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mthyou can do a lot with a small amount of memory, but you have to design specifically for it then00:02
zrafawpwrak: ambiguos phrases are ideal if there are a lot of work to do yet and you do not want to reveal that :)00:17
wpwrakzrafa: yeah. and we're getting very good training at identifying such ambiguous phrases just by reading the daily news :)00:24
rjeffrieshome made GPS receiver: http://www.electronics-lab.com/blog/?p=1666405:36
pabs3proper link: http://www.holmea.demon.co.uk/GPS/Main.htm05:42
rjeffriesinteresting project05:47
viricabout 'shen', talks about the language Qi :) http://shenlanguage.org/motivation.html16:40
zearhey guys21:50
zeara UBB based gamepad - is that possible?21:50
zearwould be great for the dingoo21:51
rohzear: sure. its gpios22:02
rohor you can add a small controller to scan the keypad22:02
zearha, sounds great22:03
kukacHow can I recharge the ben nanonote battery? By USB?22:18
wpwrakyes, it charges via usb22:25
mthzear: you might have to multiplex a bit, afaik UBB has about 4 or 5 gpios22:46
mthso maybe 1 or 2 gpios to select what you want to read and the rest for the actual button reading22:47
wpwrakmth: it has no less than 6 of them ! :) DAT0-3, CMD, and CLK22:48
mth6 is nice: 2 to select 4 button groups, 4 to read 4 buttons at once22:49
wpwrakmth: and VDD, if you don't mind it being a bit slow (has a big silo cap on it)22:49
mthmaybe even allow two 8-button pads to be connected22:49
kristianpaulzear: what buttons are you planning to use?22:55
zeari don't, i have no skills to do such a contraption :)22:55
zeari'm just dreaming about being able to hook up a simple controller (8 buttons + 4 way d-pad) to the dingoo via sdio22:56
larsczear: with 3 gpios you could hoo up a original ns or snes controller23:02
zearso what's the cost of a UBB nowadays?23:03
zear5EUR, not bad23:03
larsczear: i just checked and there even seems to be a driver for this already23:10
zearreally? That's cool23:12
zeargot any links?23:12
larscat least sort of23:12
kristianpaulfor sdio or gpio?23:12
zearalso, does tuxbrain still frequent this channel?23:12
zeari'd like to ask him for UBB shipment costs23:13
larsckristianpaul:  for parport23:13
kristianpaulah, cool ! ;)23:13
kristianpaulkinda same what ubb could do23:13
larsczear: http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git;a=blob;f=drivers/input/joypad/input/joystick/gamecon.c;h=e68e497864830f63a9dfa72ee7d5a4948bfb733a;hb=HEAD23:14
kristianpaulzear: get in to tuxbrain website 23:14
kristianpauli think thats actualy what he said before..23:14
kristianpaulzear: and order, so you can calculate those costs23:14
zearkristianpaul, i have to create an account first23:17
larscyou'd only need one additional gpio per controler, so using ubb you could connect up to 4 snes controllers23:22
kukacwprak: it means it is without charger?23:27
zearlarsc, that sounds totally awesome23:41
zearsomeone should start producing UBB hubs with 4x snes sockets :D23:41
larsczear: 'someone should' normally translates to 'I volunteer to'23:46
zeari don't have the skills unfortunatelly23:46
larscthat's a lousy excuse23:47
zearlarsc, i wouldn't mind someone teaching me ;)23:49
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