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qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: midi2osc: fix translation of Note On and Pitch; add debug output (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/58d192b00:04
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: midi2osc: added processing of program change events (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/45a0c1700:04
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: m1/perf: deleted. all this has long moved into flickernoise/src/compiler/ptest (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/2d4a88600:04
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: midi2osc: when reporting an unrecognized MIDI event, print its number (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/8e81abd00:26
randrashi, on the ben nanonote, the explorer application is integrated in gmenu2 or a separate one?09:04
xiangfurandras, in gmenu2x09:32
randrasxiangfu: thank you09:32
kyaknot a Ben NanoNote killer, of course.. but hey, compare the specs for the same price16:43
kyakkinda makes me sad16:43
viricwifi also works more broadly than atben16:46
kyakif it was the only point...16:48
viricno no16:49
viricI mean as in qi technlogy vs closed world technology16:49
rohkyak: where to you get the idea that a low end android crap tablet would kill anything?17:12
viricit's full of low end android craps17:12
rohi got oiles of such stuff around due to work, and believe me.. its not worth 50 bucks17:12
rohbad screen, bad touch bad battery and: its a tablet and not really useable or practical if you got real computers nearby17:13
rohif you search for a screen to nail to the wall for your new lighting system, sure. but for 'regular use' these devices are bust17:14
virictablets are not for computer users.17:14
rohfrom what i see they are not for use17:14
viricpeople do not necessarily buy things they will use17:15
rohthey are there to be sold and generate numbers for google to hold up on shareholder meetings17:15
AylaI'd rather see something like a smartphone dock17:25
Aylaon which you can plug a keyboard, a monitor, etc17:25
AylaIMHO the future is smartphones + docks, not tablets17:28
whitequarkroh: +1 about tablets.17:36
whitequarkor I'd say +1k.17:37
whitequarkthe lowest device class on usefulness/cost scale17:37
Aylathat's why it sells :p17:38
whitequarkthat's the reason I could not sell an apple (no, not the biten one) for $1k17:41
whitequarkit is more useful: you can at least eat it.17:41
whitequarkoh damn.19:35
whitequarkqualcomm bought atheros. like years ago.19:35
wpwraksweet, eh ? :)19:38
Action: whitequark has drawn a black contour over Atheros' name.19:39
whitequarkbye, friend19:39
Artyomkristianpaul: hi20:07
GNUtooand we even had free firmwares like for carlsomething20:08
kristianpaulArtyom: hello20:22
ArtyomHow is your GPS project?20:23
kristianpaulhavent tried the last HDL namuru of yours i adapted to m120:24
kristianpaulthe tracking algortym is done, need to try it out20:25
Artyomkristianpaul: Do I understand you right: you could check my namuru-port. And tracking is working? Or I didn't understand you correctly?20:27
kristianpaulI will try your namuru port, havent trie the bistream so i dont know if track works20:28
Artyombut the namuru-core itself works fine on wishbone-bus?20:30
kristianpaulmine dont20:32
kristianpaulwell it was..20:32
ArtyomAnd did you try mine?20:33
kristianpaulI will :)20:33
ArtyomAnd I switch back to SoftOSGPS. I need to understand better how some parts of the code are working.20:35
ArtyomAfter careful examination of it's documentation code doesn't look as bad as it seemed before :)20:36
kristianpaulyou mean documentation code the PDF's?20:36
kristianpaulfrom the developer website?20:36
kristianpaulyour words sounds very good then :)20:36
ArtyomBut some parts are made very specific. Not like in the books that I've read ;)20:36
ArtyomYes, pdf from official web site20:37
kristianpaulso you run softosgps in real time?20:38
kristianpaulI plan to make gpsrcvr to run on rtems..20:39
kristianpaulas soon i can confirm tracking20:39
Artyomno, it's too slow to work in real time ;) It is about 10 times slower then real time20:40
ArtyomAnd I plan to experiment with bare-metal during some time... Just like OSGPS work. And later I would like to switch to RTEMS20:41
kristianpaulyeah, how you plan store ephemeris witn bare-metal?20:43
kristianpaulor is okay just cold start?20:43
kristianpauli like bare-metal btw :)20:45
kristianpauli just use rtems for the yafss (nor filesystem) support20:45
ArtyomAt first I can use only cold-start. Later I think I will try to invent something to put ephemeris+almanac in the flash memory.20:46
ArtyomOr may be even transmit this data through uart20:47
kristianpaulArtyom: does namuru uses same memory map as gp2021?20:52
Artyomno, it doesn't20:53
kristianpauli was thinkign about doing a table for showing register equivalences20:56
kristianpaulso in theory once this memory map is OK, gpsrcvr should work..20:56
kristianpaulwith some minors tweask about timing ..20:58
ArtyomExcept registers also magic numbers must be corrected (Do you remember out conversation about numbers that depend on clock frequency like TIC-control-word, accum_int-sontrol-word and so on)20:59
kristianpaulyes i rember21:00
ArtyomI also want to correct some parts of the code. Also add IQ-data support. and GLONASS support.21:00
kristianpaulIQ :D21:01
kristianpaulto softosgps you mean=21:01
kristianpaulah well should me same for gpsrcvr21:02
Artyomsoftosgps and namuru-core too21:04
ArtyomBTW there is interesting new book about hardware receivers: http://www.amazon.com/Fundamentals-GPS-Receivers-Hardware-Approach/dp/146140408821:11
kristianpauloh hardware aprouch21:13
Artyomtime to sleep for me... It's 1:14am here...  bye!21:14
kristianpaulbye !21:14
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