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viricI'll backport the color fb fonts from 2.6.37 to 2.6.36...07:45
viricbecause I can't boot 2.6.37 and I don't have a serial cable ready to see the error message well07:46
kyakthe main reason for kernel not booting (at least for me) was that the partition layout (hardcoded in kernel) was not correct08:13
viricthat changed for 37?08:14
viricthat sounds like a good reason08:14
kyaki don't know what is yours; ours is like this: http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/openwrt-xburst/source/tree/master/target/linux/xburst/patches-3.0/0023-qi_lb60-NAND-add-data-partition.patch08:15
viricI keep the old one08:15
viricargh, my backport to 2.6.36 fails... the font doesn't load08:16
viricah I wrote it bad08:16
viricI'll skip the data-partition thing08:19
virickyak: thank you!08:19
kyakdoes 37 boot now or you made it work for 36?08:20
viricI build both :)08:21
virickyak: queued into ts :)08:21
kyakheh :)08:21
viricI've a slow computer08:23
viric760s per kernel build08:23
viric1 core08:23
kyakoh, that's really slow - even for the small kernel with almost no modules08:24
viricwell, you saw it :)08:26
kyakyeah, and i'm still amazed by the first (and the only) person i saw who was using tiling wm :)08:29
viricat my office, two more people use it. And among my friends using gnu/linux, I think... 90% use tiling wm08:30
viricusers of 'aweesome', 'dwm', 'lars', 'stumpwm' and 'xmonad'.08:31
kyakheh, ok :)08:31
viricchoose your favourite :)08:32
viricI meant 'awesome', btw.08:32
kyaki'm way too stuck with my old habits08:32
viriclispers like stumpwm, haskelers like xmonad, old people like larswm, ...08:32
viricI used windowmaker before switching08:33
kyaki'm using openbox on my slower machine and gnome on faster one08:33
viricI never used those08:34
viricAnd for years I used 'rio'08:34
kyakthis one is even hard to google :)08:35
viricit's part of plan9port08:35
viricthe backport of 2.6.36 does not work, for what I tried.08:37
viricand 2.6.37 lacks PERF_EVENTS!08:37
viricI spent a lot of time cross-building the 'perf' tool, to know that the nanonote kernel does not build with such PERF_EVENTS. maybe lars wants to take a look :)08:38
kyakviric: probably you could have a look at the same patch for 2.6.32, to see what's wrong with your port08:43
kyakyou can find it in release_2011-05-2808:43
kyaksome file names have changed.. like drivers/char/vt.c -> drivers/tty/vt/vt.c08:44
virickyak: yes, that's the case of 2.6.3609:00
viricI tried the filename change, but that's not enough09:00
viricthe name change was between 2.6.36 and 2.6.37 :)09:00
viric# flash_eraseall /dev/mtd1 09:01
viricErasing 512 Kibyte @ 400000 -- 100 % complete.09:02
viricwhy it does not say erasing 4MiB?09:03
virickyak: how are your 30k rss posts per day? :)09:05
kyak"From your 82 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 233 items, clicked 8 items, starred 0 items, and emailed 0 items." :)09:08
viricand 'received' how much?09:08
kyakit's around 2.5k per day09:09
kyakas you can see, i filter out a lot :)09:09
viricwith what complex heuristics? ;)09:09
kyaki have a trained eye :)09:10
viricI imagined so. hehe09:10
kyakif the name has changed from 2.6.36 to 2.6.37, perhaps you would have better luck porting the patch from 2.6.32?09:12
viricwhere is that 2.6.32 patch?09:12
viricisn't it removed from git'09:13
kyakof course not, it's in release_2011-05-28 branch09:13
viriciirc, I did not use 2.6.32 for some reason09:13
viricI can't remember09:14
kyakprobably it will even apply clean to 2.6.36, who knows :)09:17
viricwe'll, 2.6.37 built again09:17
viriclet's see now09:18
viricI've your font!09:19
viricgreat! :D09:19
viricwhat a big improvement09:19
kyakit's good for certain applications.. not for those requiring colors09:21
kyakdidn't i mention that before? :)09:22
viricno ;)09:22
kyakfrom my experience, it's good in almost all cases09:23
kyakwho cares if irssi or centerim is black and white09:23
kyakah, it also lacks bold :)09:23
viricI see09:24
viricwhy? :)09:24
kyakit is explained in some details here09:24
viricit looks as if my consoles aren't unicode09:25
viriclynx utf8 fails to show the nonascii glyphs09:26
kyakbeware that the font only contains ascii, cyrillic and some line drawing glyphs09:28
kyakand you also need the trans file to map those glyphs correctly09:29
viriccyrillic fails09:29
kyakthe font itself doesn't contain this information09:29
viricmaybe I lack some kernel thing?09:30
kyakdid you do things similar to http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/openwrt-packages/source/tree/master/ben-cyrillic/files/russian.sh ?09:31
viriconly setfont2 ;)09:31
kyakit's not enough09:31
viricaha! loadunimap did it09:32
viricNow... we need more glyphs :)09:32
kyakso as i said, this .trans information is usually in the font itself09:32
kyakbut not in this case09:32
kyakyes, we need more glyphs!!09:33
kyaklike umlauts etc09:33
viriccan't we use a script to generate those from an X iso16464 font?09:33
kyakno, unfortunately, it's a manual work09:33
viricI can't believe09:34
kyakyou use tools/un-fuzzy.py to create pnm fonts from png files09:35
kyakand you create png files (like http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/setfont2/source/tree/master/fonts/pre-6x10-font.png) manually09:35
kyakwith GIMP, for example09:35
viricwhy manually?09:36
viricthis has double horizontal resolution?09:37
kyaki have a discussion with neil, the author of setfont2; i can forward it to you09:37
viricyes, please include me09:37
kyakif you give me your mail09:37
kyakdouble horizontal resolution - that's right, the glyphs in png file are like that.. they become "normal" in pnm file09:39
virickyak: I'm closer to the fbterm patch...11:16
whitequarkdon't forget ยป12:39
viricwhat about 'caneta'?14:10
whitequark(offtopic: do you, or anyone, possibly know why writing "sepErator" is quite a common error?)14:23
viricwhitequark: I can't recall seeing that error even once14:24
viriccaneda. sorry. :)14:24
viricBrazilians, sorry for the confusion :)14:24
viricwhitequark: caneda.sf.net14:24
whitequarkviric: looks very incomplete14:29
whitequarkand, err14:29
whitequarkchip layout editing?14:29
whitequarkI don't know not only anyone who'd be editing chip layout by hand14:29
whitequarkbut I don't ever know a blog of anyone doing such things14:30
whitequarkgiven that there is a blog about everything on the net...14:30
viricsomeone here was writing it, iirc14:35
whitequarkcan anyone answer a few questions about m1 firmware build process?14:36
wolfspraulwhitequark: you might better ask in #milkymist14:40
wolfspraulif you try to reduce channels, then ask here...14:40
viricI'm trying fbida15:04
viricah! I think it scales with floating point15:05
viricthat's why it's super slow scaling15:05
kyakviric: any screenshots to compare fbterm with/without patch?15:48
kristianpaulfbterm was always ugly before ;)15:52
kyakdepends on font and font size15:53
kyakbut basically, all straight lines are ugly on Ben15:53
qwebirc15093anybody knows ho to edit "/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward" ?15:55
kristianpaulecho "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward15:56
qwebirc15093yes yes, but i had to edit it manualy and copy the edited file from the terminal, using echo doens't let me15:58
qwebirc15093with the last firmware image, it isn't neccesary to edit NN's routing table manually? (i've followed every sigle step, but doesn't connect to internet)16:03
virickyak: how could I take screenshots?16:04
viricwith a photo camera...16:05
qwebirc15093there's a program, but only works for console, i think16:06
viricwell, but that won't help :)16:06
viricI'm preparing screenshots16:08
virickristianpaul: those who are happy without utf-8, they can go without fbterm16:11
qwebirc15093how can i disble dhcp on usb0 ?16:12
kristianpaulqwebirc15093: what's your linux distro?16:15
qwebirc15093ubuntu 10.1016:15
virickyak: I took pictures... the camera does not take well the detail16:16
kristianpaultry in /etc/network/interfaces to add a  line for usb016:16
kristianpaulperhaps and auto is okay16:17
kristianpaulso this way the network manager should not try to do automatically things around it16:17
qwebirc15093i remember that on a page i found a interfaces file16:17
kristianpaulat least we start to ship a built-in dhcp server for next release to make easiersetup netowrking..?16:18
virickyak: screenshots sent to the list.16:21
kristianpaula bit less blurry it seems16:30
qwebirc15093this in uncredible16:38
qwebirc15093i follow every step on the wiki tutorial, and i can make ping from the NN to the pc and vice versa, but can't get access to the net :S16:39
wpwrakmaybe you need to set up NAT ?17:05
qwebirc15093i don't know, i've followed every step on the tutorial of the wiki17:15
wpwrakif eth0 is your interface to the outside world, the command would be something along the lines of  /sbin/iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE17:20
qwebirc15093yes, i put that also17:24
qwebirc15093but nothing, doesn't ping to google17:26
kristianpaulqwebirc15093: your get internet trought wi-fi or.... ?17:27
qwebirc15093oh, wifi XDD17:30
qwebirc15093what a fail XDD17:30
qwebirc15093other question, the key with the "Qi" Logo, has any use?17:41
kyakviric: looks great!17:42
kyakthe patch is definitely worth it17:42
kyakbtw, you can use fbgrab to capture screen17:42
kyakthough its captures look weird with setfont2 (lines not straight)17:43
kyaki guess fbgrab needs to be patched for bgr-whatever as well :)17:43
kyakviric: what is the font you are using with fbterm?17:44
kyakseems better than unifont17:44
qwebirc15093is there a mplayer frontend?18:20
larschmpf. you talk too much. lastlog doesn't even contain msg from last night18:30
kyakyeah, let's beat ML once and for all! :)18:36
qi-bot[commit] kyak: config.full_system: enable swap-utils (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/0e220dd19:30
virickyak: hmmm freesomething20:33
virickyak: 'freefont'20:33
viricah no20:33
viricit's the Micros~1 Arial Unicode :)20:34
viricsize 1020:34
viriclarsc: I use lots of short sentences, for what I could write in a simple longer sentence.20:35
larscviric: were you able to solve your problems?20:37
qi-bot[commit] kyak: fbterm: incorporate viric's patch for Ben LCD (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/8389ba020:39
kyakviric: thanks20:39
kyakit's using Dejavu Sans Mono by default here20:39
viriclarsc: yes, 2.6.37 boots fine. BUT20:42
viricI tried suspend, and it hanged with the screen on.20:42
viricI think it worked in 2.6.3620:42
kyakyou see how fbgrab plays this trick :)20:42
viricwell, the effect on screen is similar to what you get in a usual lcd from 'patch' to 'orig'. :)20:43
kyakyep, similar in reverse :)20:43
viricI did not look hard for fonts20:44
viricI don't know much about that.20:45
kyakme too. In fact, when i tryed changing some fonts that ship by default (with anything) i only made it worse :)20:45
kyaki use terminus for console on my laptop (it is also available on Ben). It is a usual setfont font, and it's very popular in Russia (it looks nice, too)20:47
viricI'm more classic20:49
viricI use -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--14-130-75-75-c-70-iso10646-120:49
viricfor xterm20:50
viricI don't touch what is in console20:50
kyak-misc-fixed-medium-r-semicondensed--13-120-75-75-c-60-iso10646-1 in my urxvt :)20:52
viricanother classic :)21:16
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