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wolfspraulcladamw: hi Adam :-)07:04
cladamwwolfspraul, hi07:05
wolfspraulwhat are the *thickest* sizes you normally find at a simple PCB maker, say for a 1- or 2-layer PCB?07:05
wolfspraulI have regularly seen 2.0mm and 2.5mm07:05
wolfspraulhow about 3?07:05
wolfsprauloh cool, just checked here... http://newheart.com.tw/e-capability.asp07:07
cladamwthickest? I've seen 3mm for like mainframe board but don't know which one is most regular.07:07
wolfspraultotal maximum board thickness is given there at 5 mm (or 6mm for 'high-end')07:08
wolfspraulbut that's for all layers...07:08
cladamwyup. the link is pcb makers they must be have to show their capability.07:08
wolfspraulI'm wondering what the thickest core thickness is07:08
wolfspraulthey only give the 'minimum core thickness' :-)07:09
wolfspraulbut not the maximum core thickness...07:09
wolfspraulI'm wondering whether we can make case parts from a pcb maker :-)07:09
cladamwhu? for case purpose ?07:10
cladamwhm..i see.07:10
wolfspraulcan they make rectangular holes? don't know07:10
wolfspraulbut I think they have an efficient process that could well make nice case parts07:11
wolfspraulwith silkscreen and all :-)07:11
cladamwso then i should call here though directly to know what maximum regularly sell in their experiences. ;-)07:11
wolfspraulno need, I am just evaluating a little now, will ask here07:11
wolfspraulas usual everything can be made, theoretically, but I'm wondering what's cheap and common07:12
wolfspraul2.5mm core definitely seems standard07:12
wolfspraulcladamw: you understand my idea about making case parts out of pcb cores?07:12
wolfspraulI just realized today that they have an entire efficient process setup that may deliver us pretty much the same parts we have now, just not in acrylic07:13
wolfspraulmaybe I will make a test case like that first :-)07:13
cladamwbut there shou'd not have a standard thickness said as 2.5mm. ;-) but you can evaluate there with direct call. ;-)07:13
wolfspraulno need right now07:14
cladamw(case) nice idea though.07:14
wolfspraul2.5mm is a standard thickness I think07:14
wolfsprauljudging from what I can see on the market here in China. but I will ask around a bit, just had the idea now - I'm sure there will be some problems...07:14
cladamwbtw, someone wanted to order GPM panle again from me. ;-) fyi.07:15
cladamwsure, ask first. ;-)07:15
wpwrakgpm ?07:15
wolfspraulnice, did you sell them?07:15
cladamwGiantplus LCM, yes07:15
wpwrakwolfspraul: i wonder if they can reliably source unclad PCBs for you. else, you'll pay for a lot of copper ...07:16
wolfspraulI can source them on the market here easier than you source a chewing gum down the street :-)07:16
wolfspraulthe copper looks nice too actually, but in any case we need holes for the leds07:17
wolfspraulI think I will make a test case, I have several anyway, like wood07:17
wpwrakwolfspraul: but i think you may be trying to solve a non-problem. the case is so expensive because you're buying from the wrong place. now you're kinda trying to extract drinking water from rain because you find the price of mineral water at the pharmacy too expensive.07:17
wolfspraulI add one out of pcb, with and without copper :-)07:17
wolfspraulnah you are too rigid, this is an experiment only07:18
wolfspraulI just realized they may have the process already...07:18
wpwraksure. try it :) but you should also try to find a proper acrylics place07:18
wolfspraulyou like my pcb idea, I see :-)07:19
wpwrakat least you wouldn't have to worry about crazy thickness tolerances :)07:22
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: cgminer: add Icarus support (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/622aa4411:32
cladamwDocScrutinizer51, hi thanks for your comments on ML. ;-)11:56
cladamwAbout the V29 ~ V30 : AVR-M1005C080MTACB, it's the compatible part I were trying to meet Panasonic p/n: EZJP0V080DA and suited to replace those 47pF/C273~C277(CD-in & Line-in). so it's compatible. ;-)11:57
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: m1/patches/rtems/series: update and bring back milkymist-midi-opt.patch (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/60601c913:45
askerczI am trying to create a xburst toolchain on my linux mint debian system, but the compiler tells me that "no gail package was found". What is this mysterious gail package?19:09
askerczor GAIL_LIBS19:09
Aylaapt-cache search gail19:09
AylaI believe you need to install libgail-dev19:10
askerczayla: I have it yet, I installed after, but it is not it wants19:10
Aylalibgail-3-dev then19:10
Aylaor libgail-3-0, or libgail18, one of those :p19:11
askerczayla: ok, I am trying now but I don't understand why openwrt needs gnome accessibility tools19:12
Aylaheh, I don't know19:12
askerczayla: the compilation failed again :)19:13
askerczayla: the compilation failed again :(19:14
askerczayla: it always stops at gkhtml19:14
AylaI don't use that toolchain, so I can't really help you19:15
viric'a xburst toolchain''19:18
viricwhy it wants something beyond gcc, libc and binutils?19:18
askerczviric: I would like to set up a build environment to try create NN apps19:19
askerczviric: I found a tutorial on qi-hardware and trying to set it up19:20
askerczviric: never did that before19:20
viricI don't know the tutorial...19:20
askerczviric: I just would like to compile some program for the nanonote19:24
viricdid you ever cross build anything before?19:25
askerczviric: never19:26
askerczviric: this is a tutorial I follow19:28
askerczviric: http://www.mostlymaths.net/2010/04/my-first-port-to-ben-nanonote-gnugo.html19:28
askerczviric: but it stops at compiling the basic kernel and toolchain19:29
viricthe path to cross-building has many holes where people can fall19:31
viricmaybe if you paste the error you get...19:31
wpwrakalways wear a Ring of Levitation (+2)19:32
viric+2 always helps, of course19:32
askerczwhat is the absolut minimum I should compile in this kernel to get it work? The NN have not much chip in it, I suppose: cpu, memory, audio, usb, sdcard what else?19:35
viricyou use openwrt right?19:37
viricopenwrt should have all prechosen for you19:37
askerczviric: http://pastebin.com/g3Qijv3z19:39
viricgrr I can't enter that site without cookies19:40
askerczviric: I can see, a captcha19:41
viricaskercz: try sprunge.us :)19:43
askerczviric: http://sprunge.us/bBeG19:47
viricgtkhtml can very well depend on a gnome thing19:49
viricwhy you build gtkhtml, I don't know19:49
askerczviric: neither do I. I am chasing it in the menuconfig and kill it.19:50
askerczviric: for the toolchain, I have not to compile other programs, isn't it?19:51
askerczprobably it is a dumb question, but is there a way to compile for the nanonote only by defining with a makefile all the mips-xburst thing and not having a compiled kernel for this platform?22:13
askerczlarsc: is there a tutorial for that?22:24
larscaskercz: hm, not sure. what do you want to do?22:26
askerczlarsc: trying to port apps22:26
askerczlarsc: with sdl probably22:26
larscif the makefile is properly written all you need to do is pass the correct CC, LD, CFLAGS, etc. variables22:27
askerczlarsc: thanks, I will search for it. btw, there is a way to use a .so file instead of a .h one? I have a source file, but only a compiled library to link to...22:28
larscbut maybe i misunderstood the question22:30
askerczlarsc: no, thanks for your reply22:37
askerczbtw, I don't understand yet a lot of things, but NN is fun.23:11
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