#qi-hardware IRC log for Thursday, 2011-12-29

cladamw( ultrasonic cleaner ) http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/File:Delta-D80_ultrasonic_cleaner_M1rc3_0x6d.ogv01:39
sahipI have lost my ability to ssh to nanonote16:18
sahiplast time I did it was from a pc at library a week ago. On my main pc, I keep getting the error that permission is denied16:19
wolfspra1lsahip: can you still ping the nanonote?18:23
wolfspra1ltelnet to the ssh port (22)?18:23
wolfspra1lmaybe run passwd on the Ben again?18:23
sahipi can ping yes20:02
sahipand I think I tried that port20:02
sahipand I did change the pass to try, but nope20:03
sahipeither way, I reinstalled the Os. I have yet to try to ssh though20:03
viricI'm impressed for the work on task-warrior22:28
viricI remember looking at that project some years back, and it had only trivial functionality.22:29
viricIt looks so polished, that I can't understand why people keep on adding features to it :)22:29
sahiptaskwarrior is quite awesome23:05
sahipI would actually remove features from it23:05
sahipits in my roadmap: making a bare taskwarrior23:05
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