#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2011-12-31

whitequarkwpwrak: (cyanogen) I have cyanogen, of course00:28
whitequarkthe stock firmware is not only absolutely close-sourced, but also horribly unusable00:29
whitequarknot like in "not as good as iphone" but more like "oh crap is this fucking beta?!!"00:29
whitequarkprior to installing cyanogen, I've almost entirely lost my faith in Google making something usable00:29
whitequarkactually, that wasn't Google's fault.00:30
whitequarkcyanogen isn't ideal either--some nitpicking applies, and browser hangs sometimes--but it is really really good. I'd say it approaches Apple's software quality in several areas00:31
whitequarkit's CM 7, which is based on Android 2.3. People say that CM9 based on Android 4 is even better, but it is not ready for my phone yet00:31
whitequarkas per the blobs00:32
whitequarkCM "releases" for different phones actually consist of identical CM codebase + blobs extracted from the stock firmware00:32
whitequarkso it's just the same (except that blobs are often written by idiots and fail because of some minor differences, and _also_ some of them don't work with CM 9 because of ABI changes)00:33
whitequark(close-sourced stock fw) Samsung has released the full kernel sources--there are no kernel binary drivers--but there are blobs in Android, and they didn't obviously released any of their Android modifications00:35
whitequarkanother thing I like about this phone is its bootloader: a) unbrickable b) not tivoized.00:35
whitequarkit tracks the count of reflashes, and I think records if a custom firmware was ever installed on phone, but you won't need to get support due to software problems (see a), and I never heard of people whose phone got rejected on warranty service because of custom firmware, if there was a hardware problem.00:37
wpwrakstill sounds like an unfriendly place to be. i think i'll stick with my cute little x830 dumbphone for a little longer ;-)00:40
whitequarkwpwrak: depends on your definition of "friendly"00:46
whitequarkyes, it has blobs. My notebook does, too: fglrx.00:47
whitequarkotherwise, the OS is fine. I'm more worried about applications. Android doesn't have very fine-grained permission model (I doubt it could have it without imposing needless restrictions), and they're closed-source00:48
whitequarkI think twice before installing anything.00:48
whitequarke.g. all applications which want to save any sensible amount of data--games, anything with cache, etc.--has the "read and write SD card permission"00:49
whitequarkthey could as well gather all of my passwords and dump them somewhere.00:50
whitequarkfor example, I'm looking at permissions for Angry Birds now00:52
whitequark"modify/delete SD card contents"00:52
whitequark"coarse (network-based) location"00:52
whitequark"full Internet access"00:53
whitequark"read phone state and identity"00:53
whitequarkthis is just a huge WTF.00:53
whitequarkno, really? phone identity?00:53
wpwrakandroid - bringing all the joy of the windows world to linux-based telephony :)00:54
whitequarkjust what I thought00:54
whitequarkfor decades, firewalls were required in *nix world to prevent something getting inside00:55
whitequarkand in the *doze world to prevent what's already inside from spreading further00:55
whitequarkbut at least I can finally trust my OS. This is, I should note, not true with dumbphones.00:56
wpwrakthe key to security on dumbphones is simply that they can't do much :)01:00
whitequarkI, personally, can't live without GPS01:08
whitequarkthat has some implications.01:08
whitequarka separate GPS navigator is an option, but it's easier to not install anything you see on Market.01:08
kristianpaulwpwrak: yes, you just said it (bring windows)01:09
whitequarkmy personal plan on reducing the amount of crap in the world is as follows:01:09
whitequarka) identify crap b) contain it c) destroy by replacing with something better01:09
whitequarkandroid is on step b).01:09
wpwrakstep c) sounds good :)01:10
whitequarkI mean, in the whole ecosystem. As OS it approaches c).01:10
kristianpauljust OS?01:10
whitequarkkristianpaul: sadly, you still have all the binary drivers and unholy GSM, and you can't do anything with the latter01:11
wpwrakand i really wonder if my fridge has decided to die this year ... that would be a rather inconvenient moment. or maybe it's just defrosting.01:11
whitequarkand the state of mobile applications isn't very promising when it comes to FOSS 01:11
kristianpauljust defrosting is not very commoun unless scheduled :-)01:12
whitequarkwpwrak: err... can your fridge decide to go defrosting on its own? sounds scary01:12
wpwrakkristianpaul: oh, it does that automatically from time to time. just seems to let things get suspiciously warm.01:12
kristianpaulwow !01:12
whitequarka machine rebel!01:12
kristianpaulmy mom will like that ;)01:12
wpwrakwhitequark: i think better modern fridges normally do that01:13
wpwrakthe critter is almost ten years old. i'm not sure if it's just coincidence or if its age is showing.01:14
whitequarkas per that osmocombb link (catcher)01:15
whitequarkI really hope that the developers live in a good place no government on Earth knows about01:16
kristianpaultoo dramatic :)01:16
whitequarkthat wasn't entirely serious :)01:17
whitequarkit's not that particular project, through01:17
whitequarkthe whole GSM situation is a bomb waiting to explode01:17
whitequarka textbook example on why you don't do closed protocols01:18
kristianpaulGSM explode by it self i bet :)01:19
kristianpauland  obsolete sooner or latter01:19
whitequarkyeah, it's more surprising that it has not exploded yet01:20
whitequark(obsolete) I don't know practically anything on LTE or another 3-to-5 letter acronyms01:20
whitequarkbut I bet they're quite similar in that sense01:20
wpwraktelcos hate nothing more than change. did you know that ATM (that's 155 Mbps and beyond technology, which was fast at its time) signaling still included dialing individual digits ? so you could send the destination address one digit per signaling message ...01:23
kristianpaulnot surprising :)01:24
whitequarkthis considerably raises the bar on the most stupid technology thing I've seen01:24
whitequarkwpwrak: are you sure it's nothing like an April's fool RFC? :D01:25
wpwrakthat wuold be more the domain of all the crazy "tcp without tcp" schemes they hatched in the atm world01:26
kristianpauludp :)01:30
pabs3whitequark: http://f-droid.org/ for FOSS Android apps05:44
whitequarkpabs3: thanks07:17
pabs3whitequark: theres also http://replicant.us/ if you want to get rid of the OS blobs07:18
pabs3personally I would bet on FSO and distros containing it though07:19
whitequarkpabs3: err, no WiFi, no BT07:59
whitequarksorry, I bought that phone because it has WiFi07:59
whitequarknot the other way around07:59
pabs3whitequark: eh? Replicant is an Android fork, not a phone :)10:48
viricpabs3: it does not plan to support wifi10:50
viricpabs3: it's in their list of "what we will probably never achieve"10:50
pabs3viric: I guess you can copy the wifi blobs from CM or plain Android10:52
whitequarkpabs3: then how it will be different from CM?10:54
whitequarkCM is already FOSS10:54
whitequark* except for blobs copied from stock fw, obviously10:55
whitequarkbut without blobs it's unusable.10:55
DocScrutinizerwpwrak: one of my fridges one day decided to mutate to a breeding box, butter inside was melting liquid. It definitely exaggerated the defrosting, both in temperature rise and duration (which was 'infinite')12:57
wpwrakthat must be why they warn of that "dual use" technology ;-)12:58
DocScrutinizerbasically "switching" is as easy as cutting one wire of the starter C, so compressor motor doesn't start turning anymore, still consumes ~100W. The Freon "heatpipe" will conventiently transport the heat from motor to vaporizer inside13:02
DocScrutinizerof course a simple blocked bearing will do as well13:03
DocScrutinizeronly inconvenience: usually the thermostat isn't built to control that operation mode, so you can't set your fridge to 35°C for breeding canary eggs13:04
viricI thought of selling my hp49g on ebay...13:07
viricnoone gives a cent for that13:07
viricI should have done that 10 years ago13:08
wpwrakviric: wait another 10 years :)13:16
DocScrutinizerhmmm HP4913:19
Action: DocScrutinizer sobs a little thinking of his HP45CV that got incinerated some 4 years ago13:20
wpwrakwhat, not a HP41 ? now i'm disappointed13:24
DocScrutinizererrr, 41? Look, my brain rots13:33
DocScrutinizerI'd not be surprised if this was related to the incident that killed my HP calculator. I don't want to know what toxic fumes that fire produced and exposed me to13:35
DocScrutinizerNiCad cells, LiIon cells, several handheld devices, all incinerated *indoors* - with me extinguishing the fire (and burning my face)13:37
DocScrutinizersure, looking at the wikipedia picture, it obviously been a hp-41cv13:38
wpwrakhah ! :)13:56
DocScrutinizermeh, hp-49 has a crappy keyboard14:02
whitequarkDocScrutinizer: why the fire has started?14:06
DocScrutinizerprobably a runaway NiMH battery in a "table hoover" that sat on his charging bay14:08
DocScrutinizerbut nobody can tell from the ashes14:08
DocScrutinizercheap chinese crap, charging the batteries with constant current all the time, from a poorly stabilized wallwart PSU14:13
DocScrutinizeronce a NiMH runs away and gets hot, there's no stopping anymore14:13
DocScrutinizeras voltage drops, thus current increaes -> even ore heat produced14:14
DocScrutinizersome cheap crap like http://www.amazon.de/Tristar-KR-2155-Handstaubsauger-nass-trocken/dp/B002OI9SKO/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1325340999&sr=8-1014:17
viricDocScrutinizer: yes, very bad keyboard compared to hp4814:18
DocScrutinizerthe keys were the one most outstanding thing of good HP calculators like HP-25, HP-4114:19
viricI only experienced 48 and 4914:20
viricoh In 2003, the CAS source code of the 49G ROM was released under the LGPL. 14:21
Action: kristianpaul sold its HP50g to buy the Nanonote 15:09
kristianpauli wasnt using latelly so much anyway since learn bit of scilab and discover some CAS for linux15:11
kristianpaulbut i miss the keyboard :/15:11
kristianpaulhmm btw no Maxima in the nanonote..15:14
kristianpaulviric: just 49G?15:32
kristianpaulwhy i dint knew that..15:32
DocScrutinizerhp50g looks "decent" - would like to get one15:34
DocScrutinizerbut for today it's just cursing my company for doing wages money transfer just yesterday, so neither hp50g nor anything else for me this year :-(15:36
virickristianpaul: didn't know what?15:36
kristianpaulviric: relesed sourced code for 49g15:37
viricme neither.15:37
DocScrutinizerprobably I won't be able to afford the public transport ticket to go to work on Monday ;-P15:37
viricDocScrutinizer: this year? There is little left of this year15:37
DocScrutinizerthat's what's pissing me off15:38
DocScrutinizerno shopping this year, no food nor booze for this night, no shopping for next week's working days - whatever I planned to buy between xmess and new year15:39
viricI'm sorry15:40
DocScrutinizera credit with 0% interest for the employer, from every employee15:41
viricthey did the wages transfer yesterday, or did not?15:41
DocScrutinizerthey allegedly did, now it's between the banks15:41
viricah ok15:42
DocScrutinizerhell, this is no better than working as freelancer15:42
DocScrutinizerwhere I also sent my invoice last of month usually15:42
viricerror: cannot download mplayer_jz47xx-0.1.2.tar.gz from any mirror15:43
DocScrutinizerso WTF are they paying just a third of what a freelancer would earn?15:43
viriccompanies are made to give money to company owners15:43
viricnot for any other purpose15:43
DocScrutinizerindeed, and it's making me sick to get abised by them15:44
viricabusing is a good way of making money15:44
DocScrutinizerhire experts, send them to a company for much money, pay then a fraction of what they earn you, and then even transfer that money at latest possible point in time15:45
lars_DocScrutinizer: 1/3 before or after taxes?15:47
DocScrutinizerhmm, maybe 1/4 after15:48
DocScrutinizerlike 40% before15:49
lars_you should probably not have signed that contract 15:49
wpwrak1/4 = 40% ?15:50
lars_1/4 after taxes, 40% before taxes15:52
wpwrakah .. after tax / before tax. i see.15:52
DocScrutinizer100%=freelancer, 40%=employee bruto, 25%=employee netto15:52
wpwrakfreelancers don't pay taxes ?15:52
lars_they do15:52
DocScrutinizersure they do15:52
DocScrutinizerbut not ~50% of bruto income15:53
lars_and they even pay more on social security15:53
lars_because here in germany your employer pays about half of it15:54
DocScrutinizerdepends, this time on country I guess15:54
lars_yes, but we are talking about you15:54
DocScrutinizerI can't see how I pay any social taxes as a freelancer15:54
virichere employers pay the social security, after that we name it 'bruto', then the employee pays the taxes, and after that, we name it 'netto'.15:55
DocScrutinizerit's more like I pay for pension now that I'll never get15:55
lars_no health insurance?15:55
DocScrutinizerwell, that been like 5..10% of my bruto income as freelancer, for the last few jobs15:56
wpwrakand taxes are probably progressive. so with a lower income, you also lose a smaller fraction to feeding the banksters15:57
DocScrutinizerdefinitely not that much15:57
DocScrutinizerI'm anyway already close to max of almost 50% incl all with my income15:58
wpwrakif the visible tax burden is suddenly much worse after becoming an employee, then you may not have paid all the taxes before :)15:58
DocScrutinizerand for freelancers there's no such progression15:58
lars_DocScrutinizer: i would way if you'd get 55%-65% brutto of your freelancer income it would be ok15:58
DocScrutinizerfor health at least15:58
lars_less is bad, more is good15:59
wpwrakDocScrutinizer: not health insurance but other taxes15:59
lars_'i would say'15:59
DocScrutinizerwpwrak: I got no unemployment ensurance as frelancer, so hadn't to pay for it16:00
DocScrutinizerI got no pension taxes to pay as freelancer as well16:00
DocScrutinizerand my health insurance was definitely less as well16:01
lars_you pay more although you earn less?16:03
DocScrutinizerI got a completely different class of insurance for health16:03
viricnow you get a hospital room for you, if you catch a cold?16:04
DocScrutinizerI got that before, after paying my own share of max 2000EUR per year16:04
DocScrutinizerprivate insurance16:04
DocScrutinizernow I pay more, for less16:04
DocScrutinizerbut not paying any 2000¬ on my own, so every fool can visit doc 8 times a month, asking for whatever prescription, and that's what makes this insurance WAY more expensive16:06
DocScrutinizerwhich "doesn't care, as employer does all that for you, so you got no choice anyway16:06
DocScrutinizer"working in Taipei" was the most economic thing, regarding taxes16:08
lars_well, life sucks, we all know that ;)16:12
lars_and whining about it, won't change it16:12
kristianpaulbingo :)16:20
kristianpaul:D http://sdr.osmocom.org/trac/16:20
kristianpaulrss are fantastic ;)16:21
viricwe are still lucky, because 80K people die every day in the world due to lack of access to food.16:21
viricnot by chance they can't access food, of course.16:21
kristianpaulwolfspraul: should consider at http://planet.osmocom.org/ to our planet at some point16:25
lars_kristianpaul: i heard you like planets, so i put a planet on planet?16:26
kristianpaulthats the problem16:29
kristianpaulah nv16:29
kristianpauli got, the planet was fed by the this trac16:30
DocScrutinizerlars_: Microsoft is evil, and quoting Helmut Kohl doesn't change that - sounds as much to the point16:40
lars_not really16:44
DocScrutinizeranyway happy new year to the asian and australian areas17:12
viricthey may be all drunk already17:33
kristianpaulhere they're already ;)17:33
kristianpauland no 2012 yet17:34
viricI update the nanonixos in the nanonote for the new year :)18:21
kristianpaulphew, vpn out ! i can rest in peace :)18:42
whitequarkso loud22:02
wolfspraulI thought this was an interesting year-end Android roundup https://plus.google.com/112218872649456413744/posts/75aLL1dWY2u22:16
wolfspraulfrom an open source perspective22:16
mstevensI played with an android tablet today, I was surprised how non-crap they are22:17
mstevensfrom a UI perspective22:17
kristianpauli can imagine23:03
kristianpauli always was curios to check first UI for android early devices witn no touch, i guess/hope they can be  inspiring for our little nanonote 23:04
pabs3wolfspraul: can you pastebin for those of us who disable JS?23:16
mstevensI should see what the current nanonote software is like23:21
kristianpaulpabs3: w3m works quite nice 23:32
kristianpaulpabs3: http://paste.debian.net/150648/ just in case23:32
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