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whitequarkI think I heard a particular word on this channel, but I couldn't recall why09:20
whitequarkand the top google hit is my own question on StackExchange09:20
whitequarkIIRC, it was said by DocScrutinizer, but I couldn't find it in logs09:21
whitequarksomething about telephony, maybe09:21
DocScrutinizernot by me09:23
whitequarkmaybe you have an idea? that was in last two weeks09:25
pabs3if there was ever a case for free hardware: "A lot of cards, particularly SanDisk and Pretec seem to have the ability to cheat the benchmarks (including iozone) with smaller test sizes." http://www.altechnative.net/?p=40809:54
zrafa_kristianpaul: wpwrak : You there?16:03
zrafa_kristianpaul: from http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_Ae0PmYTPcTs/Sc_cW6s8j1I/AAAAAAAAAOk/U32TDh4FKEU/s1600-h/Coreduino_Schematic.png  I would like to know which capacitor C1 to buy.16:04
zrafa_it says 15pf16:04
zrafa_I check this picture : http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_Ae0PmYTPcTs/SfjBj66xWmI/AAAAAAAAAS0/OE7MNLUS_dY/s1600-h/Coreduino_Top1.jpg (the capacitor is the bottom right)16:04
zrafa_And from digikey I find this : http://search.digikey.com/us/es/cat/capacitors/ceramic/131083?k=15pf16:05
zrafa_I do not know if I should choose one of 10V. Or how to know?16:06
zrafa_some help? :)16:08
kristianpaulzrafa_: but the one that looks like a lenteja16:08
kristianpaulahh this smd stuff16:08
kristianpaul10V should be okay, what cares more is package for you smd16:09
zrafa_kristianpaul: ah.. okey Thanks :)16:09
zrafa_kristianpaul: I am trying to do the parts list, so I can ask in a local shop in my city16:10
kristianpaulcool :)16:11
kristianpaul(local shop part)16:11
zrafa_kristianpaul: http://search.digikey.com/us/es/products/0201ZA150JAT2A/0201ZA150JAT2A-ND/159698216:13
zrafa_kristianpaul: ese estara bien?  ^16:13
wpwrakzrafa_: C0G/NP0 is important. voltage ... at that capacitance, you can't get one so low that it would matter ;-)16:16
wpwrakand, better smt than lens-shaped (through-hole)16:16
zrafa_wpwrak: then?.. What do you think? the link http://search.digikey.com/us/es/products/0201ZA150JAT2A/0201ZA150JAT2A-ND/1596982 would work? (sorry both of you for the ultra 0 knowledge questions). 16:18
wpwrak15pF a the bottom doesn't sound right. it should be right next to the crystal. we're talking about C1/C2, right ? they're probably at the bottom of the PCB, so you don't see them16:18
wpwrakit would work, but i'd like to watch you solder it ;-)16:19
wpwrakhave you looked at the size ? :)16:19
zrafa_wpwrak: you are right: C1 is here : http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_Ae0PmYTPcTs/SdE8EmewPcI/AAAAAAAAARU/Pw0zyVzKNQU/s1600-h/Coreduino_Bottom_Assy.png16:19
zrafa_wpwrak: I was checking bad :P16:20
wpwrak0.6 mm x 0.3 mm :)16:20
wpwrakif you're reusing the layout, you should match the package sizes16:20
wpwrakhe's probably using 0603 or such. 0805 is he's clumsy. 0402 if he's ambitious. 0201 only if he's crazy :)16:20
zrafa_yes, I would like to use the layout of that. In fact, I want to do the same exact thing because I could not make another different similar16:21
wpwrakso you need the full BOM, with component sizes16:21
zrafa_wpwrak: because these are not millions of components I am trying to find all of them in digikey to ask in the shop16:22
wpwrakyes, shopping at digi-key is a good idea16:22
wpwrak"shop" you mean a local shop ? good luck ... :)16:22
zrafa_haha :D16:23
zrafa_they bring stuff if you ask them to bring. I am guessing that they buy them in some shop in BA.. or something like that. (Or in digi key :) )16:24
zrafa_wpwrak: btw, what is the ADUANA AR situation with digikey ? If we buy some stuff with digikey? AR ADUANA will me ask to go to ezeiza? :P16:24
wpwrakif they have to order things, it usually takes a long time. and you pay everything you'd have to pay if you had ordered yourself, plus the commission of the distrobutor16:25
wpwrakgood question. i think we'll have to wait a few more days before we can tell what effect the new customs madness has on such things16:26
wpwrakmy plan is to call fedex next week and ask them if the "regimen simple" still works. if yes, maybe make a test order16:27
zrafa_ah.. cool.16:28
zrafa_might electrocomponents has these kind of components?16:28
wpwraklast time i checked, they would have had to order16:31
wpwrakmaybe elko is better ... lemme see where they're hiding their web site ...16:32
wpwrakat least their online catalog seems to have nothing smt ...16:33
wpwrakah wait .. maybe16:34
wpwrakah, they do have smt. sorry. just weird navigation16:36
wpwrakfor your 15 pF cap, a lot of 0805, and one 060316:36
wpwraknot sure what the price means. they don't specify a minimum order quantity. if it's for any quantity, including 1, it's cheap. if you have to buy an entire reel (4000 pieces), then it's expensive16:39
wpwrakthey also don't indicate if they have stock. so this could also be just a catalog of things you can order. and then it takes 2-6 weeks until they arrive. you need to ask them how things work there.16:41
zrafa_wpwrak: great.. let me check..17:11
zrafa_wpwrak: ah I did not know elkonet17:24
whitequarkhas anyone ever said "skeuomorph" on this channel?18:46
wpwrakor aphieliiz4aeneizoo1O18:56
wpwrak(pwgen is great for creating any number of unique "words")18:57
whitequarkwpwrak: I was searching for "skeuomorph", er, most part of the day19:00
whitequarkthank StackExchange for the answer: http://english.stackexchange.com/questions/57164/a-word-for-a-symbol-which-has-outlived-its-origin/57184#5718419:00
whitequarkbecause I've seen it somewhere on the IRC19:00
whitequarkand I couldn't remember where or who did say it19:00
whitequarkand I has been writing a sentence when this very word was so entierly appropriate that I couldn't resist an urge to search for it19:01
larscsadly the reader of that sentence will probably not understand it ;)19:03
whitequarkdoes not matter. I know she'll grab a dictionary in such a case anyway19:05
kristianpaullindi-: hi20:17
kristianpaullindi-: you still maintaining debian package for rtklib?20:18
lindi-kristianpaul: depends on what that means, it's not in debian20:18
kristianpaulyes sure, your own debian repo  i meant ;)20:18
lindi-kristianpaul: my personal RTK-GPS project is on hold until I can get a better antenna20:18
kristianpauloh,  i see20:19
lindi-just couldn't get it to work with baselines longer than a few hundred meters20:19
lindi-kristianpaul: are you using rtklib?20:23
kristianpaulnope i dont20:29
kristianpaulbut i think and if you dont i'll said somedody join here and ask by it self20:29
rohwhat kind of antenna do you need?20:29
kristianpaullindi-: but a debian package binary is always nice to have :-)=20:33
lindi-kristianpaul: if somebody is interested I'm happy to sponsor uploading the package20:37
lindi-kristianpaul: but I'd rather not do it when I'm the only part-time user20:38
kristianpauli got contacted by a guy from argentina, may be he will join here and tell us more what is trying to fo..20:38
lindi-roh: preferably something that comes with a phase center variation model. http://gpspp.sakura.ne.jp/anteva/antpcv.htm has a list20:39
lindi-roh: I'm using no-name 15 EUR antennas20:40
rohuhm. i see20:41
rohi only have another of the external active antennas from openmoko around20:41
roh3m cable or so, remote fed with 3V or so20:41
lindi-also no-name?20:42
rohi guess so20:42
rohits not labeled beyond 'GPS'20:42
lindi-yeah, probably the same ones I have20:42
Action: kristianpaul needs a gps atenna for its motorcycle20:43
lindi-roh: slide 20 of  http://lindi.iki.fi/lindi/finhack/finhack2010-rtklib-lindfors.pdf has a photo20:43
roh~14mm height and 35mm from corner to corner20:43
rohand magnetic20:43
rohhm. looks different than yours20:45
lindi-roh: this one is magnetic too20:50
rohnice resolution. wow20:51
rohi mean of the gps fixes20:51
lindi-yep, rtklib can do wonders with cheap hardware20:53
kristianpaullindi-: what other hw besides an OM ?20:57
kristianpauli have a sim548/458 board at home :)20:57
kristianpaulnow serious, i remenber now was a ublox hw..20:58
lindi-kristianpaul: three openmokos20:58
lindi-no other GPS hardware20:58
kristianpaulahh three $$$21:00
kristianpaullindi-: jsut compiled  from rtklib_2.4.0+dfsg1-0lindi3.dsc21:47
kristianpaulany idea how to run a self etst or something?21:47
kristianpaulanwyay lets see if Juan Pablo Calderón shows..21:48
lindi-kristianpaul: my slides have a few wget commands that fetch test data21:49
lindi-kristianpaul: just follow those21:49
kristianpaulah well, i just recalled some debian dev info :)21:50
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