#qi-hardware IRC log for Thursday, 2012-02-16

pabs3some interesting comments there, some folks mentioned proprietary CPU designs for eg02:35
viricAnother judge says it's legal to sell Nintendo DS cartridges17:36
viricas "any user can do whatever he wants with the devices he buys"17:36
kyakor she18:16
virickyak: I don't know very well how to write english more neutral :)20:33
viricanyone runs linux 3.2 in the ben?21:10
larscwell, it's the kernel that's currently flashed on my nanonote. but i wouldn't say i'm using it21:12
viricok ok21:13
viricsorry.. if you checked #mipslinux, I wondered if the nanonote could also be getting corrupted net transfers21:13
whitequarkviric: I seen "s/he" a lot of times22:03
viricSometimes I use 'that'22:04
viric"any user can do whatever that wants with the device that buys"22:04
viricI don't like the s/he :)22:05
whitequark'it' can also work, then22:07
whitequarknah, these are users anyway.22:07
whitequarkwho cares22:07
whitequarkremember I was writing a Flash decompiler?22:34
whitequarknow it's not only more beautiful (and of course cheaper than $1k)22:35
whitequarkit's even more correct with some common case involving a `dup' opcode!22:35
whitequarkwhere that stupid piece of software just duplicates an expression with side effects, I actually introduce a spurious variable.22:35
whitequarkanyone wants a compiler or decompiler? :D22:38
GNUtoo-desktopwhitequark,maybe a decompiler  for object code23:00
GNUtoo-desktoplike object-code->assembly->C23:01
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