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kyakhttp://www.on-time.com/rtos-32-versus-linux.htm - is anyone in a mood to argue some of these points? I have a feeling that they are somewhat "wrong", but can't explain (to myself) why10:20
kyakon-time rtos32 is some dos-compatible RTOD10:20
kyakand the newsgroup message they posted looks like a complete shit10:21
kyakbut maybe someone even tried that rtos32?10:21
kyakthey sell source, which is probably better than making it completely closed-source10:22
kyakprobably it has even leaked by now10:23
virichm I think linux has to be booted from ram, yes10:23
viricAnd I don't know how the realtime tasks work... whether the api is available or not for them10:24
kyakwell. i'm 95% sure that there are more linux-based real-time embedded systems, than based on on-time rtos10:25
kyakare the developers of these systems so stupid? because according to rtos32 comparison, linux is not competitive :)10:26
kyakand besides... "x86" and "embedded" are sort of different worlds.. at least how i imagined it until now10:28
mththe issue might be that people use "real time" in very different ways10:41
mthoften just having low latency is good enough10:42
mthbut if you really must prove that a system will always meet its deadlines then Linux might not be the best choice10:42
mthfor example in a car network Linux would be fine for the navigation and entertainment parts, but not suitable for the part directly involved in driving10:45
kyakmth: i agree.. but not that rtos32 is used anywhere is car's ECU :) it's not x8611:31
kyaki can imagine it running as some automation control at a plant, probably11:32
virickyak: is that what I asked yesterday? ""One 450g eCu (copper) block"11:52
virickyak: I think that as embedded OS, ecos is quite popular11:53
viricembedded rtos11:53
viricI never heard rtos3211:54
viric(which means quite little)11:54
kyakviric: ECU stands for Electronic (or Engine) Control Unit in automotive :)13:16
kyakeCos, hm13:17
viricI've seen ecos code in two firmwares of my TV-DVB decoders13:18
Action: kristianpaul dont trust the stats17:58
viricfinally I found a null-modem DB9 cable!18:06
viricI've been looking for it in boxes of cables during 30 minutes18:10
kristianpaulwhy youdint have it connected to your serial port already? :)18:12
viricI rarely have to use 12V serial ports18:21
Artyomkristianpaul: hi, are you here?18:30
kristianpauli been readng your logs18:31
kristianpauland recently code :)18:31
ArtyomHave you seen my namuru-wishbone-port on googlecode?18:46
kristianpaulone inside milkymist_gnsssdr_port right?18:46
kristianpaulisquite simpler than mine, i think i added troubles with the fsm...18:47
kristianpauls/troubles/more lines18:48
kristianpaulwell i based the code not in bram ;)18:48
Artyomyeah, very simple ;) Like bram. You can test program for MM SoC now ;)18:48
kristianpaulyup, heading to it this week18:49
Action: kristianpaul wish can carry its M1 to all palces18:49
kristianpaulbtw the test program you need fix something?18:51
kristianpaulto use milkymist timers to measure time or such_18:52
ArtyomYou mean program in GPS folder? It's the same as earlier. (Some minor unimoprtant additions were made for debug purposes)18:53
ArtyomThe program is very simple. It only tries to acquire a predefined satellite (You should correct correlator_init() function)18:55
kristianpaulyes that one18:56
kristianpaulyes sure18:56
kristianpaulactually i fixed my code back how namuru upstream was19:04
kristianpaulalso less issues when dealing with more functions from osgps (in order to get a fix)19:04
qwebirc52049i am new here and any one can help me how to use this make file ?19:38
Last message repeated 1 time(s).19:40
wolfspraulArtyom: I had one question about your expansion thoughts. Why do you need 50-80 io pins. Why that many / which use cases?19:40
wolfspraul(oh sorry, should have asked on #milkymist, I can repost there or you answer here, doesn't matter much)19:40
qwebirc52049i am trying to install mpg123 on my MI424WR 19:41
Jay750-80 gpio.. keyboard? :)19:41
qwebirc52049any one please   ...19:42
Artyomwolfspraul: I have alread answered half an hour ago ;)19:43
Artyomon milkymist channel19:43
qwebirc52049do you know how to use make file19:44
wolfspraulArtyom: oh, I apologize, let me check there...19:45
Artyomqwebirc: sorry, I'm afraid I can not unswer on your question... I don't know/use mpg123 and MI424WR19:46
ArtyomOr you just never used any make files?19:46
qwebirc52049i compile openwrt for mu router19:48
qwebirc52049and i installed asterisk 1819:48
qwebirc52049i like to install mpg123 for online stream to dump in asterisk19:48
qwebirc52049so i can listen music or news19:48
qwebirc52049mpg123 is not included in openwrt   19:49
qwebirc52049i just found make file here 19:49
Artyomqwebirc: Sorry, I can not help you. I'm new here and I don't use things that you have mentioned...19:50
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