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DocScrutinizerwhitequark: http://share.ovi.com/media/joerg900.pennystore/joerg900.1018800:02
gezathere is a way to unblock a locked fb session on NN?00:05
gezaprecisely, I lost my terminal on NN, but I can operate via usb ethernet00:05
Aylageza: gmenu2x has some code which does just that00:12
gezaayla: the keyboard is absolutely irresponsible00:15
gezaayla: I have only contact via usb00:15
Aylathen telnet and launch gmenu2x00:15
Aylaprovided you have it, and it's not too old00:15
zenlunaticso mpd only supports wav?01:04
emebmpd does .mp3 format for me.01:04
emebbut that's on an ubuntu x86 system. the version for ben might not have proprietary codecs compiled in...01:05
uncloudedI couldn't get the stock mpd in the latest image to scan any .ogg files in to its database although maybe I was doing something wrong.  I wrote up some of what I found here: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Mpd01:12
uncloudedthe short version is that you can definitely get .ogg files playing if you build your own mpd.  or you can grab this one: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/unclouded/mpd-mini_0.16.5-2_xburst.ipk01:17
uncloudedyou'll still need to patch the init file as described on the Mpd wiki page01:18
uncloudedsuperb.  mpd can read track titles from vorbis comments01:27
zenlunaticcool. didn't get a bnn to work out of the box01:39
zenlunaticprobably when people ask me why i bought it, I'll just say "to learn"01:40
erikkugelAs far as I know, the BNN intentionally shuns any non-open standards, so there is intentionally no MP3 support as far as I know in the official image. This was a hot topic a while ago and might have changes since.01:44
uncloudedindeed.  sorry if there's .mp3 support in that .ipk I posted earlier.  I'm using .oggs with it, which I'm assuming are ok?01:45
wolfspraulerikkugel: no changes02:04
wolfspraulwe want and need to keep this tainted stuff out, have to focus on the future02:05
wolfspraulonce the mp3 patents have safely expired, I am open minded to including it, of course02:05
wolfspraulunclouded: please don't worry, we are doing a fair job of keeping this out practically, and you can and should feel free to exercise your rights of free speech and to help others. enough is enough.02:06
wolfspraulwe won't let them ruin our happiness, right? :-)02:06
wolfspraulonce in a while I go through the downloads server, chat logs etc. and remove everything that looks like mp3 :-)02:07
wolfspraulI'm listening to beautiful music right now, stored in a free format but the format discussion is really silly, brought to us by greed nothing else. it will go away...02:07
wolfspraulmy take on this02:08
uncloudedit didn't even occur to me that my .ipk could expose you to liability.  I'll find out for sure if it has .mp3 support and remove it if so02:08
wolfspraulbut please relax, I think we have a good culture here02:10
wolfspraulwe remove this tainted crap so we can focus on the good stuff02:10
wolfsprauland eventually the patents expire, then life is good :-)02:10
Action: zenlunatic hands out beers02:10
wolfspraulall over the world some people have nothing better to do than to invent parasitic business model, I think that will always stay with us02:11
wolfspraulthey come and go. mostly they don't really enjoy what they do, so it's temporary...02:11
uncloudedok, I've checked the .ipk and there's no .mp3 support in there, at least putting an mp3 in music_dir and doing a rescan won't convince mpd that the mp3 exists02:11
wolfspraulrelax :-)02:11
erikkugelglad to hear I'm still on top of our policies :)02:12
uncloudedhas something changed with ubiattach?  I'm trying to mount my old NAND data partition and I do "ubiattach /dev/ubi_ctrl -m 3" and it says "cannot attach mtd3" "error 22 (Invalid argument)"03:47
Action: zenlunatic 's BNN has shipped03:54
xiangfuunclouded, are you using latest image?04:00
unclouded/etc/VERSION says 2011-11-1304:01
uncloudedmtd3 would have been formatted with the 2011-02-23 release though, if that makes any difference04:09
whitequarkDocScrutinizer: ahh, _this_ kind of RFID04:28
whitequarkI never heard these things called "RFID"s04:28
xiangfuunclouded, if there is no data important. you can try format again. 04:29
whitequarkand, erm, aren't they simple LC circuits? at least the ones I have disassembled quite certainly were (through I'm not definitely sure)04:29
xiangfuunclouded, I used mtd3 for long time. in every release test. 04:29
xiangfuunclouded, so far so good. :)04:29
uncloudedxiangfu, I can't really remember what data is on it, so I don't know for sure that I don't mind losing it04:30
xiangfuunclouded, what is the dmesg output?04:34
uncloudedxiangfu, I didn't think to look before.  it's: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/unclouded/ubi-dmesg.txt04:37
xiangfuunclouded, there is '(ECC error'04:39
xiangfuunclouded, I think you just format the mtd3 :)04:39
uncloudedyes, I saw that.  only a single result from the search engine regarding that error04:39
uncloudedand their conclusion was that it was simply worn out, which is weird because I barely used that data partition04:41
uncloudedso I'll format mtd3 after all04:42
xiangfuunclouded, there is a 'mtd.nn' command for easy format and mount04:45
uncloudedxiangfu, I'm looking at that right now04:45
uncloudedand I'm wondering why the "-s" option to ubimkvol?  does it not use the whole partition by default?  ubimkvol --help doesn't explain04:46
unclouded( it says "-s" is optional)04:46
wolfspraulpuh, openscad.org is packaged neither in Debian nor Fedora11:12
wolfspraulseems that we are working on the cutting edge :-)11:13
valhallawolfspraul: is it possible that openscad used to be problematic as far as licensing is concerned? I believe I have seen a mail on it a few days ago on some debian mailing list (regarding the resolution of said problems)11:14
valhalla(checking in a few minutes)11:14
lindi-wolfspraul: I too remember that openscad had a licensing issue11:16
valhallaconfirmed: it was mentioned on debian-mentors, and claimed that the licensing issues had been fixed11:27
valhallawolfspraul: this is the email http://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/2012/02/msg00491.html11:43
wolfspraulnice, thanks!12:23
wolfspraulbut seems there's still no package?12:23
wpwrakhmm, sounds like a heliport around here today. there was a train crash this morning. and helicopters are still coming and going.16:15
viricwpwrak: I read in the newspaaper..17:22
valhallawolfspraul: there is a package, but it is still missing a debian developer to check and upload it 17:33
indistylo Folks , Please suggest where to locate this directory modemmanager/sms-send.py file , i have already installed modemmanager, but not able to locate sms-send.py21:52
Doc_No_ACTA_zerwpwrak: OUCH, 49 dead, 600 injured23:14
Doc_No_ACTA_zermade it to the prime time TV news here23:15
abushcrafterforgHow loud is the speaker? Will I hear/feel it in my pocket even in a noisy env? Is it possible to add a vibrator like the ones in mobile phones to the nano note and still be able to have a SD card in the SD card slot?23:18
wolfspraulvibrator will be hard unless you do major hacking23:19
wolfspraulthe speakers are loud but 'noisy environment' can still drown it out of course, depends on how noisy it is23:19
wpwrakDoc_No_ACTA_zer: yeah, pretty bad. train accidents tend to be nasty. i wonder what caused it. the train just came from maintenance, so in theory it should have been in good shape23:23
abushcrafterforglawn mower, a road, moter way23:24
abushcrafterforgA road as in catagory of road in the uk23:25
abushcrafterforgI can solder well. but evey thing else I am newbie. Dad knows what he is doing.23:26
Aylawpwrak: it went off the rail?23:27
Ayladidn't watch the TV23:27
wpwrakAyla: it didn't brake and crashed into the head station at i think 26 km/h.23:37
Aylawow, ok23:37
Doc_No_ACTA_zerwpwrak: here they said that brake defect is the suspected cause23:38
Doc_No_ACTA_zermaybe stating ethanol induced human failure is a bit too embarrassing? Anyway the train ran on a stop block with full speed23:39
wpwrakDoc_No_ACTA_zer: seems the most likely explanation. they have the black boxes, so they should be able to see what the driver did23:41
Doc_No_ACTA_zerwell, they also should have double failsafe fallback brakes, and deadman switches23:42
wpwrakit would be a bit of an unusual day for drunkenness. we just had a long weekend (monday was a holiday), so the hangover accidents should have happened yesterday23:42
Aylathanksfully it was not a high-speed train23:42
wpwrakthere may not have been enough time for the deadman switch to react. that train probably stopped the last time just 1-2 km before. (not entirely sure - there are some on that line that have fewer stops)23:43
wpwrakAyla: even commuter trains can go fast. e.g., the famous train crash in paris in 1988 (56 dead, 57 injured) was also with a commuter train. that one accelerated to 70 km/h.23:45
Aylathis makes me wonder what would happen with a train that goes around ~350km/h at the cruise speed23:47
wpwrakat such a speed, the train would probably have overrun the buffer. there's probably quite a lot of people inside the station (i've never been inside). and there's a busy avenue right afterwards, with lots of people right outside of the station.23:48
wpwrakAyla: that was what express trains did a bit more than a century ago: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Train_wreck_at_Montparnasse_1895.jpg23:49
Aylaok, I didn't know that one23:50
wpwrakah wait ... yesterday was a holiday, too. didn't even realize :)23:53
wpwrakso yes, maybe there is something to the hangover theory23:54
wpwrakthe minister of transportation helpfully pointed out that, if it had happened on yesterday's holiday, it would have been less severe.23:58
wpwrakand, even better, that it's the kind of accident you read about often in the news.23:58
wpwraksometimes, i'm just baffled by the brilliance of our politicians23:59
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