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zrafawpwrak: the guy who posted the coreduino thing (which is an really old blog post) did not reply. From pdf layouts to make the PCBs and other pictures: could I know the exact size of the components right?13:06
zrafahw people : ^  :)13:09
C-Keenwhat do you need?13:10
wpwrakyeah, you could figure it out. in any case, you'll have to make your own design, so you get to pick what you want. but then, you just asked a few hours ago. maybe he's not even awake yet :)13:12
zrafawpwrak: a couple of days ago I asked13:24
zrafabut yes, I will wait of course :) I asked him the list of components as well.13:26
wpwrak(days) ah, i see. well, maybe he's on vacation :)13:32
whitequarkour local SOPA-like idiots have just lost a case. they accused a family pair of 38 trln RUR in damages for seeding a few torrents with films22:33
whitequarkyes, thirty eight trillions.22:33
wpwrakso that's like USD 200 ? :)22:35
whitequarkthat's like 80% of our GDP22:36
wpwrakand is "RUR" the same as RUB ?22:36
whitequarkrussian rubles22:36
wpwrak(80% of GPB) nice try ;-)22:36
larschm still 1.26 trillion dollars22:37
whitequarkconvert to roubles22:37
whitequarkit'd be 44.smth22:37
whitequarkgoogle can do that as well22:37
whitequarkso mind-boggingly absurd22:37
whitequarkand they were serious22:37
whitequarkjust like the last time when they sued Deep Purple for singing Deep Purple songs22:38
whitequarkI dunno, are they aliens from some parallel universe?22:38
wpwrakwell, the judges will appreciate it if the claims are obviously absurd. makes their job a lot easier :)22:39
whitequarkthey kind of won the deep purple case22:40
whitequarkat least they got their money22:40
wpwrakthey should consider fining them for contempt of the court :)22:40
whitequarkDP has compensated that22:40
wpwrak(DP) also 80 terarubles ? :)22:41
whitequarksomething like $40k22:41
whitequarkthat's an "noncommercial" organization which should "defend authors' rights" and "collect the money for them", "leaving 5% for them to work"22:41
whitequarkyou got the idea22:42
whitequarkauthors got nothing btw.22:42
whitequarkanother bright ideas they had:22:42
whitequark1. suing a register office for playing a traditional wedding march22:42
whitequark2. suing a war veteran orchestra for playing their songs22:43
whitequark3. getting 1% from all storage devices, because these can be used for storing copyrighted material22:43
whitequark(incl. phones, USB flashes, optical drives and media, etc, etc.)22:43
whitequarkI think they have (or will) lose 1 and 222:43
whitequarkbut they definitely won 222:43
wpwrakthey have something similar in germany. if you visit the place, wear a t-shirt that says "I LOVE GEMA". let's see how long until they rediscover the ancient tradition of public stoning ;-)22:44
whitequarkwhat's GEMA?22:44
wpwraksomething like your "non-commercial" band of thieves22:45
whitequarkso, each country has this kind of crap22:46
larsci think here in germany it is even more than 1% gema tax on storage devices22:47
whitequarklarsc: can you give any sources? Google doesn't seem to know much22:48
larscwhitequark: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pauschalabgabe22:49
whitequarkare they crazy?22:50
whitequark> mit Touchscreen und 8 GB Speicherkapazität oder mehr: 36,00¬22:50
larscyeah, just though the same22:50
larscthat's like 10%22:51
whitequarkand I think it's bad here. wow. I don't even have words to describe it.22:52
larscah. the english version of that page lists some more countrys http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Private_copying_levy22:55
whitequarkyeah I see22:55
whitequarkit lists Russia too22:56
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