?00:49
abushcrafterforgant there00:50
wolfspraulthere is only the charging led which afaik is not software controllable00:51
abushcrafterforgany ideas?00:54
wolfspraulwhat idea?01:02
wolfspraulif you like lots of leds, check out the upcoming R4 revision of Milkymist One :-)01:02
wolfspraulI think we are at 18 or so...01:02
wolfspraulthe Ben NanoNote is a nice integrated pocket computer, the main thing it has going for it is a lot of high quality free software01:03
wolfspraulso don't know. if the vibrator is very important for you, either you see the Ben as your hacking base and have fun to get it going, or you find another starting point, maybe something that has a vibrator already?01:04
abushcrafterforgyou see what I want is a pocket computer that is 100% FOSS. that can do things like appointments reminders, alarms, view images, video, music, notes, address book, etc. that does not cost £500 unlike the open meko gta04. I was thinking I will probably want a vibrator to help me not miss a alarm,reminder,etc when it is in my pocket. I was wondering what else there was inside for one to try and connect a vibrator too and if you had knowledge 01:11
abushcrafterforggetting a smart phone like the geeks phone zero is not ideal because they have, what? A 2-3 year life span due to the non-free drivers. :(01:13
wpwrakwolfspraul: (led) hey ! did you forget ben-blinkenlights ? :)01:15
abushcrafterforgthough that would me no sd card :(01:19
wolfspraulabushcrafterforg: just start somewhere. too much planning is no fun.01:20
abushcrafterforgyea it is a start01:20
abushcrafterforgJust watch the vid. gets me thinking of fun pyro detonator project01:23
wolfspraul 01:34
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: fix typo (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/467b78e04:04
Action: zenlunatic 's bnn is in his state04:31
uncloudedare there plans to change the boot logo in the next release for the NanoNote?07:52
xiangfuunclouded, no. 07:53
xiangfuunclouded, do you have any advice? :)07:53
whitequarktuxbrain finally sent my order07:54
uncloudedif it's not going to change then I was thinking of re-doing the OpenWrt powered so it's anti-aliased and then adjusting the whole image for the NanoNote's delta pixels07:54
whitequarkin 3 days I'd have NN and 6lowpan hw07:54
xiangfuunclouded, sounds great.07:55
xiangfuwhitequark, cool. how many ben-wpan you bought? 07:56
Action: Doc_No_ACTA_zer idly wonders what might be >>open meko gta04<<08:02
Doc_No_ACTA_zerI gather abushcrafterfrog meant Goldelico OpenPhoenux GTA0408:04
Doc_No_ACTA_zeraren't there a number of testpoints in NN that easily can control a vib driver?08:05
whitequarkxiangfu: 2 atben and 1 atusb08:06
xiangfuwhitequark, cool.08:06
whitequarkI plan to make them 'FOSS RF modules'. I already have some on nRF24L01+, but these have a proprietary air protocol08:07
whitequarkwhich sucks at least because it's vendor lock-in08:07
xiangfuDoc_No_ACTA_zer, there is a buzzy in nanonote. maybe you can re-use that?08:07
xiangfuDoc_No_ACTA_zer, yes. then you maybe just remove the buzzy. and connect it to your vib. 08:08
xiangfuDoc_No_ACTA_zer, you can try to change that direct by using /proc, I guess08:08
Doc_No_ACTA_zergiven the idea that a buzzer usually shouldn't operate on DC...08:08
Doc_No_ACTA_zerjust add some stupid 'electronics' that start to operate vib when buzzer has high level for >0.1s08:09
yunfanxiangfu: jz4740C—yÑ÷08:09
xiangfuwhitequark, yes. I recently bought a router that have a usb host. and openwrt support it well. so I may have a wpan-router for ben nanonote :)08:10
xiangfuyunfan, I don't know. (please use English :D). you can just direct call ingenic :)08:11
yunfanxiangfu: i bought one that have that features 2 years ago08:11
Doc_No_ACTA_zerxiangfu: but honestly (as I have no schematics at my hands right now) - aren't there quite a number of unused or redefine'able GPIO available on NN?08:11
yunfanxiangfu: and they increase the ram from 8MB to 64MB08:11
yunfanwhich has a broadcom bcm43xx init08:12
yunfanxiangfu: i have sent mail to them before, no response08:12
whitequarkxiangfu: how complete wpan stack is?08:12
yunfanxiangfu: heard that atom e600c has a fpga unit ,08:13
xiangfuDoc_No_ACTA_zer, http://en.qi-hardware.com/w/images/9/9c/Lb60_schematic.pdf08:14
xiangfuwhitequark, wpan I don't know the detail. should ask wpwrak, 08:15
xiangfuwhitequark, wpan you mean the 802.15.4?08:18
xiangfuhttp://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/openwrt-xburst/source/tree/master/target  give some error. :(08:20
xiangfusame error with: http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/qi-kernel/source/tree/master/08:20
Doc_No_ACTA_zerxiangfu: on very first glance I spot TP5/TDO/UART0_TXD08:22
Doc_No_ACTA_zerxiangfu: next spotting: dual-use WAKEUP_N to start vib when pulled to low level08:24
Doc_No_ACTA_zerobviously the pin is 2nd-function on SOC, with prinary function PD2908:25
Doc_No_ACTA_zerso program it to GPIO output low and off goes your vib08:25
Doc_No_ACTA_zerside effect: vib starts on pushing wake button, I think that's tolerable08:26
Doc_No_ACTA_zerif not: do the pulsing trick - use a AC detector (as easy as a capacitor and diode) and pulse PD29 with some 100Hz to start vib08:29
whitequarkxiangfu: yes08:30
whitequarkroh: also, I must admit that you're completely right in your opinion about Arduino and stuff08:30
uncloudedxiangfu: is there a higher-def source for the Ben logo?  the text looks great but the logo actually looks worse08:30
xiangfuwhitequark, if you have openwrt-xburst.git you can check the openwrt-xburst/target/linux/xburst/patches-3.0/0031-first-patch-for-atBen.patch08:31
xiangfuunclouded, wait. let me check.08:31
xiangfuunclouded, found that: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Press_and_marketing_material 08:35
Doc_No_ACTA_zercompletely unused08:36
Doc_No_ACTA_zeradd a FET and vib with clamp diode08:36
Doc_No_ACTA_zermaybe plus a 10nF C08:36
uncloudedxiangfu: cheers!08:37
whitequarkxiangfu: ah ok, I'll install that when my ben will arrive09:18
xiangfuwhitequark, the latest image support wpan out of box. 09:45
xiangfuwhitequark, yes. install the latest image will be good. 09:46
wpwrakwhitequark: the stack is still quite basic. you can have haven't done anything there in a long time :-(10:39
uncloudedxiangfu: see what you think of this for a boot logo: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/unclouded/logo_nanonote_clut224.pnm11:07
xiangfuunclouded, one little thing.11:12
xiangfuunclouded, if you use the Chinese. I would advice same one that on nanonote. (at the top of the lcd there is a , NanoNoe)11:13
xiangfuunclouded, what do you think? 11:14
whitequarkwpwrak: if the network/transport layers work, it's fine for me11:38
whitequarkotherwise I should make them work.11:38
wpwrakwhitequark: there's a very primitive (and non-standard) IPv4 support.12:06
whitequarkwpwrak: I don't need IPv4 actually12:27
whitequarkI think I want 6lowpan12:27
whitequarkor (maybe; if 6lowpan would have some fatal deficiency) a simpler proto12:28
wpwrakthen you'll have to investigate into getting a kernel with more recent 6lowpan support. there has been some work in this direction lately. and the device drivers should not be affected. or at least only marginally.12:48
whitequarkwpwrak: thanks, I'll look into it13:59
whitequarkis atusb supported on the stock kernel?13:59
xiangfuwhitequark, it's under qi-kernel.git 'ben-wpan' branch. (http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/qi-kernel/)14:28
xiangfuwhitequark, too bad. can't open the branch link. give 14:29
wpwrakwhitequark: (stock kernel) no, you need to build your own. not sure if anything substantial of wpan support is upstream yet. last time i checked, it was just some stubs.15:33
whitequarkwpwrak: ah ok. I can do that :)15:42
zenlunaticthe openwrt BNN wiki page is blank... just fyi17:20
zenlunaticor rather openwrt's wiki page of BNN17:20
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