#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2012-02-18

pieywhat is the wallpaper folder for gmenu?07:43
zenlunatichi. hows the BNN fare as a portable audio device?  I'm using a 4gig sansa device with rockbox, but the screen is small for reading the metadata.  i have gigs of lectures/speeches and I'm considering a BNN as a libre solution.16:16
Artyom_kristianpaul: hi18:20
ArtyomThere is update in gnss-sensor.com18:22
ArtyomSeems that they have chosen leon3/sparc_v8 based SoC for their gnss projects18:23
kristianpaulhi !19:19
kristianpauldamn was i a nap..19:19
kristianpauloh god19:20
kristianpaulArtyom, 'includes our proprietary GNSS navigation module" too bad :/ for us of course ;)19:25
kristianpaulArtyom or just just plan re-use the leon3 vhdl soc and integrate namuru on it?19:31
whitequarkkristianpaul: he has quit19:38
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