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rjeffriesMaxim part provides complete USB host, speaks SPI to whatever MCU (e.g. Ben's Ingenic SOC). $4.85 Before you ask, "No, I am not competent to design this into something that plugs into Ben's 8:10 port. But thanks for  asking.;)"03:50
akiwiguyMy dad is an electronics engineer. And he's teaching me slowly how to lay out PCBs and wire stuff up04:08
akiwiguySo soon I could be handy with that stuff :P04:08
cts_hello and good (european :) morning! I have at hand a nanonote which will not boot up and will not go into USB mode any more - neither by pressing U nor by shortening the USB pins on the back. could anyone here give me a hand with this, please?08:37
xiangfucts_, Hi08:38
xiangfugood morning.08:39
xiangfucts_, how you short the USB Pins?08:39
xiangfucts_, what I always do is run 'watch lsusb' in one terminal. and keep trying to short the USB pins.08:42
xiangfucts_,  we will bring your nanonote back. :)08:42
cts_sorry, my nose started bleeding :(08:46
cts_xiangfu: as for the shortening; i have tried aluminum foil behind the battery and finally reverted to just using a tiny bit of solder; i tested the short to be ok.08:46
xiangfucts_, oh~~ there is a HOT girl? :)08:46
cts_xiangfu: no, just very, very dry office air.08:47
xiangfucts_, you mean you soldering those two pins now?08:49
cts_xiangfu: yes, I dropped just a tiny bit of solder. it's removed now, though andthe pads are clean / seperated again.08:50
xiangfucts_, ok. you can try to 1. remove the battery.  2. short those two pins  3. press the reset hole at the back of nanonote. 08:51
xiangfucts_, see if the 'watch lsusb' show 4740?08:51
cts_xiangfu: no, it just shows my usb (root)-hubs and the keybord. I'v alredy tried using another port, another computer even and another cable...08:54
cts_stefan_schmidt: ahh. another schmidt. ;)08:55
stefan_schmidtcts_: not really hard to find around here. :)08:55
cts_stefan_schmidt: yes, we are aplenty.08:56
xiangfucts_, if you sure those two pins are short. this maybe a hardware problem. 09:18
cts_xiangfu: yes, I suppose. my hardware dealer wanted to make sure I have talked to you guys before we exchange the unit.09:34
xiangfucts_, you can soldering those two pins , and try again. :D. just double check. no needs battery. just soldering and press reset HOLE. 09:41
xiangfu1. soldering those two pins.  2. connect ben nanonote to computer 3. press the RESET HOLE. 09:43
cts_xiangfu: without the battery inserted or with the battery inserted?09:46
xiangfuwothout the battery inserted. 09:47
cts_opk, will do.09:47
xiangfunanonote can boot with USB power. 09:47
cts_there it is!! yay!!09:50
cts_xiangfu: 601a:4740 (...)09:50
cts_looks good. now I can just do a "normal" reflash, right?09:51
xiangfuthat is nanonote in usb mode09:51
xiangfucts_, yes.09:51
cts_xiangfu: it's alive again. what a good way to start a day! ;)09:51
xiangfucts_, now you can reflash the latest version :D09:52
cts_xiangfu: everything's fine again. thank you for your support and thanks to Qi for building such a fine, error-resillient hardware!11:10
xiangfucts_, thanks for buy and play nanonote. :D11:10
cts_xiangfu: you are with the manufacturer, right? who would I contact for a nannonote-based audioplayer hardware the company I work for is seeking? I was planning on presenting the device beginning of next year (we do background music for hotels and cruise ships), tha hardware seems to be a good/nice fit.11:14
xiangfucts_, I am a software people. Sharism is  hardware manufacturer , (Qi hardware is the project name)11:19
xiangfucts_, nanonote-based audio player, what is Ben Nanonote missing  compare to your 'audioplayer' ?11:20
xiangfuSharism is the manufacturer of Ben Nanonote. 11:22
cts_xiangfu: nothing. that's the beauty. I haven't tested the quality of the sound output, but adding a "real" soundcodec to the board shouldn't be that much of a problem for a company that can read the Qi designs (I can't... ;). Else it has a display, it boots fairly quickly and has a few buttons - perfect.11:22
xiangfucts_, great. you can send this idea to mailing list ( http://lists.en.qi-hardware.com/mailman/listinfo/discussion ). people there will give you more idea. 11:24
cts_xiangfu: thanks, I will do that.11:24
xiangfucts_, if it only for play music. you still needs modify the system. like direct to the music player. etc.11:26
cts_xiangfu: sure, but building that up from what's already there shouldn't be too much of a problem. we really don not wnt to go through the process of having someone build a custom hardware (simply because the company is not big enough and noon has any experience in this).11:32
wpwrakcts_: would you need to modify the case ?11:37
cts_wpwrak: probably not (if we stay with the built-in audio codec) - as the device just ignores if the lid is open or closed it should be fine.11:38
wpwrakkewl. we don't have design control of the case, so that would have been a bit of a problem :)11:40
wpwrakfwiw, the SoC has a "real" ac97 audio codec. not sure if the output circuit meets your needs, though11:44
lars_it is not a ac97 codec11:57
wpwrakhmm. does the data sheet lie then ?11:59
wpwrakah, i see what you mean. only the digital side12:00
cts_and exactly the audio conversion "behind" the DAC seems to be a bit too much on the consumer side of things ;)12:10
wpwrakyou mean the analog circuit ?12:11
lars_the internal codec is really crappy12:12
wpwrakso it's the DAC itself12:12
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denemeso the only way to disable boot-logo is to reinstall the modified kernel, huh?14:31
denemethere is no config?14:31
C-Keenthe boot logo is compiled in14:31
C-KeenI don't know whether it can be switched off via a command line option14:32
denemeI am guessing not...14:32
C-Keenyou can try the logo.nologo option14:33
C-Keen        logo.nologo     [FB] Disables display of the built-in Linux logo.14:33
C-Keen                        This may be used to provide more screen space for14:33
C-Keen                        kernel log messages and is useful when debugging14:33
C-Keen                        kernel boot problems.14:33
denemeeither way, I still got plenty of configuration to do. I could postpone the logo config14:33
denemebut, hmm14:33
C-Keendeneme: if you just switch it off, it is a cheap shot :)14:34
denemeehh... Ill come to that later14:38
mthwhich boot logo do you mean? the very first one is in the dual boot loader, the second one is in the kernel14:43
mththe one in the kernel is easy to disable, it's an option in the kernel config14:43
mthdisabling the one in the boot loader would require changing the boot loader code14:44
mthwhy do you want to disable the logo?14:44
C-Keenok which HW are we talking about?14:45
denemeahem, ben14:45
mthah sorry, wrong channel14:45
mthI assumed the Dingoo boot procedure14:45
denemeyeah :)14:45
C-Keenclose enough ;)14:46
denemefyi, why I want to disable it is because I have to 'clear' after boot to use the console14:46
denememaybe I could run a script to do that at user-login14:47
denemeI dunno14:47
mththe boot logo should disappear at some point during the boot, doesn't it?14:48
denemeperhaps with gui14:50
mthon non-X PC installs the logo is no longer there by the time the login prompt appears14:51
mthmaybe they have something in the startup scripts for that14:51
denemeI dont know tbh. In a normal pc I would edit grub14:53
denemeIll have to play with it a bit, I guess14:53
denemewatch ifconfig usb015:24
denemesorry, wrong window15:24
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: m1rc3/norruption/4/LOG: detailed log of the M1pre-rc4 tests (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/ce6a4d817:48
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