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qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: m1/ledravaganza/mpx.fig: labeled LEDs and resistors (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/091f93a08:08
whitequarkuh huh09:29
whitequarkarm mali 3d accelerated driver was reverse-engineered09:30
lekernelthis is dull and super boring. 99% of the work in any GPU is done by proprietary ASIC algorithms.10:54
lekernelit's time the free software community understands that10:54
pabs3pretty sure they do10:58
lekernelif they did, there would be more people in #milkymist just now10:59
wolfspraulit's very difficult for anyone to understand, believe, be excited about a few kids saying they can do better than the largest multi-billion USD corporations on the planet11:19
wolfspraulI fully understand that11:19
wolfspraulthe way I believe we can break through (obviously since that's what I'm doing), is to accept a little laughter for a while and build the best products we can build, gradually improve them, and look for an opportunity that plays to our strengths to grow11:20
wolfspraulso go ahead compare with those chips, I don't care11:20
wolfspraulthey cost billions to make, it's very hard, and the capital invested has all sorts of consequences in terms of making innovative products11:20
wolfspraulbut to deny the value or spectactular performance of such chips is also pretty dumb, imho. they are exciting!11:21
wolfspraula couple USD will get you all that performance - WOW!11:21
wolfspraulthat can do a lot of good things *today*, and Milkymist cannot (yet)11:22
wolfspraulmy 2c11:22
lekernelof course, but this is the best free GPU SoC which exists today, and they should join the effort instead of improving software support for proprietary solutions11:23
wolfspraulpabs3: have you joined yet? :-)11:23
wolfspraulyou should, seriously, it's good stuff - any contemporary developer will enjoy11:24
lekernelbesides, Mali isn't that advanced technically, and it doesn't seem impossible to reach the same level of functionality, especially with the features that migen will bring11:24
wolfspraulyou can develop free graphics acceleration! how's that compared to reverse engineering drivers...11:24
lekernelperformance will be a bit harder unless we switch to an asic process ofc11:25
pabs3wolfspraul: nope, currently lack both time and a reason to use it. just posted the website in #debian-multimedia though, perhaps someone gets interested11:58
wpwrakDocScrutinizer: 60 dB would be for satellites orbiting somewhere near the heliopause or a bit beyond :)12:12
wpwrakDocScrutinizer: common wisdom has it in the 15-25 dB range12:12
wolfspraulpabs3: wow that's nice, thank you!12:19
DocScrutinizerbeware of rogue string posting! gtk/xchat seems vulnerable: https://code.google.com/p/xchat-wdk/issues/detail?id=132#c1512:35
pabs3DocScrutinizer: forwarded to the Debian security team, thanks13:06
DocScrutinizerscript kiddie took me by surprise on #maemo last night13:06
DocScrutinizerlachs_ ist ~lachs@adsl-84-227-224-144.adslplus.ch (lachs)13:07
DocScrutinizerklined now13:07
DocScrutinizerprobably for lifetime13:07
DocScrutinizerthe nasty part is it's a gtk bug13:08
DocScrutinizerso expect it to hit on arbitrary other gtk based apps as well soonish13:09
pabs3mind if I forward that too?13:17
pabs3DocScrutinizer: ^13:19
DocScrutinizergo ahead13:19
kristianpaulDocScrutinizer: i could not see the SAT by just watching the IF no no ;)14:20
kristianpaulviric: how do you usally take notes and not lost it15:14
viricnotes about what?15:15
kristianpauli mean i can take notes but somethimes i forgot save or remeber where i put it15:15
kristianpaulabout everything, just notes, sticky notes15:15
viricI don't use any of them15:15
kristianpauli see15:15
viricI've been trying to start using taskwarrior15:15
kristianpaulhe me too, but no luck so far.. well need to get used to it i guess15:16
viricI used quite rarely. Just for long term notes.15:16
kristianpauli just happen to me i had write lots of notes about milkymist now i cant find then all..15:16
kristianpaulso open vi write note save and let it there seems not very likelly to avoid it get lost...15:17
viricwell, I also use often creating a directory with text files15:17
viricwhich sits in the directory of the concerned thing15:17
viricor even ~/milkymist, could be15:17
kristianpaulyeah, well an alias on my shell perhaps15:17
kristianpaulmay be this simple task dont need a new tool, just a few customizations ;)15:18
Action: kristianpaul dont want to lost more notes15:19
kristianpaulkyak: there is a reason that nanoonte buils stoped for 2012?15:24
wolfspra1ldid they?15:56
kristianpaulcurl http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/compile-log/ | grep 201216:06
wolfspra1lalright, needs fixing :-)16:10
kristianpauloh nice !19:17
kristianpaulrejon: saw that^19:17
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