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qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: cgminer: disable auto detect since Icarus use default PL2303 configuration (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/d3ed78003:34
pieyscp to nanonote gives 'No route to host'11:03
pieyI should also add that ubuntu keeps popping up with "Wired Network disconnected"11:06
wolfspraulsorry don't know11:16
wolfspraulmy ben is often wired over the notebook and it's stable11:16
pieyIs it normal I get "Error: No xburst device found"  when I type usbboot and my ben isn't in usbboot mode?11:21
pieyok thanks11:24
C-Keenat least I need to set the route explicitly11:24
pieyC-Keen: how would I do that?11:26
C-Keenpiey are you aware of. http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Ethernet_over_USB11:27
pieyI'm not connecting over ethernet (wireless), does that matter?11:29
C-Keenpiey: does your nanonotes network interface get an IP adress?11:30
C-Keencan you ping it?11:30
pieyI can ping it.11:31
C-Keenand scp'ing from your host to the nanonote does not work?11:31
C-Keenhow far does it get when you add a -v to the scp call?11:32
whitequarkGNUtoo-desktop: object code ?11:33
pieyit stops at ssh11:34
pieydebug1: Connecting to port 2211:34
pieydebug1: Connecting to address port 22: connection refused11:34
C-Keenpiey: does an sshd run on the nanonote?11:34
GNUtoo-desktopwhitequark, like compiled C or C++ code11:34
GNUtoo-desktopfor instance for arm11:35
pieyC-Keen: I don't think so11:35
C-Keenpiey: that would explain why it does not work11:35
pieyps doesn't list sshd11:35
C-Keendoes it list dropbear?11:36
pieyuuh, I don't think I'm using ps correctlu, I see 3 processes11:37
C-Keenps ax 11:37
GNUtoo-desktopps -w11:37
GNUtoo-desktopif using busybox11:37
pieySorry that I'm such a noob, but ps ax lists more than the screen11:38
C-Keenps ax | grep drop11:38
pieydrop is running11:39
pieysshd does not seem to be running11:40
piey720 tty1 S+ 0:00 grep sshd11:40
pieyis the response I get11:40
C-Keendropbear is an ssh daemon implementation11:40
C-Keenah and the reason it does not work I think is because your root user does not have a password set. You could try using telnet to connect to your nanonote before you do so11:41
pieynope, I don't think that's the problem11:44
pieyI just changed the password, still can't scp11:44
pieyAnd I can't telnet to my ben either :/11:44
GNUtoo-desktopdid you try the right user?11:44
C-Keenpiey: what's your scp call look like?11:44
pieyscp -v -r sdlquake root@
C-Keencan you telnet to the nanonote?11:46
C-Keenand is that the right ip address? :)11:47
pieyUnable to connect to remote host: Connection refused11:47
pieyifconfig lists usb0 as11:47
pieyinet addr:
C-Keenhm, ok11:47
pieybcast doesn't work either :|11:47
pieyI suspect this is something to do with my ubuntu network configuration11:49
pieyWhen I plug in my ben, ubuntu tries to connect to a wired network, without success11:49
piey(I was able to upgrade the firmware on the ben through)11:49
C-Keenpiey: see the issue section at the bottom of the wiki page, maybe you need to tell your network manager to leave usb0 alone11:52
lindi-or you could configure the ip address using network manager?11:52
pieymy interfaces looks like this11:53
pieyiface lo inet loopback11:53
pieylindi-: network-manager-gnome doesn't have anything I could configure11:56
pieyShould Device MAC address be usb0 or eth0?11:57
lindi-piey: hmm, it should11:58
lindi-piey:   http://lindi.iki.fi/lindi/screencast/configure-dns2.ogv11:58
pieyI'm surprised since I installed ubuntu today.11:58
pieyand did nothing else.11:59
pieylindi-: In network connections, I see Wired Connection 1 and 212:00
pieynot Autheth12:00
lindi-piey: no usb0 there?12:01
pieyNope. If I go to 'Edit' for one of the network connections12:01
pieyI can select between usb0 or eth012:01
pieyI'm using a wireless connection12:02
pieyI'm now connected via ethernet.12:03
pieyStill 'connection refused'12:05
pieylindi-: I changed my DNS servers to google's, but I'm still getting the same problem.12:09
lindi-piey: hmm, why did you change dns?12:09
pieyumm, you gave me the video?12:10
piey[06:58] <lindi-> piey:   http://lindi.iki.fi/lindi/screencast/configure-dns2.ogv12:10
lindi-piey: I gave it as an example on how to use network manager12:10
lindi-piey: since you had a problem:  <piey> lindi-: network-manager-gnome doesn't have anything I could configure12:10
lindi-now you have solved this problem since you have configured DNS :P12:10
pieyanyway, what do you mean by "or you could configure the ip address using network manager?"12:11
lindi-piey: you can set "Method:" to static ip12:12
lindi-piey: instead of DHCP12:12
pieyDone, however that doesn't fix anything :(12:13
lindi-somebody who has ubuntu and ben nanonote might want to create a screencast that shows how this is done :)12:14
pieyI doubt a screencast would help..12:16
pieysudo ifconfig usb0 scp -r sdlquake root@
GNUtoo-desktoppiey, connect the cable and wait for network manager to fail to find the network12:17
GNUtoo-desktopand then ifconfig + scp12:17
pieyconnect ethernet / USB?12:17
GNUtoo-desktopthere is no ethernet on the nanonote12:18
GNUtoo-desktopthere is only an usb cable12:18
pieyI was asking if it's my computer's ethernet12:18
pieyGNUtoo-desktop: scp doesn't work12:20
pieycould anyone who has connected a ben tell me what to do?12:26
GNUtoo-desktopI've no ben12:27
GNUtoo-desktopso I don't know12:27
pieylike, after setting a password and ipconfig  scp should work?12:27
GNUtoo-desktopthe openmoko wiki has an extensive howto on usb networking12:27
GNUtoo-desktopbut adapt the ip with the ip of the ben12:27
xiangfupiey, Hi12:30
pieyhi xiangfu!12:30
xiangfupiey,  1. connect ben nanonote to your PC with the usb cable.12:30
xiangfu1. then ifconfig -a will show usb0 in both side.12:30
xiangfusorry. 2. then ifconfig -a will show usb0 in both side, (nanonote and your PC)12:31
xiangfuthe usb0 of nanonote configured as by default.12:31
C-Keenah wrong network12:32
pieyxiangfu: yep, I see usb0 on both sides12:32
pieyI don't see for usb0 through12:32
C-Keenwhat's it instead?12:33
pieyit is a IPv6 address12:33
xiangfupiey, in nanonote12:33
pieyfe80 something.12:34
xiangfupiey, are you running the 'ifconfig -a' in nanonote terminal?12:34
pieyoh, on my nanonote it is
xiangfuyes. then 12:35
xiangfurun this command in your PC:12:35
xiangfuifconfig  usb0
xiangfusetup your PC usb0 to .254.10012:35
pieyusb0 is now
xiangfusetup a password under nanonote terminal. by running 'passwd'12:36
xiangfuthen you can ssh root@
xiangfuto access ben nanonote.12:37
xiangfuor scp FILES root@
xiangfuif you want make nanonote access Internet. you have to run another two commands in your PC:12:37
xiangfusudo iptables -A POSTROUTING -t nat -j MASQUERADE -s
xiangfusudo sysctl -w net.ipv4.ip_forward=112:38
pieyxiangfu: I have a problem through12:38
pieyI can't ssh.12:38
xiangfucheck the ifconfig usb0 result in your PC. the nm-applet may reset your usb012:38
pieyusb0 is no longer on my pc when I ifconfig12:38
xiangfupiey, ok. that is the nm-applet problem.12:39
pieyok, how do I get nm-applet to stop doing that?12:40
xiangfuadd those lines(http://pastebin.com/nU2tpCHw) to your /etc/network/interfaces12:40
xiangfuand restart nm-applet 12:41
xiangfuyou can just [killall -s 9 nm-applet && nm-applet &] to restart it. 12:41
pieytext editor won't let me change interfaces12:43
xiangfupiey, sudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces12:43
pieygonna restart my computer to kill nm-applet12:45
pieyxiangfu: after a restart, I don't see usb0 on ifconfig12:49
xiangfupiey, ifconfig -a?12:49
pieyoh ,now I do12:50
pieyit still doesn't have a IP address12:51
pieycould you repeat what I should do with ifconfig to set it? I rebooted and lost the logs12:51
xiangfu1. ifconfig usb0 on your PC.12:52
xiangfu2. no needs touch nanonote anymore. since the ip address is configured by default and you already setup the password on nanonote.12:52
pieyurrgg, I don't think it's working :(12:55
pieyWait, it is!12:56
pieyI just have to do ifconfig usb0 every time I plug my nanonote in.12:56
pieyThanks for your help xiangfu !12:56
xiangfu( ifconfig usb0 every time) yes. 12:57
wpwraki have a script that basically does this:12:58
wpwrakecho 1 >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward12:59
wpwrakifconfig usb0 up && ssh "$@"12:59
pieyOh great, I can't scp :/12:59
pieyI can ping
wpwrakfirst line enables IP forwarding (so the ben will then be able to reach the internet), the second sets up the interface and runs ssh12:59
pieyConnection refused12:59
pieywhen I scp the same IP12:59
wpwrakscript is called "ben". so to log on, i type "ben". to run a command, "ben whatever"12:59
xiangfuwpwrak, I have the same script file :)13:00
wpwrakxiangfu: great mind think alike ;-)13:00
xiangfupiey, you have to scp to not 10013:00
xiangfupiey, scp FILE root@
pieyit is working! :D13:01
pieyThank you!!13:01
wpwrakah, here it is: http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/wernermisc/source/tree/master/bin/ben13:01
xiangfuwpwrak, replace mine :D13:05
xiangfuwpwrak, hmm.. so you are use 'root' in your PC system?13:07
xiangfuwpwrak, I just add root@ 13:07
wpwrakah yes, i do everything as root13:09
wpwrakyou'll probably need a few sudos then, too. for ifconfig and such13:12
wpwrakthough if you run the whole thing under sudo, i think it should work13:12
xiangfuwpwrak, yes. 13:13
kristianpaul"i do everything as root" 0_o -> xD13:21
kristianpaulabout scripts i tought was one that is "fired" from udev13:34
kristianpaulalso for a voiding network-manager (in some systems) to mess with ben add auto usb0 to /etc/network/interfaces13:35
whitequarkGNUtoo-desktop: so you want IDA14:15
GNUtoo-desktopyes but a free software version14:16
GNUtoo-desktopare the free ones that are already there usable?14:17
GNUtoo-desktoplike for instance RADARE14:17
GNUtoo-desktopor stuff like that14:17
GNUtoo-desktopor frida14:17
whitequarkradare has only trivial code analysis14:20
whitequarkand, er14:20
whitequarkfrida is really hard to google14:20
whitequarkat least I'm unable to find the reverse engineering related one14:21
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: m1nor: search fjmem.bit also in /usr{/local,}/share/milkymist/fjmem.bit (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/b05481f17:27
Artyomkristianpaul: hi18:53
kristianpaulArtyom: hi20:09
kristianpaulbtw did you buyed that book "Fundamentals of GPS Receivers: A Hardware Approach" ? :-)20:09
kristianpaullooks really interesting to get one ;)20:09
ArtyomNo, I haven't bought it. Rather expensive for me...20:10
kristianpaulexpensive for me same..20:11
ArtyomI wanted to tell that I published my Softosgps port (only acquisition and tracking is done). 20:11
ArtyomThere are some updates comparing to the original code20:12
kristianpaulyup just did svn up today and noticd it :)20:12
kristianpaulhavent done a full diff yet 20:12
ArtyomFor example: IQ and only-I signal processing can be chosen20:12
ArtyomMost "magic numbers" are calculated during initialization20:13
ArtyomAnd I tried to put all global variables in one header20:14
ArtyomTo make the code more readable20:14
kristianpaulI tought osgps was using globar variables already?20:14
ArtyomAnd also some steps towards glonass implementation are done20:15
Artyomyes, osgps use global variables. But they are spread among several files. I think it's better to keep them in one place20:17
kristianpauldamn that book is pretty nice20:26
whitequarkArtyom: hi20:28
whitequarkabout milkymist20:28
whitequarkI've been quite busy at work, so I didn't even unpacked it (yet), but it has definitely arrived20:28
whitequarkthe customs definitely weren't a problem20:28
kristianpaulwhitequark: how much you paid to customs?20:30
Artyomyeah, that is definitly a good news. MM price is relatively low to have troubles with customs :)20:30
whitequarkkristianpaul: nothing20:31
kristianpauloh cool !20:31
whitequarkI've got more than 15 parcels of different size, weight, originating country and contents in the last year20:32
whitequarkall have arrived in less than 25 days, relatively unharmed20:32
ArtyomAs I understand goods with price below 1000 euro should pass through customs without any problems20:33
whitequarkthe declared sum was something like $7520:33
whitequarkof course that means no insurance20:33
ArtyomAccording to rules of customs union (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus)20:35
Artyomwhitequark: It would be interesting to hear about your experience with MM1 ;)20:44
whitequarkwhat particularly?20:44
Action: kristianpaul tempted to buy the book20:52
kristianpaulat least i can find other way to get it of course :)20:53
Artyomstarting from the beginning: one thing is to see something in the internet and absolutely another to touch something with your hands :) BTW Are you going to use it as a vj-tool? Or you have some projects that you want to check with MM1?20:54
ArtyomSome parts of the book are available through google-book20:55
ArtyomAt home I could read chapter 120:56
Artyomat wotk chapter 820:56
ArtyomWhich chapter can you read? ;)20:56
whitequarkArtyom: nah, I don't even know who VJs are (except for Wikipedia article obviously)20:56
whitequarkbut it's better than most FPGA devboards around here20:56
kristianpaulArtyom: yeap20:57
kristianpauli got appendix A B C D E in pdf..20:57
Artyomwhitequark: what benefits do you consider important?20:57
kristianpaultought shipping is just 9usd nice20:58
whitequarkArtyom: being designed by people whose goal is to make a piece of good HW and not to sell a ton of accessories (I'm looking at you, Digilent)21:01
kristianpaulchapter 6 here 21:03
Artyomkristianpaul: another 10 persons and we will be able to read all the book :)21:05
kristianpaulI'm interested on chapter 921:05
kristianpaulbtw i think i messed a wire here, either your soc is not working on my board21:06
kristianpauli guess the gps clock is not working good...21:06
kristianpauldebuging right now with scope.. :|21:06
kristianpaulmake that cable longer was not a good idea after all..21:06
Action: kristianpaul at 34°C and goes for lemonade21:07
wpwrakonly 26 C  here:) but 83% humidity ...21:09
Action: whitequark has read that as "83% humanity"21:09
Artyomwhitequark: I personaly appreciate the SoC. It's the only open-source analogue to microblaze in my understanding. (BTW I bought my Digilent board long before MM 1 was developed).21:13
whitequarkArtyom: M1 SoC can run on most FPGAs powerful enough at the market21:13
ArtyomI know it. And I play with it on one of them...21:14
Artyomkristianpaul: what cables are you talking about?21:17
kristianpaulArtyom: some that goes from the sige EVB to M121:18
Artyomand how long is your cable? Mine is about 15-20  cm21:18
kristianpaulwow quite long, do you use some shielding?21:19
Artyomdistance doesn't seem to long for 16Mhz... 21:21
whitequarka "wiggler" programmer for atmegas (1MHz maybe) is known not to work with cable lengths over 30-50cm21:22
whitequarkand it did fail for me on some occasions21:22
kristianpaulwhitequark: btw what your plans with M1?21:22
kristianpaulare you interesting on the gps system on chip implementation Artyom is working on for glonass?21:23
whitequarkkristianpaul: hmm. I'm going to do something with it21:23
kristianpaulor gps on my side :)21:23
whitequarkgps sounds interesting21:23
whitequarkdo I need any special hardware?21:23
kristianpaulit is21:23
kristianpaulyou need a receiver21:23
kristianpaulyou already have a M1 :D21:23
kristianpaulArtyom: your website is down?21:24
whitequarkkristianpaul: ahem21:25
whitequarkI thought your GPS work involved parsing raw signals21:25
Artyomwhitequark: simple rf front-end to receive, amplify and digitize gps signal21:25
kristianpaulwhitequark: yes21:25
kristianpaulusing milkymist :)21:25
whitequarkok, isn't the RF frontend "special hardware"?21:26
kristianpaulnope at all21:26
Artyomkristianpaul: it worked an hour ago... But now there are some problems...21:26
whitequarkhm interesting21:26
kristianpaulwhitequark: check http://gnss-sdr.ru/ soon ;)21:26
Artyomyeah, I gues I should change hosting provider once...21:28
Artyomnow it works :)21:28
Artyomtime to sleep. gn21:31
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