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kristianpaulwhitequark: he reads the backlog :)00:29
ankitbFolks, please advice command inputs for signal strength bash script for wireless device 11:45
xiangfuankitb, sudo iwconfig 2>&1 | grep Signal ?11:56
ankitbI had tried this its giving output for wireless acess points, Not for USB modems or mobile phone used as modem to connect net12:00
ankitbxiangfu: I had tried this its giving output for wireless acess points, Not for USB modems or mobile phone used as modem to connect net12:00
ankitbi tried AT & AT+CSQ12:00
xiangfuankitb, oh. don't know much about modem.12:01
ankitbxiangfu : My goal is to measure the variable rssi value12:01
Aylaxrssi, isn't that related to geolocalisation?12:14
whitequarkkristianpaul: backlog isn't recorded when the client is offline, is it?13:16
kristianpaulwhitequark: i meant this backlog http://en.qi-hardware.com/irclogs13:54
wolfspraulwpwrak - I had 2 more questions related to the expansion boards, most likely both are just for the record/documentation/faq as well ;-)14:09
wolfspraulthe first one is whether an expansion card can access the conbus/wishbone. the second one whether it can access the sdram directly.14:10
Aylaany experts out there?14:10
Aylaany *ARM* experts out there?14:10
AylaI'm wondering if this ARM instruction is possible:14:11
Aylastmfd r1, {r0-r2}14:11
ankitbFolks, please advice command inputs for signal strength bash script for mobile and USB devices14:16
Last message repeated 1 time(s).14:17
rohstop it.14:17
rohankitb: there IS NO generic way for this.14:17
rohits device dependant14:17
rohand the values while not connected are usually a lie. so ignore them14:17
rohwhile conneted the serial is in use so you cannot poll it.14:18
Aylaresponse to myself: yes it is14:18
ankitbCan i mean that..there is no way to find out the signal Str ??? and when it is no connected then AT+CSQ command respond some values14:21
rohmaybe you should ask the vendor of your device14:22
rohthere are many possibilities. to many for a generic script which works with more than one hardware14:23
ankitbThe common thing that i have observed from different vendors site & mannual is all of them respond to AT commands14:25
kristianpaulwolfspraul: whitequark MAX276914:25
kristianpaulis better option14:25
kristianpaulso i cant work with both gps and glonass and and why not other gnss 14:26
rohankitb: and thats about it. none of the devices adheres to a common set. especially in the mobile market14:26
ankitbSo If you can help me with writing AT commands through bash script it would be great help14:26
rohas i said... i think you need to ask your vendor for documentation. also one serial isnt enough since its blocked while in use for data14:26
kristianpaulankitb: ppp is not for that?14:27
kristianpaulAyla: milkymist experts ;)14:27
Aylakristianpaul: you guys know so much, I supposed you did know that too :p14:28
ankitbkristianpaul: I didnt get ur last comment14:28
ankitbcan you please elaborate14:28
kristianpaulyou want sent at commands to a modem14:28
kristianpaulusing a nanonote? right?14:28
kristianpaulso modem and serial port plus AT commands, well ppp is good for that14:29
ankitbNot exactly!! I want to automate the process of getting signal strength.....using bash script14:29
kristianpauland you already know how to get this data?14:29
kristianpaulat command chains or such..14:30
ankitbCan you please tell me what does ppp stands for? 14:30
ankitbI have tried something called SMSlib, but i am not able to get it running14:30
kristianpaulwhitequark: i tried, may be as you live in russia is different, there is MAX2769 EVKIT, you can try writen then and get one for free or very low costs14:30
kristianpauli did, but they or donr understand me or just a robot reply me with a price..14:31
kristianpaulwhitequark: that EVKIT plus your M1 is the way to to implement  a gps sytems on chip receiver14:31
kristianpaulankitb: seems very unrelated (smslib)14:32
rohwhat does the evk cost?14:32
kristianpaullet me find that mail first14:32
ankitbsmslib is a java library that use to get signal strength ....i tried the minicomm, kmobile tool for getting Signal strength 14:33
kristianpauli see14:33
kristianpaulwell long time i dont do at command, but i remenber some at stuff _jsut_ work with specific hw vendors..14:34
GNUtoo-desktopankitb, what device?14:39
GNUtoo-desktophi btw14:40
kristianpauli think deleted it.. 14:45
kristianpaulwas around 200usd roh 14:46
kristianpaulerghh, WTF $ 566.50 14:46
kristianpaulthats why i deleted the mail i think :)14:46
rohkristianpaul: get samples and solder onto a pcb ;)14:52
kristianpaulroh: already :)14:58
kristianpaulwell not solder, but have the samples here14:58
kristianpauland PCB14:58
whitequarkkristianpaul: max and friends don't send samples to Russia15:58
whitequarkI doubt anyone really does15:58
whitequarkRussians, er, like to get free samples and then don't do anything with them. hence the vendors' reaction is at least justified15:58
kristianpaulwho dont like free samples ;)16:02
kristianpauldamn where i get that 80.192 Mhz clock..16:56
whitequarkkristianpaul: use M1 system clock, and then multiply/divide it?17:05
kristianpaulit should be 65.536 Mhz..17:07
kristianpaulanyway fixing now17:07
wpwrakwolfspraul: hmm, in theory you could repeat bus signals on the expansion header. but if you know the fpga that well, you don't need to read faqs ;-)17:36
wpwrakwolfspraul: normally, you wouldn't think of doing anything like this. e.g., the led matrix is a controller sitting on the configuration bus (conbus ?), has a few registers there, but then has its own "protocol" on the pins of the expansion header17:37
ankitbGNUtoo|laptop, USB modem device ....17:40
GNUtoo|laptopankitb, what protocol does it speak?17:42
GNUtoo|laptopAT or something else?17:42
GNUtoo|laptopnote that "something else" is very common in smartphones nowadays17:42
kristianpaulwpwrak: what is the porpuse of repeating this signal?17:43
ankitbdevices using ppp0 protocol ......It reaspond At command when it doesn't connect to Internet....if we connect it to inter-net ...then it shows the "resource busy" .... 17:46
ankitbGNUtoo|laptop, devices using ppp0 protocol ......It reaspond At command when it doesn't connect to Internet....if we connect it to inter-net ...then it shows the "resource busy" .... 17:46
GNUtoo|laptopankitb, you need a muxer then17:47
ankitbGNUtoo|laptop,  it respond only at+csq command ....17:47
GNUtoo|laptopankitb, how many serial ports appeared?17:47
GNUtoo|laptopbecause there might be many serial port with each port having a specific set of commands17:48
ankitbhow to use muxer ...17:53
ankitbfor command it support only one port ....called as ACM0......aur ACM1.......any one one of them...17:56
ankitbGNUtoo|laptop, and for data it usage 4 port ....like USB0....USB1......USB2.....USB3......but one time it respond form only one port ...dev/ttyACM017:57
GNUtoo|laptopmaybe look in ofono or such software18:01
GNUtoo|laptopfor how they handle your particular modem18:02
wpwrakkristianpaul: that would be for cases where you'd want to "export" a bus on the expansion header. you'd need to bring the signals out somewhere. and you may modify things in the process ...18:04
wpwrakkristianpaul: don't know if wishbone has a means for devices to signal when data is ready on the bus. or if you can mix different bus speeds.18:05
kristianpaulah debug porpuses yes18:09
kristianpaulwishbone, thats question for sebastien :)18:10
kristianpaulbut the ideal will be by jtag library from xilinx18:11
wpwraki think wolfgang was looking for something like an ISA or PCI bus, where you connect external cards18:11
wpwrakor at least one card, conforming to the bus protocol18:12
kristianpaulcern have a wishbone to PCI, i think18:13
kristianpaulyes i see18:13
wpwrak(wishbone to pci) cool ! when we could add a USB controller card and have YET MORE USB interfaces ;-))18:14
kristianpaulbut why not make wishbone avalible phisically not sounds that crazy18:18
kristianpaulwell no hotplug of course :)18:18
wpwrakbut then you need hardware that speaks wishbone. another fpga ?18:27
kristianpaulor cpld, some wishbone to uart cores should exists already18:33
GitHub15[milkymist] kristianpaul pushed 48 new commits to gps-sdr-testing: https://github.com/kristianpaul/milkymist/compare/d1e4dab...e2d56b819:46
GitHub15[milkymist/gps-sdr-testing] fpvm.c: renaming decision in fpvm_assign got reversed - Werner Almesberger19:46
GitHub15[milkymist/gps-sdr-testing] libfpvm: add also functions and internal variables to fnp.ids - Werner Almesberger19:46
GitHub15[milkymist/gps-sdr-testing] libfpvm/unique.c: fix grow_table and strcmp_n - Werner Almesberger19:46
kristianpauli tought a merge was less noisy..19:47
Artyomkristianpaul: I'm not going to use leon3 SoC in the nearest future. Too many efforts were spend on MM SoC to through them ;)20:50
ArtyomBut leon3 SoC seems to be very popular among gnss-developers.20:51
ArtyomFor example javad also uses leon3 in their ASIC20:52
whitequarknow that I look at it, I wonder21:07
whitequarkwhy M1 doesn't use a LEON3 cpu?21:07
whitequarkit's GPL21:07
whitequark3.5kLUT sounds manageable21:08
ali193888267828 Call Computer Expert for your Computer Hardware Problem It's Only For USA Residents.21:24
viricfinally help from an expert21:25
ali193they will guide you accordingly21:26
ali193This is toll free number you can get help from them 88826782821:30
viricI got ti21:31
Aylalol, he /query'd me21:38
viricyour nickname suggests hardware troubles :)21:41
wpwrakAyla: you should tell him that you tried to call the number but it didn't work21:42
Aylahe disconnected :(21:42
kristianpaulArtyom, MM SoC nice :-)21:51
kristianpaulwhitequark: i'm not complete sure but LEON3 is _only_ writen in VHDL21:53
kristianpaulyes lm32 also si around 2500 LUTs21:54
kristianpaulnot that VHDL not way. just look all code is verilog, but you better ask sebastien :)21:55
kristianpaulhe, nice , http://javad.com/cgi-bin/jgnss/cgi?Action=PollManager21:57
kristianpaulArtyom, shame gnss-sensor.com dont share its gnss hdl core ;-)21:59
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