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kristianpaulhi LunaVorax :)02:45
rjeffriesThis looks mildly interesting.  http://upverter.com/ //via hacker news//04:42
Action: pabs3 doesn't find any source for the service and is reminded of http://mako.cc/writing/hill-free_tools.html05:03
rjeffriespabs3 upverter.com  is a hosted solution as I understand it.05:07
pabs3my point exactly05:08
rjeffriesok. it's not for everyone. but it has some nice benefits, by way of collaboration and many projects one can study05:09
pabs3I'm sure that is true05:09
rjeffriesthey support export of designs into a JSON format so your data is not locked in. well, there is the small matter of fileconverters that are TBD05:15
whitequarkpabs3: (free tools) you only get ideal solutions in an ideal world06:58
whitequarkI don't know about others, but GitHub has practically open-sourced every bit of their infrastructure of any value, except the actual GitHub site06:58
whitequarkwant to build a good FOSS product on top of that? go ahead, you've been gifted everything you need.06:59
whitequarkthrough that does not apply to upverter, I'd say.07:16
pabs3interesting question towards the end of the Spark FAQ: "Why are you using a proprietary CPU design like ARM?" http://aseigo.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/spark-answers.html11:44
kuribasWhich cpu's are open?12:42
wolfsprauldepends on how you define open12:44
wolfspraulyou could say that a cpu/soc where 100% of its features are supported in a fully GPL licensed Linux kernel, ideally upstream in kernel.org, is open12:44
wolfspraulif that CPU/SoC is even cheap (price as accessibility is also very important imho), that's quite something12:45
Action: pabs3 would wager that OpenRISC (from opencores.org) could be considered open. 12:45
pabs3is LM32 open?12:45
wolfspraulor you say you want an open IC design as well, then there are a few options, I think the practically most advanced is the Milkymist SoC :-)12:45
wolfspraulpabs3: why would LM32 not be open? sure, it is12:46
wolfspraulBSD-style license, with explicit manufacturing permission (just in case, for the doubters I guess :-))12:46
pabs3"open IP core licensing agreement" confused me12:47
pabs3there was also OpenSPARC12:48
wolfspraulwhat confused you there?12:50
wolfspraulin the LM32 license I mean12:50
wolfspraulthey did a further header cleanup in the latest, very minor 3.8 release btw12:50
wolfspraulit's 100% bsd-style open12:50
wolfspraul(the core, not the peripherals, but they are all GPL licensed in Milkymist anyway)12:50
bartbeswoo, apparently gnu guile gained support for cross-compiling, so perhaps 2.0 can be run on the ben sometime in the future18:08
whitequarkoh, a Scheme18:13
whitequarkthat's good18:14
bartbeswell, 1.8 has already been ported, iirc, but 2.0 has an fii18:15
viricbartbes: I was one involved in the cross-building test of guile in the ben18:17
viricthe ben was one of the targets tested :)18:17
bartbesdoes this mean there's a port ready right now?18:17
viricbut *not tried* on openwrt18:17
viricI don't use openwrt in the ben18:17
viricthe guile maintainer is closely working with nix/nixos18:18
bartbeswell, after some messing with the i18n libs I got 2.0 to semi-compile once, but it failed to actually compiled the scheme code18:18
viricI only tried (+ 3 2) in the repl18:19
bartbesno, I meant during the compilation of guile18:19
bartbesyou might be aware part of it is written in scheme itself18:19
viricah ok18:19
viricyou can see the build log...18:19
bartbesanyway, that kept failing, and the changelog for 2.0.4 makes me hope it has been fixed18:20
bartbesso ehm, I haven't really been following.. lately18:21
bartbesso, nixos?18:21
viriccross-built in nixos, using the cross-building features of nixpkgs18:21
viricthus, available at 'nanonixos', a cross-build gnu/linux for the ben ;)18:21
virichydra is the build farm of all around nixos18:22
viricAlso, the main continuous build system used by gnu18:22
bartbesso, any info on nixos on the ben?18:24
viricnixos can't work on the ben18:24
viricdue to the memory limitations18:24
viric(nixos now relies on being able to build in the same system that will boot nixos)18:24
bartbesso what do you use on the ben that uses nix?18:25
viricBut nanonixos is an OS that uses the same nixpkgs (as nixos does), to *crossbuild* a gnu/linux os18:25
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rjeffriesThis new Linux tablet sounds interesting. To me. ;) http://www.zdnet.com/blog/open-source/spark-the-first-free-software-linux-tablet-is-on-its-way/1025522:05
rjeffriesthe specs seem reasonable. 7" tablet form factor seems pleasnt to use.22:06
wpwrakseems to need a bit more time: "Right now we’re still stuck with a few binary drivers which is not a perfect situation."22:25
wpwrakthis doesn't sounds to bad, but it means "all out efforts to far to find hardware with open source drivers for these components, or to convince the companies in question of more openness, have been unsuccessful"22:43
wpwrak"We’ve already managed to get source for some drivers" is ambiguous. it could be sources for hardware where it's very easy to find already open replacements.22:44
mthI think accelerated graphics in particular is hard to find open drivers for23:48
kukaccould you tell me what is the memory consumption of qt4 on ben nanonote?23:48
mthif all you need is a raw fb, there is a lot more choice23:48
mthkukac: I have no idea... I know that people have run Qt4 on the Dingoo which has 32 MB of RAM, but I don't know how much memory is left for the application then23:50
kukacmth: thanks. is the framebuffer accessible only by toolkits?23:51
mthfb access is determined by the ownership and flags of the /dev/fb0 node23:52
mthso it depends on that device node and on which user you run as23:52
mthdoesn't matter if it's opened from a toolkit or from some other part of a program23:52
mthafaik all current distros run everything as root, so all programs have access to the framebuffer23:53
mthbut maybe some more advanced distros do run programs as a normal user23:53
mthstill you could give that user access to the framebuffer with the right configuration23:53
kukacmth: I have a nostalgy for my old psion3a, now broken, I would like to find a replacement:)23:55
kukacmth: it only had some kb of ram and worked like a charm23:56
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