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ezdagorAny news on Nanonote 2.0?00:17
wpwrakezdagor: no, no news on the money situation :)00:25
ezdagorOk. Compiling kernel without any sort of screen blanking.00:35
ezdagor..LCD backlight, I mean00:35
denemewe should be able to ppp to our phone for internet connection, right?07:30
xiangfudeneme,  don't know that. 07:51
denemeeh... openwrt has the necessary packages afaik07:53
denemethe question is, can i achieve 3g07:53
denemeor just gprs07:53
denemeI should be able to try tomorrow, once I have a usb cable with both ends female07:54
xiangfudeneme, what device you using? ben nanonote?07:55
denemeyeah yeah07:55
xiangfudeneme, ben nanonote only have usb client. not usb host.07:55
denemedoes not?07:55
xiangfudeneme, so you can not connect a 3g usb gadget to nanonote. :(07:55
denemebasically, I cannot connect any gadget to nanonote :(07:56
xiangfudeneme, that is true.07:56
akiwiguyunless you have sdio 3g gadget that is.07:56
xiangfuakiwiguy, is there such device? sdio 3g?07:57
akiwiguyi don't think there is.07:57
akiwiguybut would be cool if there was.07:57
akiwiguyyou _could_ get a base 3g board with serial out, controlled with AT commands07:57
akiwiguythen you could hook that to NanoNote's serial port07:58
akiwiguybut that is a bit of work and then you'd have to port some software to do the dialing and such to the NanoNote too07:58
xiangfuthere are some SDIO devices: http://www.spectec.com.tw/products.html07:59
akiwiguythat website look horrible :P08:01
akiwiguythere is full size SD 3g card08:01
xiangfuakiwiguy, yes. 08:02
xiangfuit's just a picture. without any detail. :(08:02
akiwiguyyeah :/08:02
xiangfuakiwiguy, I want know how to insert the SIM card to this SD 3g card. :)08:03
akiwiguyi think there would just be a slot of it at the end of the card08:03
akiwiguymuch like microsd -> sd adapters08:04
denemewell, off i go09:09
dvdkdeneme asked about how to get online on the Ben Nanonote via 3G/UMTS09:32
dvdkthat might not be as difficult as it seems: I already got online with extremely cheep dumbphones, all of them seem to support PPP protocol via a serial data cable.09:33
dvdk(or alternatively IRDA)09:33
dvdkThe data cables are run at 3V levels AFAIR, so cutting a cable and soldering it to the ben's hidden serial port pins would already do the job.09:34
dvdkOn the software side we need pppd and chat.  For reference, here are the chat/pppd config files I used to dial out via various phones on Debian: http://mosquito.dyndns.tv/opensvn/free/trunk/ma660/etc/ppp/09:35
wolfsprauldvdk: oh, wait ;-)10:07
wolfspraulis there something we can include in the image by default to make this easier?10:07
wolfspraulor a wiki page to document maybe?10:07
dvdkwolfspraul: hi10:12
dvdkwolfspraul: don't have my nanonote with me now; 'pppd' and 'chat' should be available in openwrt, given how network/router-centric it is.10:13
dvdk(i'd guess they're included by default!?)10:14
dvdkOn the openwrt forum there's a post documenting ppp config file locations on openwrt.  when done just run 'pppd call provider'10:15
dvdkyes, if somebody makes this work, a wiki page would be great.10:16
kristianpauli lost mt T230 dumbphone, and the idea to get gprs from it for the nanonote14:58
kristianpaulmay bd dvdk can tell us with list of dumphone had used in the nanonote?15:02
dvdkno, not with nanonote, just with linux (ubuntu/debian)15:02
dvdkusing data cable that contains a prolific usb-serial converter15:03
kristianpaulyes, old way :)15:03
dvdksamsung c-270 worked15:03
dvdklooks like c-270 isn't sold currently?15:03
dvdkshould be around 20 eur15:03
kristianpaulthats the problem, and most phones now that have EDGE/3G/UMT uses usb port and are kinda expensive15:04
Action: kristianpaul mises phones with serial port :(15:04
dvdkhmm, how many phones still come with irda?15:06
kristianpaulhmm still, dunno bluetoth kill irda i think15:08
kristianpauland even in the palm times was a bit messy get internet trought at least what i remenber15:09
kristianpaulat wait was get it sync :)15:10
dvdkwhat about the samsung e1150?15:18
ArtyomKristianpaul hi :)19:07
ArtyomHave you seen my osgps port to MM SoC?19:09
kristianpaulyes i did19:12
kristianpaulis vhdl but i got the idea i think :)19:13
ArtyomBTW Did you ever run GDB with MM19:16
kristianpaulnope never19:16
kristianpaulbut you can ask wpwrak , he did ;) or mwalle in #milkymist19:16
Artyomyeah, I will do it if I wont be able to understand myself ;)19:18
virichej... I just broke a piece of the heater. I'll show it, for your guesses...19:24
viricwpwrak: can you tell me what it is? It was in serial with the big heating resistor, screwed touching the external metal part of the heater. I think it cuts the current when it's too hot19:26
viricI hope it is this http://es.farnell.com/stancor/sto-140/thermostat/dp/135310319:34
kristianpaulviric: looks like21:43
viricI hope so21:44
rohwhat kind of heater?21:44
viricI'll check the local supplier for that.21:44
kristianpaulbtw you fixing heating system just in season? :)21:44
virickristianpaul: of course :)21:45
rohviric: the one you linked switches off at ~60°C21:45
Freemorsorry clumbsy fingers here21:45
viricah, I did not care on the temperature on the link. I'll choose one for 80°C21:46
viricroh: it's one of those white metal things hanging on the wall21:46
roheeh... 60 sounds good21:47
rohcheck the original label21:47
viricI luckily found '80' there, matching my guess :)21:47
viric'80C' specifically21:47
viricthank you :)21:48
viric(grrr I'm fighting with gnuplot! Any gnuplot master?)21:48
kristianpauli know how to plot in column no more ;)21:50
kristianpaulactualy havin problems with multiple colums last weeks :|21:51
viricme too22:11
viricbut some minutes ago it somehow worked22:11
viricevery time I touch gnuplot, it's a bad experience22:11
viricI've updated from 4.4.0 to 4.4.222:12
viricno help22:12
viricI'll try to go to
GordonFreemanwrite it in c then22:20
kristianpaulthe manual said their sintax is novery much flexible so..22:21
viricit's painful22:27
GordonFreemana for loop can be very flexible22:28
GordonFreemantry it sometime22:28
viricmy problem is not how to plot graphs22:29
viricI've a C program that generates a text file with data downloaded from a device. I want users to be able to run: "gnuplot thatfile"22:29
GordonFreemangenerate image then.22:29
viricbut gnuplot offers zoom, pan, gives the numbers below the mouse cursor, allows to set marks, ...22:30
viricand I don't want to rewrite gnuplot now. Maybe another day. :)22:30
GordonFreemani see, so there are some functions that would be needed to write22:30
viricI know how to solve the problem "with time and a computer"22:31
wpwrakviric: i often write a shell script that then invokes gnuplot. that gives a lot of flexibility22:31
viricI just want it solved "in less time"22:31
GordonFreemani like matrix transformations though22:31
GordonFreemanyeah well bash script can draw a graph22:32
viricwpwrak: I thought gnuplot could be given one single file that contained script and data easily.22:32
GordonFreemanbut performance will be low22:32
wpwrakof course, when i look for a nice and simple example, i only find some in perl ;-)22:32
viricwpwrak: thus you don't find any nice and simple example22:32
wpwrakviric: up to one file, you're good. more than one file, you need something else22:33
viric http://sprunge.us/NUWK22:33
viricI wanted to plot this22:33
GordonFreemanwpwrak<< that is only because lazyness.22:34
viricGordonFreeman: or the "better things to do" reason22:34
wpwrakthese are reasonably friendly examples22:35
viricI don't like my "download thermometer data" program to output that ;)22:36
viricwpwrak: and both have data files apart.22:36
wpwrakah, didn't know the "" use. interesting22:37
viricwpwrak: does it work for you?!22:39
viricit worked for me once. On any next run, it failed22:39
wpwrakyeah, doesn't seem to work. good. so it didn't do things awkwardly this far :)22:39
viricbut it worked for me once :D22:40
viricand that was due to the advice of someone in #gnuplot22:40
wpwrakmaybe you just imagined that ;)22:40
viricAfter I told him "it does not work anymore"22:40
viriche said: use data files22:40
wpwrakthat's what i'd say, too :)22:40
viricannoying. 22:40
wpwraktrivial :)22:41
viricok, I go to bed. I've temperatures or humidities to measure.22:41
wpwraktemperatures and humidity to measure ... in bed ?22:41
viricaha! in cold winter :)22:41
wpwrakso it is fever and bedwetting - or are you building a sexometer ? :)22:41
viricI go to bed. I leave the measuring device in the room :)22:42
viricmaybe you are interested...22:42
viricIn a house, there are troubles in the sleeping room22:42
viricthere appears water on the walls22:42
viricin a few days, that starts destroying the painting22:43
viricI imagine there is around ~100% humidity when the room is warm in the evening, then it gets colder in the night, and water condenses22:44
viricon the walls.22:44
viric(the cold comes from the walls)22:44
viricwell, that's my trouble. I'm going to measure. :)22:44
viricadvices welcome.22:44
wpwrakif the paint gets destroyed that quickly, i'd start looking for a broken pipe22:45
viricwpwrak: those who slept, changed the room. and then it's the other room with water on the walls22:45
viricso there is water where they sleep :)22:45
viricwith bad enough isolation, where there could be a step fall of temperature during the night... it could happen22:46
wpwrakthis sound more like excessive isolation22:48
virictemperature isolation? or airflow isolation?22:48
wpwrakif there's no way for humidity to leave ...22:48
wpwrakairflow. and probably also the composition of the walls. they should be able to buffer some humidity22:49
viricaha. Maybe they used a too-isolating painting22:49
wpwrakthey sleep with the windows closed, don't they ?22:49
viricyes yes.22:49
viricit's below zero outside.22:50
wpwrakso ... ? :)22:50
viricBut that does not happen in two other houses in the street.22:50
viricwhere they have the same habits.22:50
viricAnd there slept other people in that problematic house... never having any humidity problem before.22:51
wpwrakmaybe the other houses have a bit bettr airflow22:51
wpwrakthe others probably opened the windows :)22:51
virichm I doubt it. I'd never open the windows. I never do at night. :)22:51
wpwrakmust be pretty horrible - 100% humidity, no fresh air, ...22:52
viricwell, they open the windows in the morning22:52
viric(they say so)22:52
wpwrakgood. so they never have to breathe fresh air ;-)22:53
viricin my case, I've a 17°C when I go to bed, 16°C in the morning. That's little room for water condensation.22:53
viricwpwrak: do you open the windows at night at zero degrees outside?22:53
wpwrakyou should probably talk to an architect. there's lot of parameters to consider22:53
viricI've two books at home about that.. I'll check :) and I'll try to find an architect. Good point.22:54
wpwrakpretty much always. except when it's stormy with precipitation. of course, in buenos aires, we rarely have < 0 C. but when i lived in switzerland, of course i had the bedroom window open22:54
virichm here each home cares about the own heating.22:55
viricanyway, I don't think I can convince them of opening the windows, if they never did before in other houses, and never had trouble. They have to pay for the heating.22:55
wpwrakthere's nice warm stuff that you can pile on a bed that keeps you comfty ;-)22:55
wpwrakmaybe all you have to do is drill a few holes in the wall ;-)22:56
viricI know. I never heat our bedroom. But they (those with the trouble) do, I imagine....22:56
viricthere are wood windows.22:56
viricI'll do some measurements. That will tell something.22:56
viricok, bye!22:56
viricthank you22:57
wpwrakokay. secretly release a few termites :)22:57
viricthere already were termites there!22:57
viric5 years of treatment22:57
viricI won't repeat that :)22:57
wpwrakmaybe it's them and their secret water reservoirs ;-)22:57
viricAll this is complicated. I'll try to learn from that. 22:57
wpwrakor maybe their engineers discovered the steam engine22:57
viricI know some people that sleep with open windows22:58
wpwraknice time, make ill-fitting windows tht can't be 100% closed :)22:58
viricbut they live in lands where they have flat-rate heating22:58
wpwrakthe things people do to save a few cents ...22:58
virichere we have a strong culture of saving cents22:59
virichard to beat. :)22:59
viricok, good night!22:59
wpwraksweet (and dry) dreams ! :)23:00
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