#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2011-12-17

wolfspraulwhy did the qi-bo say Allie Zapien?05:58
DocScrutinizereven in bold :-D13:03
wolfspraulyeah I'm always borderline worried someone rooted the server :-)13:14
wpwrakmaybe a new species reached sentience ? it sounds a bit like an allusion to "homo sapiens". maybe our new overlords prefer to call themselves "allie zapien", and chose freenode as their means to introducing themselves to humanity.13:20
lars_and it is even on twitter Allie Zapien 13:24
wpwrakmaybe a glitch from the twitter gateway ? twitter pushing the wrong data or such13:29
wpwrakit's cryptic when behaving as designed. who could tell a few bugs thrown into the mix ? :)13:29
wolfspraulwell I had my fair share of server rootings in life13:33
wolfsprauland it was always some tiny little evidence that finally lead to the realization "damnit, the entire server is rooted"13:33
wolfspraulrootkits are nasty13:33
wolfsprauland I am quite liberal in handing out root access too :-)13:33
wolfspraulat least 10-15 people have root access to the Qi server, plus many other accounts for other critical software. oh well.13:34
wolfspraulAllie Zapien - let us know who you are if you don't mind :-)13:34
wpwraki don't think it's anyone on this channel13:37
krispaulbet twitter bug with qi-bot considering other Allie Zapien accounts were suspended13:38
krispauland i hope qi-bot dont run as root either ;)13:38
lars_qi-bot: !reboot13:39
virichm I've a board with a smd ic that reads the logo of ST, and 1st row: 393, and 2nd row, I'd bet it says: EZ546, but could be E2S46 or so. I feel most sure on E and 4616:39
viricbut I can't find any mention anywhere of the combinations I can think of16:40
wpwrakdo you know what it does ?17:00
viricit's part of a circuit that has a termistor and a potentiometer, and decides whether to switch something on or not17:08
viricthat's my guess17:09
wpwrakah, detection of incoming ICBMs and initiation of response. i should have thought of that.17:10
viricthat's another context, right?17:10
wpwrakUSSR 1980es ? :)17:10
viricahh no no :)17:10
viricit's a circuit that switches on a home heater17:11
viricand it looks like it stopped checking the temperature properly17:11
wpwrakah ")17:11
wpwrakto it may be a comparator17:11
wpwrakor an opamp17:12
viricwhy wouldn't I find a datashete?17:12
wpwrak8 pins ?17:13
viricyes 8 pins17:13
wpwrakthat;'s your chip then17:14
viricwhat makes you think so? :)17:14
wpwrakth LM393 is one of the most common comparators, if not the most common :)17:15
viricit has '393' over it17:15
viricit does not have a corner indicator...17:16
viricbut well, I'll try to understand a circuit as if it was a LM393 :)17:19
viricwpwrak: in any case, thank you a lot, btw :)18:49
GordonFreemani have just made a milling machine outof a scrap dvd drive, it turns an 1mm diameter diamond milling bit at variable RPM, i have cut a cd in half with it as test20:05
wpwrakviric: np :) and good luck ! :)20:46
wpwrakGordonFreeman: wow. just one DVD drive ? for how many axes ?20:47
GordonFreemanonly the miling machine, it does not have axes yet :)20:49
GordonFreemanso, the main drive motor, and the driving electronics20:49
GordonFreemanbut i'm building CNC machine with 3 axis, and i use stepper motors from scrap printers20:50
GordonFreemanand those nice silver-steel shafts mmm20:50
wpwrakhmm. nice :) didn't think dvd motors were that strong21:11
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