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abushcrafterhasfffvp8 is the better codec02:59
abushcrafterhasfits me qwebirc6166603:02
kristianpaulah, ! Wellcome :)03:02
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: bard: whitespace cleanup (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/cc8b88b03:25
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: new pakcage: icarus python miner software (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/f8417fd03:25
abushcrafterhasfCould one connect a DMX disco light to a nano note?03:34
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: icarus-miner: restart the cron (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/5b4b30803:34
wolfspraulabushcrafterhasf: hah :-) the Milkymist One would probably be an easier path...03:37
wolfspraulcan you tell us more about what you want to do?03:37
wolfspraulwhat kind of DMX devices do you have on the DMX bus?03:37
abushcrafterhasfmojo spin master 103:38
abushcrafterhasfif I rember corectly03:38
abushcrafterhasfit has 2 moters03:39
wolfspraulwell, from the Ben NanoNote to DMX is quite a way03:39
wolfspraulbut the Milkymist One has DMX in and out connectors right on it...03:39
wolfspraulthat's the type of application Milkymist One was built for03:40
abushcrafterhasf£70 or 80 or 90 evil bay a few years ago03:40
abushcrafterhasfdid not know milkymist had dmx03:40
wolfspraulwhereas the Ben NanoNote is more a pocket computer like for music playing, mobile video watching, notes, tasks, offline mail, math, games, etc.03:40
wolfspraulbut thanks for asking, I see you want to do *everything* with the Ben, which is the right attitude :-)03:43
abushcrafterhasfcosts a lot though. whats the advantages over Arduino?03:59
abushcrafterhasfright bed time04:01
wolfspraulplease come back we can go over dmx/arduino etc04:02
wolfspraulcan't compare m1 to arduino, as you see in the price already04:02
wolfspraulif an arduino board can do what you want to do, go for that04:03
wolfspraulso much before sleep :-)04:03
rjeffrieswolfspraul I see you purcahsed atben and atusb from Tuxbrain (good move) did you also consider the remaining stock (if any) of UBB?04:16
abushcrafterhasfI will look at the logs when I am back.09:13
kristianpaulWhat's wrong with pulser..11:31
whitequarkwolfspraul: http://www.fedex.com/Tracking?cntry_code=us&tracknumber_list=898466442540&language=english13:07
whitequarkare they smoking pot on their workplace?13:07
whitequarkor: any sane explanations for the, ahem, route?13:08
wolfspraulwell not too bad13:11
wolfspraullet's not second-guess fedex routing software... :-)13:11
wolfspraulthey have 700 airplanes to fill all the time13:11
whitequarktoo much spare airplanes, I guess13:11
wolfspraulthe route is not bad I think13:12
Action: whitequark tries to draw the route on the map13:12
wolfspraulfirst west, then a little north and east13:12
whitequarkmaybe they're trying to make an obscene word with that13:12
wolfspraulthe thing i worry about is Russian customs13:12
whitequarkI guess that the Paris line in the middle is a processing error13:12
whitequarkRussian customs... I never had problems with them13:13
whitequarkfor example, I recently purchased a box with a lot of stuff, incl. quite heavy SMD 0805 res & cap samples from ITeadStudio13:13
whitequarkit has already passed customs13:13
whitequarkneither of my previous parcels had passed through them, at least that wasn't shown explicitly on our mail tracking service13:13
whitequarkhas taken it a day in Bryansk13:14
whitequarktuxbrain still has not sent my stuff13:17
whitequarkthe order is "Processed"13:17
wolfspraulwhat did you order from tuxbrain?13:29
whitequarka NN, two atbens and atusb13:33
whitequarkto experiment with 6lowpan and 802.15.4 stuff13:33
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: icarus-miner: add " around WORKDER (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/3a9287c13:35
jivsI am trying to build toolchain using qi-hardware's openwrt trunk 15:28
jivsand it is failing with a failed patch http://pastebin.com/A8tDY7gi15:28
jivsanyone else built toolchain recently?15:28
jivstoolchain is r29936 on  master branch, using packaes@2848515:29
DocScrutinizerwhitequark: ask paulfertser about his experience with Nokia N900/<other_prototype>20:21
DocScrutinizerwhat's definitely worse is IL customs20:22
DocScrutinizerthey seem to have a habit to suspect explosives in everything, so they stash it 4 weeks in a bunker, then attach a fistfull of C4 to it and "neutralize the threat"20:23
DocScrutinizer[2012-02-09 21:25:01] <infobot> hmm... israel-sucks is http://www.dhl.com/content/g0/en/express/tracking.shtml?brand=DHL&AWB=6936258346%0D%0A20:25
DocScrutinizerwtf happened with that tracking report?? They kicked out the ~30 "Clearance Delay" entries20:26
rz2k[21:48:50] <whitequark> [13:13:01] Russian customs... I never had problems with them22:41
rz2kyou had HS code on package that said to customs that nothing interesting inside22:42
wpwrak"chewing gum. used."22:42
rz2kif HS will be "testing equipment" you will suffer hell of a lot from them22:43
rz2kmany guys bought Rigols from DX that got stuck there22:44
whitequarkDX writes just "electric parts" on a wifi dongle with 1W frontend22:44
whitequarkand they _always_ write price lower than it is22:44
whitequarkso I think you could ask them nicely22:45
rz2kalso theres some stuff going on with UPS Europe22:45
rz2kmany german webstores dont wanna ship to Ru22:45
whitequarkmany webstores don't want to ship to russia22:46
whitequarkit's just a general rule22:46
rz2kjust saying that they cant do needed paperwork22:47
rz2kI mean webstores that shipped to Ru in past22:47
rz2kalso our groupbuy package arrived to postoffice22:48
whitequarkyeah I know22:48
whitequarkfor what these lazy fuckos do have electronic tracking system if the package arrives at 13:40, and shows on the site at 23:30?!22:48
rz2kabout wtf HS codes are http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harmonized_Commodity_Description_and_Coding_System22:50
whitequarkAperture Science Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System22:51
rz2khaving a 80m ethernet made from 4 pieces is generally a bad idea, right?22:54
whitequarkdepends on your speed22:54
rz2kRX packets:7038774 errors:11622:55
whitequarkrecent gigabit cards are quite good at working on not-very-good mediums22:55
whitequarkthat's way less than 1%22:55
rz2kmy dlink is from another era22:55
whitequarknothing to care about I'd say22:55
whitequarkunless you want to replace the cable22:55
whitequarkI'd try to use a more recent NIC, through22:56
whitequarktechnology constantly improves. to get gigabit speeds you'll need a better frontend, and this way you'll get better results at 100mbit too22:56
rz2kgigabit? corbina? wat?22:56
whitequarkyou don't get my idea22:57
whitequarkyou'll still use a 100mbit connection22:57
whitequarkbut with a better NIC. better sensitivity, for example. higher grade of components22:57
whitequarkanyway, you don't seem to have a big packet loss anyway22:58
rz2ki dont have any NAS or other highspeed stuff at home, so theres no point for gigabits :3 and that 80m cable is my router to isp connection.23:01
whitequarkI bought a gigabit router just because I could23:03
whitequarkit was $100 back then23:03
whitequarkafter a few months the price dropped to $5023:03
whitequarkalso: mimo n wifi and a decent cpu. the latter _does_ matter with corbina due to their use of L2TP23:03
whitequarkbut honestly, I'd just recommend you to switch to onlime23:04
whitequarkit's basically the same, but without any VPNs or idiots inside23:04
rz2kfor that I need to switch to another house first :D23:04
rz2kI checked out wire-in from roof.23:05
rz2ktheres 50+ cables in 10cm radius hole23:05
rz2konlime dont wanna go fuck with that23:05
whitequarkcut them. do that repeatedly. when all others will refuse to serve this house, call onlime.23:05
rz2kseems like I have tons of frame errors on line23:37
rz2kRX packets:28218 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:163926323:37
wpwrakadda hub/switch/router in the middle to regenerate the signal ?23:38
whitequarkhave you looked at the segment connections?23:46
whitequarkmaybe they're connected with nothing but meters of blue insulation tape23:46
rz2ktape can handle everything)23:47
wolfspraulgood morning qiots!23:48
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