#qi-hardware IRC log for Thursday, 2012-01-05

jow_laptopwolfspraul: not sure, the concept does feel strange to me00:01
jow_laptopwolfspraul: but that must have been like when my parents got plastic money00:01
wolfspraulgood point :-)00:06
wolfspraulI think there is an opportunity for open hardware at some point, somewhere00:07
wolfspraulwe shall see00:08
wolfspraulwhat happened to those crypto stick guys?00:08
wolfspraulI read some good stuff about that a while ago, haven't checked recently00:09
wolfspraulah yes, here http://crypto-stick.org/00:09
wolfspraulGerman Privacy Foundation :-)00:09
jow_laptopyes it is interesting. could help to bring pki to the masses00:11
GorDonFreeMananybody ever hacked a HDD ?09:00
GorDonFreeMani see some very c00l stuff in them09:00
GorDonFreeManyou can even make a speaker from da "voice coil"09:01
wolfspraulGorDonFreeMan: haven't heard of such a hack - but go ahead! ;-)09:13
GorDonFreeManahaha but it's simple09:13
GorDonFreeManjust connect the head to something at the center of rotation's angle with some rubber band, and attach a plate to it so it moves more air, then find the voice-coil's 2 endpoints, and connect an audio amplifier09:14
GorDonFreeManit IS a speaker09:15
wolfspraulGorDonFreeMan: well really, please do it109:22
wolfspraulspeakers are cool, so are speaker hacks09:22
wolfspraulI had and still have some vague plans of building speakers with Jon rejon Phillips, but no big bang yet09:24
wolfspraulbut the plans are nowhere to be found ;-) the only open thing so far is the announcement, I think09:25
GorDonFreeMandon't give a fuck09:26
GorDonFreeMani have built 2 huge speakers in 200109:27
GorDonFreeManand it was cool for many years09:27
wolfspraulstill is or not? :-)09:27
wolfspraulthose laoban boxes also exist, were made etc. but the documentation side is lacking, I guess the speakers themselves were too much fun to sit down with boring paperwork09:28
wolfspraulspeakers out of old hdds - more power to you09:28
GorDonFreeManwell moisture killed my wood ;<09:31
GorDonFreeMani got some liquid spilled on them09:31
GorDonFreeManand i didn't made it waterproof09:31
wolfspraulyeah wood is difficult09:31
GorDonFreeMani'll make another set in a few month09:31
wolfspraulwe did a wood case for the Milkymist One, but by now (1 year later), it's so bent that it totally doesn't fit together anymore09:31
GorDonFreeManit was 90cm high btw :) and had a reflex system09:32
wolfspraulGorDonFreeMan: please keep us posted here, by all means09:32
wolfspraulif you like09:32
GorDonFreeMando you want to build speakers?09:32
wolfsprauland if there are ways to support you or work together, at least bring it up and give others the chance to understand what you do09:32
wolfspraulwell sure, I just said so [laoban]09:32
wolfspraulin fact we did already09:33
wolfsprauldid you click on that link?09:33
wolfspraulit says 'qi hardware' there :-)09:33
wolfspraulbut like I said, we only have some speakers now, the plans and lots of the documentation are not clean and at the level I would like them to have09:33
wolfspraulmeanwhile Matt is off to the next speakers, some 360 degree whatever. I have to check with him in his studio.09:33
wolfspraulhe is a real sound fanatic09:33
GorDonFreeMani like quality too09:34
wolfspraulsound quality, sure. amazing how good good speakers can be, right?09:34
wolfsprauland that's a quality that is hard to explain in text, video, marketing09:34
GorDonFreeMani have just designed a robot muscle09:35
blogicGorDonFreeMan: how ?09:35
blogici mean ...09:35
wolfspraulany links? pics?09:35
GorDonFreeMannow deciding what i use it first :)09:35
blogicservos or pneumatics or pessure valves ?09:36
blogicwe played with servos ... works but $$$09:36
GorDonFreeManstepper motors, and magnetic magic :)09:36
blogicso recently we played with valves from washing machines to pressurise plasic hoses09:36
GorDonFreeMani have more designs for more applications09:36
blogicok $$$$09:36
blogicso a bot with 48 joints == several k$09:36
GorDonFreeMani don't like pressure things09:36
blogicme neither09:37
blogicbut for hobby motors, servos ... are too expensive09:37
GorDonFreeManno, i build mine09:37
blogicthink about a small hexapod09:37
GorDonFreeManand extract steppers from junk09:37
blogicyes and if you built 40 its expensive09:37
blogicwhich makes it not eproducable09:37
GorDonFreeMancd drives have little steppers that you can use for a spider:P09:37
blogici am looking a a means to move 25kg bots09:38
GorDonFreeManand the main drive motor can even fly an aeroplane if properly hacked09:38
blogicwe are using pressure valves from old washing machines atm for testing09:38
GorDonFreeManblogic<< large scale will be expensive whatever you do09:38
GorDonFreeManor.... it will be slow09:38
GorDonFreeMana cd drive can move 1 tonn robot09:39
blogicwe did some maths09:39
GorDonFreeManbut the time needed would be large09:39
blogicand if we used servos we need 3k¬ / robot09:39
blogicjust for the servos09:39
blogicand and logic to drive them09:39
GorDonFreeMandesign servos, and make them :P09:39
blogici wanted to make a robot not a servo :D09:39
GorDonFreeManbut you want cheap servos in your robots09:40
GorDonFreeManso you have to make servos first.09:40
blogici dont want servos09:40
blogici consider pneumatics / pressure to be a better solution09:40
blogicat least for low cost09:40
GorDonFreeManand i think i will consider my beta test robot muscle09:40
blogicof course in an ideal world i have 50e servs that tell me the pressure they used and the tortion09:40
blogicbut they cost 50¬ a pop09:41
GorDonFreeManstill have to decide the feedback type09:41
blogicGorDonFreeMan: do you have pics online ?09:41
blogicfeedback is important09:41
GorDonFreeManno, i just thinked this out about 30 mins ago09:41
GorDonFreeManso i'm making prototype09:42
GorDonFreeMani have a motion09:42
GorDonFreeManand i'd need some type of industrial dirt-safe position encoder09:42
GorDonFreeMani don't want encoder foil and photo diodes09:43
wolfsprauldo you have any blog or anything where you document your work?09:43
GorDonFreeManor... i could do that, if i enclose my stuff dust-free09:43
GorDonFreeMani haven't made a blog09:44
GorDonFreeManbut i could09:44
GorDonFreeMani just always have beter things to do09:44
wolfspraulsure I understand, just asking...09:45
wolfspraulwhere do you live, if I may ask?09:45
wolfsprauloh great09:45
GorDonFreeManso there are many thrown out junk dvd players around here09:45
GorDonFreeManjust have to find some09:46
GorDonFreeManalso bad HDD-s09:46
GorDonFreeMansom printers09:46
GorDonFreeManlaster printers have ultra cool stepper motors09:46
blogicGorDonFreeMan: accoring to you url the budapest IX runs a pr0n site from which you connect09:46
blogicpost privacy 2.009:47
blogica blog is cool09:48
GorDonFreeMani have even found 96 step steppers in printers :)09:48
blogicbut if you blog your work there is a record of when you were lazy09:49
GorDonFreeMan96 full steps 09:49
GorDonFreeManand they usually can handle 500-800mA09:49
GorDonFreeMansomebody building CNC machine here?09:50
blogiclots of them09:50
GorDonFreeManso what do you suggest for position sensing?09:51
blogicof a cnc ?09:51
GorDonFreeMani have a linear motion in 3 axis 09:51
blogicwe just make sure the code and drivers work properly09:51
blogicwe started counting steps and so on 2 years ago09:51
blogicbut then reverted to just making sure the machine works09:52
blogicrather than working around lost steps09:52
GorDonFreeManyeah well i can do that in openloop mode, but what if my servo does not have "steps" ?09:52
blogicwe managed to get our hands on 9 industrial cnc machines made by isel09:53
blogic8A steppers09:53
GorDonFreeManhaha ok09:53
GorDonFreeManbut i'm only movind a dvd main drive motor now09:54
blogicwe attached a makerbot extruder to one of the machines last week09:54
GorDonFreeMannot a 10kW milling machine09:54
GorDonFreeMani'll stay below 2kW this year i think09:54
GorDonFreeManmilling some plexiglass sheet, wood, plastic, aluminium, steel09:55
GorDonFreeManand engraving/milling some glass09:56
GorDonFreeManyou need large steppers only for large moving masses, and increased acceleration/deceleration09:56
GorDonFreeMani'm writing my software on linux to drive my CNC machine currently09:59
GorDonFreeManhere's my timer test09:59
GorDonFreeManand heres my technology test http://matrix.z-labor.com/tmp/C/sdltext_fps_d_asdf2.c10:00
GorDonFreeManok i think my robotic muscle will be open-loop as a prototype10:05
GorDonFreeManmaybe i should patent it ;<10:05
GorDonFreeMani could use some extra money, and the right to my work10:05
GorDonFreeManmy idea is infinitely scalable :)10:07
GorDonFreeManscalable for speed, size, and precision10:08
GorDonFreeMani just hack it together using many parts, but the whole in it's working state is uniq i think10:15
GorDonFreeManalso the control mechanism10:16
GorDonFreeManand driving logic10:16
zearhello there13:46
zearanybody here with an experience of compiling sdl apps to the nanonote?13:46
GorDonFreeManwtf is a nanonote?13:48
GorDonFreeMan#sdl btw13:48
zearwhat you mean wtf is a nanonote? That's a qi-hardware channel, isn't it?13:49
jow_laptopwait, you're on qi-hw do not know what a nanonote is and accuse others to be on a wrong channel?13:49
zearand no, #sdl probably won't help me, because my sdl app already runs on a similar hardware13:49
GorDonFreeManyeah never heard of13:49
zearso i assume it's some problem with the nanonote hardware/software setup and not my sdl code13:50
zearit segfaults when i try to launch the binary13:50
zeargonna try to debug it now13:50
blogiczear: does compiel fail or des the app just not run ?13:50
zearblogic, i used the open-dingux toolchain to produce the binary because of the whole openwrt toolchain madness13:51
blogicwhat madness ?13:51
jow_laptop"it is not like OE"13:51
blogicyou just need to select nanonote as a profile and run "make"13:51
zearblogic, this madness: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Compiling_for_the_NanoNote13:52
blogicjow_laptop: thank god for that13:52
GorDonFreeManwow i want one13:52
GorDonFreeManwhere to get it?13:52
GorDonFreeMancan it handle 32GB sdhc micro?13:52
Action: jow_laptop fails to see the madness13:52
wolfspraulGorDonFreeMan: yes it can13:53
wolfspraulthanks for asking btw13:53
wolfspraulit's an amazing little pocket computer, but very *different* ;-)13:53
zearjow_laptop, some "staging dirs" and "root dirs"13:54
GorDonFreeMani had a 300MHz cyrix MII / IBM cpu in 1998 so i know the approximate processing power of this13:54
zearall i need is gcc13:54
jow_laptopno you also need ld, shared libraries and headers13:54
zearso i can compile my program using my already existing makefile13:54
zearwell, yes13:54
GorDonFreeManis it ARM ?13:54
zearso anyway, let me first tell you what i did:13:55
jow_laptopwhat you call "madness" is commonly called "cross compilation"13:55
GorDonFreeManthe esc is in wrong place though13:55
GorDonFreeManad the 2 vol buttons lol13:56
zearjow_laptop, i've done a lot of cross-compilation in my life, never had to change anything more than $CC or $LD lines13:56
blogiczear: you might want to consider building a toolchain with openwrt13:56
zearopenwrt was the reason why i gave up on my nanonote13:56
jow_laptopzear: same for openwrt. stuff the toolchain in path and override ld and cc13:56
blogicand then use this outside of owrt13:57
zearblogic, nope, done that back in 2010, it was a painful process and it never really worked13:57
viriczear: and installation directories? And library/header directories? And pkgconfig? And broken configure scripts? ...13:57
zearviric, thank you :)13:57
zearso anyway, that's where i am:13:57
zeardynamically linked the binary with opendingux toolchain13:57
viricand that's only when you *already have* the cross toolchain13:57
zearput the libraries from opendingux toolchain into the same dir as my binary13:58
zearused export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:./ to point the system to the location of these libraries13:58
zearran the binary13:58
zearand bah - segfault13:58
blogictry again with a openwrt toolchain13:58
viriczear: what syscalls does the binary use?13:58
viricSDL, etc.?13:58
zearviric, how do i check that?13:59
viricwhat program did you use?13:59
zearyou mean what libraries does the binary use?13:59
viricwhat program did you build?13:59
viricdingux has some different hw, iirc14:00
zearthat's what i use: http://pastebin.com/DcbKqBQx14:00
viricah SDL14:00
viricthe dingux SDL may be prepared for the dingux video hw14:00
zearviric, it's open-dingux, based on the same kernel base i think14:00
zearviric, if i launch the binary directly (without exporting the LD path), the binary still segfaults14:01
viricthen maybe it's the dynamic loader14:01
virictake the dynamic loader frmo dingux14:01
zeari'll now recompile with debugging symbols and check with gdb14:01
GorDonFreeManso i could code on linux with geany anywhere with a nanonote14:01
GorDonFreeManany tech specs?14:01
zearGorDonFreeMan, i wouldn't use the nanonote for coding14:01
viriczear: take 'ld-linux.so' from dingux, and run: ./ld-linux.so  myprogram14:01
zearit's painful to type on the normal keys14:01
zearnot to mention the button combos for special keys like { } | and so on14:02
zearGorDonFreeMan, that thing is about the size of a credit card14:02
GorDonFreeManso any technical specs?14:02
zearfrom the top of my head: 336MHz jz-4720 MIPS, 32ram, 320x240 screen14:03
zearqwerty, no usb host14:03
zearmicroSD slot with sdio support14:03
GorDonFreeMani saw that14:03
GorDonFreeMani was missing others.14:03
GorDonFreeManpower consumption, power saving14:03
zeari'd say ~8 hours of constant use14:04
zearbut that depends on the battery really14:04
GorDonFreeManthat's not much14:04
zearit takes the standard nokia battery14:04
GorDonFreeManmake it oled14:04
zearviric, there's no "ld-linux" in the open-dingux toolchain14:06
viricthat'd be the glibc one14:06
zearviric, the closest is "ld-uClibc"14:06
viricAh ok14:06
viricthat one14:06
viricI didn't know the libc they use14:07
zearviric, "Standalone execution is not supported yet"14:07
viricYou need to pass the binary as parameter14:08
viricdid you pass it?14:08
viricglibc has standalone execution :)14:08
zearviric, i can compile it the nanonote way if it will work14:09
viricYou'd need to link the program giving another dynamic loader14:09
zearbut i'd really try to avoid using openwrt14:09
viricI imagine the dynamic loader in the nanonote does not understand your shared libs14:09
blogiczear: blasphemic14:09
zearblogic, :P14:10
viricbut I don't really know what did the uclibc people do for version compatibility14:10
zearwell, i've got 4 closed-source games i want to port to the nanonote14:10
GorDonFreeMandammit make it being able to code 14:10
GorDonFreeManit only needs a modifier key, and small characters printed lower index to letters14:10
viriczear: why don't you use the nanonote shared libs, instead of the dingux?14:10
zearso i'd rather want to stay away from the openwrt madness14:10
jow_laptopviric: essentially nothing14:10
GorDonFreeManand the volume buttons lol again14:10
GorDonFreeManalso the esc14:10
viricthere are more chances for that to work14:10
zearviric, as i said, if i launch the binary with system libs, it still segfaults14:10
viriccan you paste somewhere 'readelf -dh yourbinary' ?14:11
zearsure, 5min14:11
GorDonFreeMani have these on my keyboard with alt-gr too natively...14:11
viricany readelf will do14:11
GorDonFreeManbut i guess i only hack the labels on the buttons, and modify key bindings to get any layout :P14:12
zearviric, here you go: http://pastebin.com/aE8nH77N14:12
GorDonFreeManso, 8 hours is not too much, will you make an OLED screen version?14:13
zearGorDonFreeMan, oleds rot14:13
zearit was a plague for GPH Wiz14:13
GorDonFreeManwhat you mean by that?14:13
zearthey simply rot, like that: http://www.vasic.fr/images/14102009232.jpg14:14
viriczear: hm it looks fine. I imagine, as jow_laptop may mean, that the uclibc loader only understands its own libc&co14:16
zearviric, so it would mean that i have to compile the binary using nanonote's own compiler?14:16
zear(back in 2009 dingoo binaries would be compatible)14:16
viricby closed source you mean that *you* have the source?14:16
zeari have the source, i can't release it14:17
GorDonFreeManThe biggest technical problem for OLEDs was the limited lifetime of the organic materials.[57] In particular, blue OLEDs historically have had a lifetime of around 14,000 hours to half original brightness (five years at 8 hours a day) when used for flat-panel displays.14:17
GorDonFreeMani can live with that.14:17
viricahh ok14:17
GorDonFreeMani buy a display every year.14:17
zearone being my own game, 3 of someone else that asked me to port it to the dingoo and nanonote14:17
GorDonFreeManand i can have 100kHz refresh rate, and very low power consumption.14:17
viricI can't promise it will work :)14:17
viricI don't know why it does not start in any case.14:17
GorDonFreeMan In 2007, experimental OLEDs were created which can sustain 400 cd/m2 of luminance for over 198,000 hours for green OLEDs and 62,000 hours for blue OLEDs.14:18
zearviric, i'll just compile it with debugging symbols and check with gdb14:18
zearmaybe it's failing on sdl init14:18
viricplease tell what you find14:18
zearalthough i think i had printfs if that was the case14:18
viricyou can strace it14:19
viricSDL might do some ioctl on the fb14:19
zearfirst i thought it's maybe 16 vs 32bpp issue14:19
zearbut when compiled with 32bpp the binary still segfaults14:19
zearok, according to strace the game parses the config file, so that means the binary gets executed14:20
zearand fails somewhere further on14:20
zearlooks like parsing the config is the last thing that happens before the segfault14:21
viricah, it reaches main then14:22
viricthere you go.14:23
blogicyou could do really sophisticated printf debugging inside main :D14:23
GorDonFreeManalso forget white background unless you really need it.14:26
GorDonFreeManthat is stupid.14:26
GorDonFreeManthe letters should glow in color, and bachground should always be dark.14:26
GorDonFreeManhah c00l14:28
wpwrakzear: fwiw, SDL is pretty much as easy as overriding CC with jlime 14:34
wpwrakzear: i never tried SDL with openwrt. but it's guaranteed to be harder because for the gcc vs. libs diaspora14:35
zearwpwrak, are jlime libs compatible with the default nanonote distro?14:36
zeari could finally try out rafa's toolchain if it also works on the default distro14:36
wpwrakzear: not the dynamic ones :)14:36
zearand i can't link statically14:36
wpwrakzear: that would be too easy ;-)14:37
zearwpwrak, so assuming i want my binaries to run on owrt, going with owrt toolchain / lib set is the only way?14:38
wpwrakso it seems14:41
GorDonFreeManOverview of ultra-small, high-definition OLED display14:41
GorDonFreeMan0.7-inch (Diagonal 18.0mm), Ultra-Small High-Definition14:41
GorDonFreeManColor OLED Display Achieving 2.8M Effective Pixels14:41
GorDonFreeManIntroducing Worlds First*1 3D Compatible Head Mounted Display Equipped With High Definition OLED Panel14:43
GorDonFreeMan Offering a new 3D-viewing style with movie theater-like virtual screen*2 experience -14:43
zearok, looks that the segfault in my program is related to the code not being able to parse the configfile14:54
zearwhich is really weird, because so far it never had problems parsing the files on different os-es and filesystems14:54
zeardoes nanonote behave in some special way when trying to access "./data/config.cfg"14:55
GorDonFreeMandoes this mean retardness will increase globally?15:11
GorDonFreeMan"just connect  the letters together approximately, and the software will guess what da fuck you want to type"15:13
wpwraksuodsg nreet111 :)15:17
wpwrakpink floyd would be so proud. finally we can, with a good conscience, tell kids to stay away from school :)15:18
GorDonFreeManhack an oled for you at home15:32
wolfspraulGorDonFreeMan: since you seem to be new here, let me also introduce you to our other core project, Milkymist One15:40
wolfsprauland https://sharism.cc/milkymist15:40
wolfspraulthe hardware is more expensive than the NanoNote (500 USD instead of 100 USD), but it's the #1 most interesting new computing platform, imho15:41
wolfspraulif you are into that kind of thing :-)15:41
GorDonFreeManno i am not interested in your light effect box15:43
GorDonFreeMani use a computer with linux15:43
GorDonFreeManThe amount of power the display consumes varies significantly depending on the color and brightness shown. As an example, one commercial QVGA OLED display consumes 3 watts while showing black text on a white background, but only 0.7 watts showing white text on a black background.[10] Because the black pixels actually turn off, AMOLED also has contrast ratios that are significantly better than LCD.15:45
GorDonFreeMani have found an 320x240 oled display module in 2.4" http://www.tme.eu/dok/06_optoelektronika/DEP240320A-RGB.pdf16:04
GorDonFreeManonly ~60 euros.16:04
GorDonFreeManit states 20000 hours operation16:05
GorDonFreeMan260mW at 30% of pixels on16:05
GorDonFreeManresponse time of 50us16:05
GorDonFreeMan170deg viewing angle16:05
GorDonFreeMan10000:1 contrast ratio16:06
GorDonFreeManViewing Angle= CR>1016:06
GorDonFreeManColor Mode: Full Color (262K color)16:08
GorDonFreeManDriver IC: S6E63D6, COG Assembly16:08
GorDonFreeManeven better16:14
GorDonFreeManLow-cost 2.4" AMOLED display graphics user interface solution. 16:26
GorDonFreeMan240 x 320 QVGA resolution, RGB 65K true to life colours, AMOLED screen. 16:26
GorDonFreeManEasy 5 pin interface to any host device: 16:26
GorDonFreeMan       - VCC, TX, RX, GND, RESET.16:26
wolfspraulwell, regarding KiCad 1 year later, I have to say - lots of inconsistent naming convention changes16:38
wolfspraulI wouldn't mind cleanup at all, but the inconsistency is something that could be better16:39
wolfspraulsometimes from SomeFunction to some_function16:39
wolfspraulsometimes the other direction16:39
wolfspraulpretty much all sorts of seemingly random 'cleanup'16:39
wolfspraulg_pcb_plot_options.PlotLine_Width became g_PcbPlotOptions.m_PlotLineWidth16:39
wolfspraulunderscores added or removed, capitalization added or removed16:40
wolfspraulwell then :-)16:40
zearis there a precompiled owrt toolchain for nanonote available?17:39
zearsince i'm not willing to waste 2+ hours to build one just to test one thing17:39
wolfspraulthere's one17:47
wolfspraulI think17:47
zearwolfspraul, that archive seems to be broken18:13
zeari can't extract it18:13
zearthe sdk one for x8618:13
wolfspraulzear: sdk is the big one. that's the one you downloaded?18:40
wolfspraul32bit or 64bit?18:40
nickoehey wpwrak, you never told me you left gta02-core and moved here :)21:03
wpwraknickoe: well, gta02-core sort of fell asleep. nobody really "left". the project more faded out.21:37
wpwrakand grmbl, my 3rd samsung with CCFL is dying :-(21:37
viricwhat is ccfl?21:38
viric(I also write 'grmbl'... where does that come from?)21:38
viricthey don't talk about 'grmbl'21:40
viriceven with a tag21:43
GorDonFreeMani just read on #hardware that ccfl is cool21:48
GorDonFreeManand led sucks21:48
GorDonFreeManand tft is crap because newer than crt21:49
viricwhat is good about ccfl?21:49
viriclow power consumption?21:49
GorDonFreeManand i have been told that oled is not led21:49
GorDonFreeManwell i was just sarcastic, they are retards21:49
GorDonFreeManand /or trolls21:50
viric#hardware is quite a broad term21:50
viricis there #software?21:50
GorDonFreeManhaha well they mean pc hardware you know21:51
viricand software, pc software.21:51
GorDonFreeMani don't know, but never was thinking of joining a channel like that21:51
viricwhere do you go for software questions?21:52
GorDonFreeManwell i dont have any 21:52
wpwrakthe cool thing abuot ccfl is the limited lifetime. so you have to buy more often. the industry likes that.21:52
viric"I want a program that outputs fibonacci numbers"21:52
GorDonFreeMani'm a coder21:52
GorDonFreeManand scientist21:53
viricbig names21:53
GorDonFreeManbut come to #programming if you have questions21:53
viricWho would join #programming?!21:54
viricYou join #programming, and would not join #software?21:54
GorDonFreeManwell you have not much options here21:54
GorDonFreeManwell #software sound retard21:54
GorDonFreeMan#programming not21:54
viricI don't see any relevant difference21:55
wpwraks/t .*/ce/ ? :)21:55
GorDonFreeManok, well i'm somewhat sure you will find coders in #programming, and unsure about #software21:56
wpwrakwell, that was for viric :)21:56
GorDonFreeManall wells gone to viric 21:57
wpwrakapply the substitution to your previous message ...21:57
viric"I donce"?21:58
wpwrakoh, right.21:58
viricdon'ce, sorry21:58
GorDonFreeManyou wanna play IQfighter ?21:58
wpwraks/nt.*/nce/ then21:58
GorDonFreeMani don't have time for crap now21:58
viricoh, we have a genius in the channel.21:58
GorDonFreeMani didn't say that, but, maybe21:59
Action: GorDonFreeMan is dominating21:59
viricIQ is not one of the most useful things to have in life :)21:59
Action: GorDonFreeMan is Godlike21:59
viricto say it... softly.21:59
GorDonFreeManyeah and not being egoist21:59
GorDonFreeManbtw i'm on hardware to collect bullshit sentences only22:01
GorDonFreeMani need those logs for a retard bot22:01
viricah, a bot. that explains all.22:01
GorDonFreeMansure with baseline AI22:02
GorDonFreeMan[230100] <Star2012> is it possible to use my graphics card to recieve video from it's DVI port...no22:03
GorDonFreeManthings like this can make you smile22:03
viricyou could get something similar with #software22:06
GorDonFreeMan[230102] <TheLifelessOne> I want to be able to use my DVI port to recieve video from a game console and output it to something22:06
nickoewpwrak, yeah, ohh well22:59
--- Fri Jan 6 201200:00

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