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zenlunatic /me just ordered a BNN01:14
zenlunaticwonder if 32gb microsdhc was overkill01:28
kristianpaulzenlunatic: congrats for the order ! :)01:44
uncloudedyou'll find an awesome community here, zenlunatic01:53
zenlunaticcool & thanks.01:55
pabs3zenlunatic: how do you plan to use it?02:10
zenlunaticaudio player, getting more familiar with openwrt (brick-protection), transporting sensitive files (don't trust smartphone security)02:13
zenlunaticattracting women if possible02:26
uncloudeddepends if you want to attract the sort of women who love their men hunched over a tiny Linux laptop configuring MPD02:28
kristianpaulYou can show her pictures/comics on the nanonote02:29
kristianpaulor ogv videos, from archive.org i there is really cool stuff there02:30
zenlunaticwill i have to charge the battery before i use it?02:32
kristianpaulif needed02:33
whitequarkmhm. how long will it play some ogg audio until the battery discharges?02:36
kristianpaul6 -7 hrs?02:38
zenlunaticunclouded, you just gave me an idea involving MPD02:44
uncloudedwhat's the idea?02:49
kristianpaulzenlunatic: about 32GB i dont rembber i think max tested was 16GB, xiangfu ?02:50
xiangfuI didn't test them either. yes 16GB is ok.02:51
zenlunaticoh thanks02:52
zenlunaticwill a sandisk microSDHC do?03:21
whitequarkkristianpaul: hm nice03:35
zenlunaticspare batteries look like an option too03:42
Jay7ingenic jz7440-based tablet04:31
Jay7(in russian but with lot of photos)04:31
Jay7english review04:32
Jay7oh, I'm wrong, jz4770-based04:34
rz2kstill cant believe that they sell that for $10004:41
rz2kmips really is SO cheap?04:42
xiangfurz2k, you can buy some device like that in China with even low price. :) 04:50
xiangfuhttps://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/KljTlPutv5qX2VfoRR8ddNMTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0?feat=embedwebsite :)04:54
uncloudedIs the mpd package ( version 0.16.1-1 of mpd) working properly in the latest image?  I kept telling mpd to update it's database but it finds nothing.  there are 119 oggs in /srv/music but it finds none.  There were no errors in the log even when set to verbose.  When I built the mpd package from openwrt-xburst it built version 0.16.5-2 of mpd in an mpd-mini package and that works fine with the same mpd.conf ( apart from req05:57
uncloudeduiring OSS instead of ALSA - I probably built it badly).  Is there magic I need in order to get the stock mpd package to work?05:57
xiangfuunclouded, the mpd works with WAV files. 06:54
xiangfudon't know why it not recognize the OGG files06:54
uncloudedstrange.  where has the mpd-mini package that I built have come from?  direct from openwrt?07:00
unclouded( I'm using the openwrt-xburst build environment as documented on the Qi wiki)07:01
wolfsprauloops :-)07:26
uncloudedis the /etc/asound.conf that sets up softvol supposed to be included by default in the latest image?  I don't see it in 2011-11-13 ( the latest?), which means I can only choose between loud and really loud without finding out that this file is required and going an creating it09:42
xiangfuunclouded, not yet. I think it broken the MIC stuff when I test them.09:43
uncloudedah sorry, I didn't realise.  necessary to get mpd to play music without distorting though.  I can feel a "getting mpd to work" wiki page coming on09:46
jivsfinally got guile 2 working with qi build in openwrt11:43
jivsxiangfu, i need to update libunistring makefile and also need to submit guile 2 makefile11:43
xiangfujivs, great. 11:48
jivsjust created account on qi-hardware project site11:50
xiangfujivs, ok. I will add you to openwrt-package.11:51
jivsIt was actually libiconv-full which was stopping us from guile 2 to run on ben11:51
jivsi am writing a blpg post on this today, will share here when ready11:52
xiangfujivs, what is your username on projects.qi-hardware.com11:53
jivsis it ssh-rsa or ssh-rda key which needs to be added to the profile?12:00
xiangfujivs, yes. for commit12:10
jivsxiangfu, Can i use the same account to update qipackages git?12:45
jivsneed to update libunistring there and also add guile212:45
xiangfujivs, you already added to openwrt-package. so you can modify all the files under http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/openwrt-packages/source/tree/master/12:51
xiangfujivs, :)12:51
jivsokay great, ta12:52
jivsi was not sure how the qi-packages work in terms of git 12:54
jivsas qi-packages come from a separate git link via feeds.conf12:54
xiangfu1. you needs commit to openwrt-package. 12:55
xiangfu2. ./scripts/feeds update -a && ./scripts/feeds install -a12:55
xiangfuyou will see the modify. 12:56
xiangfujivs, for long term run. you better change the qipackage to src-link 12:56
xiangfuthen you don't need keep 2 copy openwrt-packages 12:56
jivssorry, I didn't get how you keep src-link 13:01
xiangfujivs, checkout: http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/devel/feeds13:03
jivsok, it is same as the feeds.conf.default isn't it?13:04
xiangfuif there is no 'feeds.conf' openwrt will use feeds.conf.default13:07
qi-bot[commit] Jiva Nath Bagale: guile 2 Makefile, libunistring updated (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/7addc3114:10
Artyomkristianpaul: hello16:43
ArtyomI've made some changes to my namuru port16:43
ArtyomNow there are 4 correlator channels. That is all that I could put in the FPGA that I use16:44
ArtyomBut it's enough to make a simple GPS receiver.16:45
kristianpaulyeah i noticed your commits16:46
kristianpaulArtyom: btw you lowered threshold a bit16:47
Artyomlowered? I thought I raised it.16:48
ArtyomBut this threshold worked fine with real GPS signal. From space not from imitator16:48
kristianpaulah raise, well may be i did the diff wrong way ;)16:49
kristianpaulmust go lunch, back in some minutes..16:51
Artyombon appetit :)16:52
zenlunaticdoes the BNN detect two-button presses, like C-q for emacs21:27
larsczenlunatic: yes21:31
DocScrutinizergrrr, I hate it when they sew in the RFID chips to my clothes, barely camouflaged as a fabric label22:13
jonand_DocScrutinizer: how else could we keep track of you? :)22:16
larscjonand_: with the rfid chips injected under his skin?22:21
whitequarkDocScrutinizer: I once thought about attaching RFID chips to my socks22:44
whitequarkyou know, to keep track of pairs22:44
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